Sorry I haven't posted, I just got back from a trip. It was for Bethany's birthday. See, we have started to do birthday weekends. Cheap and fun. Like, we took the ferry to Poulspo on Sat. and did some kyacking and browsed bookshops and antuiqe shops. It was fun. We stayed at a motel for the night and then took the ferry home. Then on Mon. it was Bethany's birthday party. We only invited Grandpa and Grandma, and 2 other familys. That took all day to prepare for, and clean the house, and prepare food.  It turned out to be a great party.

I've realized that when I get mad, excited, or nervous. I start to talk in a British accent. Sometimes Sourthern, but not normally. I don't even try to! I just slip into it, and it's hard for me to stop. I don't know why.

This is my 100th post! I started in January.

I'm starting to work again, weeding for anyone who will take me. For $5 an hour. I mean, I would charge more, but it is just weeding.
With the extra cash that I've earned I was able to buy two books! The House of Hades and I pre-ordered The Blood of Olympus. I'm excited to get them.

I also started working on Let it Go again, I'm almost to the chorus (on piano)!!!