Defying Gravity

Hey all, sorry that I haven't written a blog post in a while. I've just been so busy with a ton of stuff.
Like, yesterday we went to a huge debate tournament, and we had to get up super early. Now I'm super tired because it was really far away and we got back late.
Okay, so it started out really awkwardly. I knew no-one and was kinda meandering about aimlessly, but then for the second half I ran into someone I knew. I always thought she was really boring, she always comes across as shy, but when she gets tired and hungry she becomes hyper and fun. We were laughing so hard!!

Well, I have writers-block...yeah...
It's not fun because I hate just staring at the screen and pulling out my hair in frustration!! I'm almost bald now (not really, I was just being the veritable master of hyperbole (I know big words!!)). I like using big words to sound smarter even though I don't know what they photosynthesis. That's a joke, I know what all those big words mean. :)

So I discovered the musical "Wicked." It has Idina Menzel in it, she plays Elphaba (the Wicked Witch). And she sings the bestest song ever! It's called "Defying Gravity". I just love it so much.

Oh shoot, I forgot that my mom was taking me with her on errands, I havta go get ready.