War Games

So I've started a new novel. I like it so far, it's called War Games. It's about a girl who becomes queen and her fight for her kingdom. It's really a tragic tale of desperation, pain, and missing those you love. But I just really wanted to write something like this. It will take place in Morocco, probably in...oh I don't know. The 1700's. Maybe. I might just have it be a nameless time. I don't know.

I've also found quit a few new boards on Pinterest that are just bursting with inspiration. I have gotten so many story idea's. Yay. I mean, story idea's are great. But not when you already have 5 billion trillion stories crammed in your mind that you need to write.

Wow. Life is good! Babadoba!!

Anywho, I've always wanted to write a letter to myself then open it in...10 years. That would be cool.
It would probably look something like this,

Dear Evangeline,
Do people still call you Evangeline? Is your hair blue? Do cars fly now?
It must be strange reading this. Knowing that at one time your fingers etched this out, and that it took a year to forget about. But I also want to know how you found it? I hid it well, in the small root space under the large maple in the woods. Were you remembering your childhood? Or hiding evidence of a government conspiracy? Are you a spy??!! That would be cool...
Have you seen Finding Dory? If you have, can you build a time machine and tell me all about it? That would be cool. Have you traveled around the world yet? Have you published that novel? Are you a hermit? I have so many questions for you that should be answered. SO I'm going to go get some biscuits and tea, then chat a bit more with you. My future self. That's so weird to think about...
Then again, you may never find this. You may live somewhere else by now. And maybe instead of my future self reading this, a small girl who loves pretending and adventure is reading this. Maybe she just found it by accident when she has hiding from the pirates outside. Hmm, that's also a nice thought. Well then, hello young explorer! Are you having fun? Are my woods just the same? Is the old tire sing still up? Do you play on it? Well, I'm sure your mother will be calling you for dinner soon. So I better let you go.
Goodbye whoever us reading this. And have fun!

Yup, I kinda like that. That also gave me an idea for a story. Hmm, well, I better go.


  1. I wrote a letter to myself to open in ten years once. But I got ride of it, because I read it before then and it was really boring and all I did was ask ridiculous questions. :) Your letter on the other hand was very entertaining. ;)


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