I feel wounded, hollow almost, that something this precious was taken away. It feels like I've lost a part of me, something I can never get back. My heart is heavy with the knowledge that an hour of my life has been sucked away. It's like that scene from Princess Bride.
"I've just sucked an hour of your life from you, how do you feel?" *unintelligible whimpering* "Interesting."

Well, I have so much reading that I've done. It feels awesome. I just love reading, and books. But I'm not going to get in that rut where all I talk about is books. Uhg, it's kind of a pitiful rut.

Anywho, it's really sunny today, and pretty warm.

I've started a character doc where I organize their fears, likes, dislikes, hates. That kinda stuff. I want to know my characters better. I only really know 3 of them, but I have so many more I need to know. So I have been working on that. And I am about to start working on A Thousand Years again. It's one that I kinda got intimidated by. I started it when I was first starting to get back into the piano again, and I took on too big a challenge. I also need to continue writing a lot.

Ok, um, I really haven't done a lot lately. But anywho, I need to go finish some stuff.


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