'Sploding People

So I found this really sad song called "Soldatino." or "Nico's Lullaby." It's especially sad with the back story, 'cuz Bianca died....(oh gosh, not now waterworks, not now.)

Anywho, progress report on my Piano playing It's going good. I have started a new song called "Let it Go." If you don't know what it is then you should craw out from under the rock you have been under for the past few months. And if you are under a rock then how do you have internet to be able to read this? Hmm, that doesn't make sense.

Anywho, I decided to make a tradition of Random Thought moment. It sounds like fun. For me.

Well, this is not good. Ben just made peanut butter cookies,and I am trying to start eating better. Arg!! This reminds me of the time a year ago when I decided to cut all gluten and sugar and bad stuff from my diet (how silly I was). And not even two hours later I ate one of Bethany's cupcakes. She is an amazing baker.
But luckily she stopped baking as much and now when she does, she's trying to do healthy stuff. So that's good.

Um, so I have been, wait, oh no. I feel....something strange coming on, I think it's a
                                                     RANDOM THOUGHT!!!!
(Hehe, you knew this was coming, right?)

Do you ever think of how we make weird sounds, and our brain can transfer them into something that is understandable. Like you're reading this right now and in your mind you are understanding what I am saying. Even though this is just a bunch of odd marks, and your brain makes them into the sounds in your mind. It is so weird, but really cool. And what language do deaf people think in? What do people hear who don't speak our language?
                                                               And this ends the
                                                Random Thought!!!!!!

Hmmm, I also a have a more...well, crazy thought right now. What if I did a Random fact of the day? I don't know. Give me feedback, tell me if it's a good idea or not.
I like my rainbow (see words "Random Thought" for rainbow). It's pretty.

Well, I think your brain is about to explode from my awesome ramblings, so I should go before you explode.
Yup, no 'sploding people as a result of my blog. It's just not good for my rep.

So, without further hesitation,


  1. Now I need to know, what language to def people think in?!?! Well, I suppose it'd be the language they're taught... but what if they're def and blind? Ahh!

  2. Haha, see what I did there? I made you think about what I wanted you to think about. I am a mind master!!!

  3. Ahh! A mind master?!?! We're doomed!


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