Ok, um, hi!

So, I have pretty much only been eating applesauce for the past day, (it's the only thing I CAN eat) and don't get me wrong, I love it, but I'm also getting kinda sick of it.

Wow, I don't know what to say.

Anywho, um, bluh.

So, I was thinking of adding two new scenes to my book. But I don't know if I should, I mean, I got everything worked out. But I feel like I should add something more. It kinda feels like my book would be ok without these scenes, but it could add so much if I did attach them to the plot. Like, the battle scene. I didn't plan on having a full blown battle scene, but after listening to Saving New York from the Spiderman movie, I feel like I should. It really gave me a feel for what the perfect climax would be. I don't know.

And this pic that I found gave me a great idea for part of her quest. It's a really cool old looking tree with a bunch of rustic keys hanging off of it.
Maybe she could find it and then...possibly that would be the test instead of...I think that would work. Oh my goodness I'm brilliant! Hahaha, that should be perfect. Now I only need to...mmhmm, and then I just need to get her backstory on that...then piece that together, and I'm good! Yay!

Well now that I've been muttering like a maniac on Blogger I'm sure you all would like to get back to your regular lives. But I guess you all already knew I was part maniac.

But I should get going on writing this brilliant scene. Haha, I just love my job. As a writer that is, you have no schedule that you have to follow (unless you have deadlines that you create in your mind). It's pretty great.
Well, like I said, I better go do some writing! Yay!!!