Hay all! (Hay is for horses!)
Howdy all! (Howdy is for cowboys)
Hola all! (......)

Sorry, I had to watch this really annoying thing called "Disco Worms." It was at a friends house, and her little sister picked the movie (we had to let her). So that was fun....not really. 

Anywho, disco worms aside, I think you all know what time it is. It's time for a 
                                                             RANDOM THOUGHT!!!!!!

There's this bio-luminescent plankton that migrates in the summer to cooler waters. Like in...oh golly, where is it? Um, New Zealand and Mexico, anywho, I've always wanted to see that tide. It looks like this, no joke. And this is not photo-shopped.
Isn't that amazing!!! I would really love to see that one day. Thought, whenever I see the word plankton, I always think of that annoying thing on Sponge-bob Square-pants. I've never watched it, but I have heard about this...Plankton fellow. Supposedly he's a villain? I don't know, and this ends my
                                                               Random Thought

So yesterday my mom got a $10 dollar box of perfect strawberries for free. I don't know how, but it was awesome. So for breakfast this morning we made strawberry crepes with a dash of powdered sugar. It was so good.

Um, so I have run out of books and I am now waiting for a trip to the library.

Anywho, it's a lovely day, like, a shorts day. Do you know how long I have been wearing sweat pants or jeans, I mean, I almost prefer them over shorts. But still, a shorts day!! This is big people. Summer is coming
 and I almost want it to wait just a bit longer, but still, it won't listen. And if I send any more letters to the president about it, he's gonna send the FBI to my door. Not good for my rep.

Well, once again I must say goodbye on a short post (sorry),


  1. I want to visit that beach, it looks so magical! Totally going on my bucket list! Someday I want to travel, and I want to see all sorts of stuff like that! :D

  2. Oh yeah! I plan on traveling all over the world!!!


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