Ok, today is going to be  awesome!

Ben and dad are both gone, Ben is with one of his friends for the day, and daddy has to work because it's tax season. So it's just us girls...good, and bad. It's good because we planned a little outing together. But bad because I'm stuck in a world of shopping and girlishness, and (shudder) makeup! But I shall be strong.

So mom and I are going to go on a hike together, and then stop for lunch. But we have a dilemma, I have to pick between "Porofino Pizza and Pasta." and "Bella Pizza and Pasta." SO that's a really hard choice because they both sound so good! :)
I think I'll go with "Bella Pizza and Pasta" because it's easier to pronounce.

Also, I JUST watched Marvel:Assembling a Universe. It was so cool!! I connected some things that I didn't catch before because, well, I watched the Hulk movie when I was 8, and I didn't remember much. And then the first Iron Man I didn't remember much, because I watched it when I was 8 too. My brother went through a phase where EVERYTHING had to be about superheroes. Anywho, that was cool. And I KNEW I saw Bucky in The Winter Solder. 

Um, so I have been really awake in the morning. Like, normally I'm a bit sluggish. But for the past week I have woken up, and just gotten everything done so quick. And I have gotten some extra reading time in. So that's always a plus.

I've been watching CassJayTuck. She is an obsessive reader and part of the PJO/HoO fandom. It is amazing!! And she rants a bit so I can relate. And everyone can agree to her love of Leo!! All da ladies love Leo. That just cracks me up. Uh, I have a problem. I really think I do. It's like I have no life other than obsessing over things. And the dynamics between Percy and Thalia!! They're enemies, but they are friends.
OMYGOSH!! I just love these books. 

Sorry for me going off on a limb there. I'll get back to the point...wait, I don't have a point. I never really have a point.

Anywho, I havta go with my mum on an adventure!!


  1. Haha, braving a day of shopping, girlishness and makeup. Interesting way to put it. :)

    Assembling a Univers was awesome! Oh yeah, in Avengers Bruce (Hulk) makes a joke about S.H.I.E.L.D. wanting him to swallow something. That's a joke from the Hulk movie, because she swallows something important. ;)

    Daniel is in that stage right now. Everything is about Legos or Superheros, so I can relate! :)

  2. I really want to see The Incredible Hulk again.


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