Frozen Computers

So the internet froze up and I can't finish anything that I was doing just now. So I must wait for it to be resurrected. Um, this is all I can do, just babble.
And rant.

Boo-pa-dee-a-boo, *incoherent mumbling*, so! How are you guys? Good? Good. Cuz' I'm good too. *humming Let it Go*
Yes, that's another thing. Frozen. I really want to see it and I haven't yet. Bethany said it wasn't as good as it was cracked up to be. But I don't believe that, I think it shall be amazing!! I think it shall be more than amazing, like, amazing times a million.

So I am waiting for The Blood of Olympus. Fall is too far away, it should be awesome.
But enough about my fandoms and books. I have actual stuff to talk about.

Like my...wait. I don't have anything to talk about.

Well anywho, I have been trying to ramp up on exercise and I have been doing pretty good. So I have been daily jump-roping for 10 minutes and
have been doing 50 crunches. Yay!! Also with sunshine season rolling around I can start going on more bike rides, with actual people who hate riding in the rain. Because they are wimps. And I am awesome.

I can't get out of my head the Heroes of Olympus now. I'm multitasking right now and watching CassJayTuck as I am writing this. And she is talking about HoO and so I am starting to get riled up again about it. But that's a whole different story that would be far too log for this post.

Oh, and I have to go because my mom is making dinner and she needs my help. So adios amigos!