Saturday, March 29, 2014

I Am Brave

Hey all!

I am so tired! I was kept up for a long time last night by the sound of rain pelting the roof. It's a really nice sound, but not when it's keeping you up.
Also, I have been doing a lot more writing exercises like just writing down whatever pops into my head instead of just pushing it aside. I have been able to think a lot better. It's weird, I always have these thoughts...not cluttering, but...occupying my brain so it's hard to think like a normal person. :)
Not that I want to, it would just be nice to be able to speak and not start going off on a tangent talking about this story in my mind.

It's kinda drizzly right now, but almost...a fresh spring rain. I like it, but it is kinda cold.

I'm listening to part of the Divergent soundtrack right now...wait, it might be a fan made song. Not sure, it's called "I am Brave." It's really good, at least, I like it. It's a mournful song, the most clear instruments is the piano an the least I think it's a violin. I really like it, it also reminded me of one of the scenes in my book. 

Um, so I found that my itsy bitsy hands cannot reach apart the length that is needed for one of the chords on Let It Go. So I have to shave off a note. I hate to do that because it won't sound as...full. So I'm a bit hesitant to do that, but I kinda have to. Any idea's?

Oh, Beth wants the computer, and I want to go practice piano, yet again a short post.


Friday, March 28, 2014


Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was kinda busy.

I don't have a whole lot of time since we are going on errands in a minute, but I thought I'd give you all a quick update of what's what in my life.

So I have been developing the plot for War Games like CRAZY. And I have found so much on Moroccan history. I kinda want this book to be a historical fiction. I've never written one of those and I think it might be cool to try. If worse comes to worse then I can just revert it back to fully fiction.

Um, I have been on the internet researching as much as I can about Moroccan history and the people and their lifestyles. It has been so awesome finding out all this stuff.

Well, I have been sorta...neglecting my main novel recently. I need to get back on track with that. I also really hate the name "The Mirror" for my title. It sounds so boring and normal. I want something that is going to catch the readers eye and interest them.

Anywho, so I have once again been thinking about my life and what I want to do with it. I still want to be a writer, but I want to go to college for music because I'm really getting into the piano. I've started leaning Let it Go. And I have to say, it's a ton of fun, but kinda hard.

Well then, I have been listening to the song "Soldatino." over and over again. I know find myself humming it whenever I'm not listening to it. It's really sad, but almost addictive.

Anywho, I havta go, sorry for the short post.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

'Sploding People

So I found this really sad song called "Soldatino." or "Nico's Lullaby." It's especially sad with the back story, 'cuz Bianca died....(oh gosh, not now waterworks, not now.)

Anywho, progress report on my Piano playing It's going good. I have started a new song called "Let it Go." If you don't know what it is then you should craw out from under the rock you have been under for the past few months. And if you are under a rock then how do you have internet to be able to read this? Hmm, that doesn't make sense.

Anywho, I decided to make a tradition of Random Thought moment. It sounds like fun. For me.

Well, this is not good. Ben just made peanut butter cookies,and I am trying to start eating better. Arg!! This reminds me of the time a year ago when I decided to cut all gluten and sugar and bad stuff from my diet (how silly I was). And not even two hours later I ate one of Bethany's cupcakes. She is an amazing baker.
But luckily she stopped baking as much and now when she does, she's trying to do healthy stuff. So that's good.

Um, so I have been, wait, oh no. I feel....something strange coming on, I think it's a
                                                     RANDOM THOUGHT!!!!
(Hehe, you knew this was coming, right?)

Do you ever think of how we make weird sounds, and our brain can transfer them into something that is understandable. Like you're reading this right now and in your mind you are understanding what I am saying. Even though this is just a bunch of odd marks, and your brain makes them into the sounds in your mind. It is so weird, but really cool. And what language do deaf people think in? What do people hear who don't speak our language?
                                                               And this ends the
                                                Random Thought!!!!!!

Hmmm, I also a have a more...well, crazy thought right now. What if I did a Random fact of the day? I don't know. Give me feedback, tell me if it's a good idea or not.
I like my rainbow (see words "Random Thought" for rainbow). It's pretty.

Well, I think your brain is about to explode from my awesome ramblings, so I should go before you explode.
Yup, no 'sploding people as a result of my blog. It's just not good for my rep.

So, without further hesitation,

Monday, March 24, 2014


Hay all! (Hay is for horses!)
Howdy all! (Howdy is for cowboys)
Hola all! (......)

Sorry, I had to watch this really annoying thing called "Disco Worms." It was at a friends house, and her little sister picked the movie (we had to let her). So that was fun....not really. 

Anywho, disco worms aside, I think you all know what time it is. It's time for a 
                                                             RANDOM THOUGHT!!!!!!

There's this bio-luminescent plankton that migrates in the summer to cooler waters. Like in...oh golly, where is it? Um, New Zealand and Mexico, anywho, I've always wanted to see that tide. It looks like this, no joke. And this is not photo-shopped.
Isn't that amazing!!! I would really love to see that one day. Thought, whenever I see the word plankton, I always think of that annoying thing on Sponge-bob Square-pants. I've never watched it, but I have heard about this...Plankton fellow. Supposedly he's a villain? I don't know, and this ends my
                                                               Random Thought

So yesterday my mom got a $10 dollar box of perfect strawberries for free. I don't know how, but it was awesome. So for breakfast this morning we made strawberry crepes with a dash of powdered sugar. It was so good.

Um, so I have run out of books and I am now waiting for a trip to the library.

Anywho, it's a lovely day, like, a shorts day. Do you know how long I have been wearing sweat pants or jeans, I mean, I almost prefer them over shorts. But still, a shorts day!! This is big people. Summer is coming
 and I almost want it to wait just a bit longer, but still, it won't listen. And if I send any more letters to the president about it, he's gonna send the FBI to my door. Not good for my rep.

Well, once again I must say goodbye on a short post (sorry),

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Frozen Computers

So the internet froze up and I can't finish anything that I was doing just now. So I must wait for it to be resurrected. Um, this is all I can do, just babble.
And rant.

Boo-pa-dee-a-boo, *incoherent mumbling*, so! How are you guys? Good? Good. Cuz' I'm good too. *humming Let it Go*
Yes, that's another thing. Frozen. I really want to see it and I haven't yet. Bethany said it wasn't as good as it was cracked up to be. But I don't believe that, I think it shall be amazing!! I think it shall be more than amazing, like, amazing times a million.

So I am waiting for The Blood of Olympus. Fall is too far away, it should be awesome.
But enough about my fandoms and books. I have actual stuff to talk about.

Like my...wait. I don't have anything to talk about.

Well anywho, I have been trying to ramp up on exercise and I have been doing pretty good. So I have been daily jump-roping for 10 minutes and
have been doing 50 crunches. Yay!! Also with sunshine season rolling around I can start going on more bike rides, with actual people who hate riding in the rain. Because they are wimps. And I am awesome.

I can't get out of my head the Heroes of Olympus now. I'm multitasking right now and watching CassJayTuck as I am writing this. And she is talking about HoO and so I am starting to get riled up again about it. But that's a whole different story that would be far too log for this post.

Oh, and I have to go because my mom is making dinner and she needs my help. So adios amigos!

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Ok, today is going to be  awesome!

Ben and dad are both gone, Ben is with one of his friends for the day, and daddy has to work because it's tax season. So it's just us girls...good, and bad. It's good because we planned a little outing together. But bad because I'm stuck in a world of shopping and girlishness, and (shudder) makeup! But I shall be strong.

So mom and I are going to go on a hike together, and then stop for lunch. But we have a dilemma, I have to pick between "Porofino Pizza and Pasta." and "Bella Pizza and Pasta." SO that's a really hard choice because they both sound so good! :)
I think I'll go with "Bella Pizza and Pasta" because it's easier to pronounce.

Also, I JUST watched Marvel:Assembling a Universe. It was so cool!! I connected some things that I didn't catch before because, well, I watched the Hulk movie when I was 8, and I didn't remember much. And then the first Iron Man I didn't remember much, because I watched it when I was 8 too. My brother went through a phase where EVERYTHING had to be about superheroes. Anywho, that was cool. And I KNEW I saw Bucky in The Winter Solder. 

Um, so I have been really awake in the morning. Like, normally I'm a bit sluggish. But for the past week I have woken up, and just gotten everything done so quick. And I have gotten some extra reading time in. So that's always a plus.

I've been watching CassJayTuck. She is an obsessive reader and part of the PJO/HoO fandom. It is amazing!! And she rants a bit so I can relate. And everyone can agree to her love of Leo!! All da ladies love Leo. That just cracks me up. Uh, I have a problem. I really think I do. It's like I have no life other than obsessing over things. And the dynamics between Percy and Thalia!! They're enemies, but they are friends.
OMYGOSH!! I just love these books. 

Sorry for me going off on a limb there. I'll get back to the point...wait, I don't have a point. I never really have a point.

Anywho, I havta go with my mum on an adventure!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Second Day

Hey ya'll,

Waz up??? I'm good, and I have completely recovered!!! Yay!!
I'm really happy right now! Like, almost annoyingly so. Oh and I'm also kinda sad too. Ya see, my sis was invited to a party and the theme was a movie I have wanted to see for such a long time. It's (you guessed it) Frozen. So I'm sad because she will be seeing it before me. ARRGG!! So close.

Anywho, it is a lovely day and I am going for a bike-ride soon.

Urrmmm, I don't know what to say.

Spring is officially here. Technically yesterday was the first day of Spring. And it is a lovely Spring day, Beth and I should go outside and play basketball for a bit. Yep, we should do that, I'll be right back, I'm gonna ask her.
She said not right right now. Well, that's ok. I can just go on a longer bike-ride I guess.

And I'm back to not knowing what to say.
I'm gonna go, my mom and I are about to play a game.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Lunch (Ha!!)

Hello WORLD!!

The process of cleaning out my mini-house has begun. And it is disgusting!! You see, it has quite a few spiders living there, and I have to clean it all out. Blech!! But I shall persevere.

I'm feeling really productive today. I got all my schoolwork done by 10:00, and I have already practiced piano, done quite a bit of writing, played a mathematical card game, developed some more of the War Games plot, and got inspiration from Pinterest. I then rushed off to write some more. I have gotten a lot of stuff done today!!!

Hrrmm, I want to have a nice satisfying long post, but, at the same time, I want to work on my mini-house again. 

It is a glorious rainy day. I love these days. They have such promise to them, and the rain improves my disposition considerably! I don't know why, but my entire family thinks it's gloomy.
I love the sound of rain on the rooftop, because it's relaxing.
I'll probably go splash around outside a bit later. Yeah, that sounds like fun. I'll put on my big ol' rain-boots, grab the dog and go for a walk. Mmm, sounds good!

For lunch I had a SB and H. Most of you would have a PB and J, but I'm allergic to peanuts (I know, it stinks). Instead, I have to have sunflower-seed butter. Sunflower butter doesn't taste very good with jam, so I add honey in it's place. Sometimes I'll add banana, too.

But enough about my lunch, it never likes to have the spotlight (Just to spite it, I think I'll make it the title...haha!!). I have just finished the most wonderful book (Granted, I've read it before, but that doesn't make it any less wonderful.) called Auralia's Colors. It has the BEST description that I have ever read. I think it is perfect, amazing, and awesome. I could go on and on about this book, but I won't. I'm going to go work on my mini-house.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

War Games

So I've started a new novel. I like it so far, it's called War Games. It's about a girl who becomes queen and her fight for her kingdom. It's really a tragic tale of desperation, pain, and missing those you love. But I just really wanted to write something like this. It will take place in Morocco, probably in...oh I don't know. The 1700's. Maybe. I might just have it be a nameless time. I don't know.

I've also found quit a few new boards on Pinterest that are just bursting with inspiration. I have gotten so many story idea's. Yay. I mean, story idea's are great. But not when you already have 5 billion trillion stories crammed in your mind that you need to write.

Wow. Life is good! Babadoba!!

Anywho, I've always wanted to write a letter to myself then open it in...10 years. That would be cool.
It would probably look something like this,

Dear Evangeline,
Do people still call you Evangeline? Is your hair blue? Do cars fly now?
It must be strange reading this. Knowing that at one time your fingers etched this out, and that it took a year to forget about. But I also want to know how you found it? I hid it well, in the small root space under the large maple in the woods. Were you remembering your childhood? Or hiding evidence of a government conspiracy? Are you a spy??!! That would be cool...
Have you seen Finding Dory? If you have, can you build a time machine and tell me all about it? That would be cool. Have you traveled around the world yet? Have you published that novel? Are you a hermit? I have so many questions for you that should be answered. SO I'm going to go get some biscuits and tea, then chat a bit more with you. My future self. That's so weird to think about...
Then again, you may never find this. You may live somewhere else by now. And maybe instead of my future self reading this, a small girl who loves pretending and adventure is reading this. Maybe she just found it by accident when she has hiding from the pirates outside. Hmm, that's also a nice thought. Well then, hello young explorer! Are you having fun? Are my woods just the same? Is the old tire sing still up? Do you play on it? Well, I'm sure your mother will be calling you for dinner soon. So I better let you go.
Goodbye whoever us reading this. And have fun!

Yup, I kinda like that. That also gave me an idea for a story. Hmm, well, I better go.

Monday, March 17, 2014


Ok, um, hi!

So, I have pretty much only been eating applesauce for the past day, (it's the only thing I CAN eat) and don't get me wrong, I love it, but I'm also getting kinda sick of it.

Wow, I don't know what to say.

Anywho, um, bluh.

So, I was thinking of adding two new scenes to my book. But I don't know if I should, I mean, I got everything worked out. But I feel like I should add something more. It kinda feels like my book would be ok without these scenes, but it could add so much if I did attach them to the plot. Like, the battle scene. I didn't plan on having a full blown battle scene, but after listening to Saving New York from the Spiderman movie, I feel like I should. It really gave me a feel for what the perfect climax would be. I don't know.

And this pic that I found gave me a great idea for part of her quest. It's a really cool old looking tree with a bunch of rustic keys hanging off of it.
Maybe she could find it and then...possibly that would be the test instead of...I think that would work. Oh my goodness I'm brilliant! Hahaha, that should be perfect. Now I only need to...mmhmm, and then I just need to get her backstory on that...then piece that together, and I'm good! Yay!

Well now that I've been muttering like a maniac on Blogger I'm sure you all would like to get back to your regular lives. But I guess you all already knew I was part maniac.

But I should get going on writing this brilliant scene. Haha, I just love my job. As a writer that is, you have no schedule that you have to follow (unless you have deadlines that you create in your mind). It's pretty great.
Well, like I said, I better go do some writing! Yay!!!


Friday, March 14, 2014

Doctors Visit

Wow, I'm sorry. I haven't posted in a while.

It has been hard with my cold, but since I've had a lot of spare time, I've gotten quite a bit of writing done!! Yay!!

Ummm, all I've been doing is reading, writing, or sleeping, so I don't have much to talk about. But I shall try.

So, today we went to the doctors office, I have this fear that I soon get over every single time. It's like this,

"As I walk into the room, my feet pounding against the floor like my heart is in my head, patients give me an amused glance as they thumb through magazines, knowing that I'll have to wait for hours until I get to be tortur...uh, I mean treated. The sun barely peaks through the closed blinds, reminding me of the silver shine of the needle that will soon be sucking my precious life liquid. But I must be brave, I tell myself, my teeth starting to ache from clamping them so tight. Then, I finally hear my name echoing across the large waiting room. My heart fills with dread, and I try to slow my breathing. I am greeted by a smiling nurse. She has probably been instructed to grin, to throw me off the scent, but I know better. The cotton swabs, tongue depressors, and strange liquids are going to come out sooner or later. Then a smiling doctor comes in and makes a joke. The tension is easing in my chest, and I am starting to smile. Ok, it's not so bad."

Yup, oh. And it turns out I might have Mono, see, I didn't test positive for Strep throat. But Mono is almost identical to Strep sometimes. All the symptoms are pretty much the same. Uhg.

Anywho, I have gotten really smooth playing "He's a Pirate." I'm happy about that.

But I gotta go,

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I feel wounded, hollow almost, that something this precious was taken away. It feels like I've lost a part of me, something I can never get back. My heart is heavy with the knowledge that an hour of my life has been sucked away. It's like that scene from Princess Bride.
"I've just sucked an hour of your life from you, how do you feel?" *unintelligible whimpering* "Interesting."

Well, I have so much reading that I've done. It feels awesome. I just love reading, and books. But I'm not going to get in that rut where all I talk about is books. Uhg, it's kind of a pitiful rut.

Anywho, it's really sunny today, and pretty warm.

I've started a character doc where I organize their fears, likes, dislikes, hates. That kinda stuff. I want to know my characters better. I only really know 3 of them, but I have so many more I need to know. So I have been working on that. And I am about to start working on A Thousand Years again. It's one that I kinda got intimidated by. I started it when I was first starting to get back into the piano again, and I took on too big a challenge. I also need to continue writing a lot.

Ok, um, I really haven't done a lot lately. But anywho, I need to go finish some stuff.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Little House...

Ok, couple things I missed yesterday. Like I got the second season of Sherlock. And I finished it. It was very good and I need, right now.

Anyway, I also got a huge surprise last night before I went to bed.
My mom had found this thing she thought I might be interested in, in a free box, and so she picked it up and brought it home. So turns out I do love it so much. Now for the big reveal, it is a...(pause for effect) Ok, for some of you out there who have no idea what I'm talking about, I shall 'splain. The "house" that I am talking about is a small, wooden house. Just a bare, wooden house with some dust. BUT. And this is a big but, just because it is a bare house doesn't mean it can't be the subject of hours of pleasure and dedication.

You see, for as long as I can remember, I always wanted to find a house exactly like that and transform it. Wallpaper, furniture, bathroom sinks, drawers, carpet, mirrors, anything on a normal sized house. I want to add it all, and just have fun making this a real (well, as real as a mini house can be) house. Except no little people would live in it. I have always wanted to do that, maybe create a little crime scene to have friends and family solve. That would be fun.

Well, I hate to cut this post short, but I have a speech to finish about whether or not Mercy and Justice can co-exist. So far it is kinda hard, but really fun and interesting.

Anywho, like I said, I gotta go.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Sorry I didn't post for the last days. I was sleeping a lot and trying to get better. Now I can talk and I am actually feeling pretty great.

Mom and I are going on a date in a sec, we are also going to the library and Home-school Potpourri. For those of you who have never been, it is a place of scholars, of learning, and of comfort, and of many good memories. Ok, so, it is a used, Christian book store, and we have been going there long as I can remember. It is crowded with bookshelves and little nook and crannies, so we would play hide and go seek every time we went. Oh, I gotta go, be back in a flash.

And we're back. My mom had in-store credit from bringing in old books before, so we went and used it. Turns out she had $90 worth of in store credit. Yay!!! I got so many books. So, I got the entire Series of Unfortunate Events, and (hold on to your seat Alina) The Royal Diaries!!! I got Elizabeth: The Princess Bride, Mary: Queen of Scots, and Elizabeth: Rose of the House of Tudor. SO I am psyched about that.

We also went to a little cafe that we had never been to before. We had a groupon so that was awesome. I got a BLTTC. It was really good, and I had a ton of fun with momma. It was called The Lyon Den cafe.

On the way home we swung by the furniture store (moms looking for a bed table) and it was UNDERHILLS!! I just love Underhills. They have so much furniture and bunk-beds and etc. that it is the PERFECT place for hide and go seek. Also, they were playing Finding Nemo. So I took off my shoes and curled up with a pillow on one of the couches. I was there for...30 minutes. I wasn't able to watch much though.

Anywho. I have so many books to read. I got a ton from the library last week, and I got a ton this week. Really happy that I have a lot of reading material. I'm going to go read, and do stuff.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Reeeally Short

Hi, ok, um...bad news. I'm sick again. And I can't talk because my throat hurts too bad. So that's fun...

Umm, I had so much to talk about this morning! But now I got nothing. I think it's because I'm feeling so brain-dead. Uhg, I have no idea why I'm posting right now. My head is throbbing and I gotta lay down.

Sorry for the mega-short post.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Missing

Wow, I have been thinking a lot about time and I'm really getting sad. There is so little time to do things, it seems as if the days are passing too fast.
Also, I'm reading this really interesting series called The Missing. At first it seems kinda weird, but then it gets really good. It's about kids who find a way to time travel and a whole bunch of other cool stuff! I really like it.
I'm also a little frustrated with Sherlock, they leave you at such a cliffhanger. It should be illegal!!

Wow, I have a feeling today is going to be a reeeally short post. I have to do a ton of writing and piano, well, I want to, I don't HAVE to. I just make a mental to-do list and then prioritize my items on the list. Then if they aren't done by the end of the day then I add them to tomorrows list.

So yesterday was Mon. (obviously) and on Monday they have Speech and Debate. The homework was having to come up with a speech about how God can be Merciful and Just at the same time. So I am working hard at it.

I'm going to make a list of songs I am in the process of learning.
1.He's a Pirate
2.A Thousand Years
3.Counting Stars

Songs I want to learn after I'm done with the ones up there.
1. Let it Go
2.Do You Want To Build a Snowman?
3. Apologize
4. Radioactive
Yup, those are my top songs I want to learn on the piano!

Um...that's all I got.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I'm Home...

Ok, to start this all off, it feels so good to be home!!
Ahh man, I had no idea how much I missed this place! I mean, on vacation I know that we are going home soon, but with this, it just felt like it was so much longer. Now I'm safe, back in my bubble. :D

Also, I would like to just mention that this is my 50th post! It feels like I haven't been blogging for very long, but 50 posts is a lot!! Yay!

So, I can see all of you screaming at me, DETAILS, DETAILS!!
I shall comply.

Day 1.
We arrived at my Uncles house at 4:30ish. From there we went inside and talked for a half an hour. Then they finished packing, and we sat down to a dinner they had prepared for us. See, at my Uncles house everything is so proper and quiet. It was really awkward!! But soon after they left, I relaxed and was able to breath without looking over my shoulder to see if that was okay. We had a small dinner of chicken and lettuce (which they consider a large meal). I felt like I was a bird! I normally eat a lot more.
After that, we played with Ryker (the 1 and a half yr old), and Brooke (the 7 yr old) for a couple hours. They went to bed (they go to bed at 8:30), and we started watching Paul Blart: Mall Cop. For those of you who have never watched it, it is hilarious. Anyway, by the time we finished the movie, it was 11:00. Mom and Beth took the guest room, Ben took the pullout bed, and I took the floor. That night it was really cold, so I got up and piled a ton of pillows on myself. IT WAS SO COMFY!! After an hour of tossing and turning, I fell into a restless sleep. I actually dreamt that I was awake and couldn't sleep. Wait...was that a dream? I have no idea. Anywho, the sun went down, then here it comes back up for day two.

Day 2.
I got up really groggy and bluh, but soon I woke up after a laughing baby ran in front of me and threw a ball at my face. I grabbed the ball and played "fetch" with Ryker. :P I then chased him and tickled him and had a lot of fun. He was laughing and smiling. After that it was just playing with Brooke, Ryker, and cleaning. I actually don't remember that day very well, but it was a late night as well.

Day 3.
This is the day we came back. I woke up and the first thing I had to do was help with stripping the beds and putting the stuff away. I sat down to watch "Nanny McPhee" and was content. Until halfway through the movie, I was reminded that my Aunt and Uncle would be back in a half an hour, and I still had to shower! It was just a rush of trying to finish before they got home. Then all of a sudden, I heard voices above! Uh oh. They were early. I finished showering and got dressed. When I saw them, they just stared at me for a second then returned to their conversation with my mom and sister.
We got in the car after goodbyes and started to try to figure out the DVD thingamabober. See, we got a new car, and we have never had a DVD player before. So, it was an interesting experience.
Anywho, we got home after a...oh I don't know, 4 hour drive! Uhg, but now we have PIZZA!!! Yay!!
I gotta go, it's getting eaten up without me.