Speech and Debate

Hi Ya'll!

So yesterday I went to a speech and debate. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, I will explain! So we arrived at 5:00. It was explained that we would be writing a speech about Defining and Defending the significance of Gods grace. So we took...10 minutes and wrote some stuff out. Then we stood up and gave what we had on that topic. Mine wasn't completed because this was just a quick idea of what we were going to do next week.
So now this week I have to complete a speech about Gods grace.
First I have to have an attention grabber, then I have to make a Thesis statement, then I have to define God's grace, then defend it. Add a personal application and a good closure. And throw in some verses that apply, maybe a quote or two from some famous person. And then I have to arrange it all in a smooth speech. Have it at least 3 minutes no more than 5 though.
So I am kinda nervous, but also really excited. So thats the speech part. Then comes debate. I don't know how to explain that one as well as I explained speech. But I'll try. So they have mini-debate rounds that Justin (the team leader of sorts) organizes. Bethany was part of one yesterday. She was defending books against visual media. And she and her debate partner won the round. It was pretty awesome.
I think that I'm going to start really doing it.

Enough speech and debate talk, lets move onto something more...blogish. So, I would just like to warn people. I am cranking down on writing my novel and will not be spending as much time on my blog or Pinterest or any of that kinda stuff. So my posts might be really short. So sorry in advance.

Um, so I am really excited, He's a Pirate is officially mastered. Yay!! I am now going to finish a piece that I started, but stopped because I felt it was too advanced at the time. Now I'm going to tackle it, and I will master that as well. Then I'm going to move onto learning Let it Go, then Into the Open Air, and so on and so forth.
I really like the piano.

Um, once again, sorry for short posts. But I really have to go and do some stuff. Stuff makes life busy, but stuff is good to get done.
Anywho, toodloo.