Snow, snow.
How I love snow.
Snow, snow, how Evangeline loves snow.
Snow, snow, snOW!!!

I like snow. So the weatherperson last night said that all the snow would melt over night...AND IT DIDN'T!! Ha! So now the world is covered in two inches of perfect, pure snow. I am so excited, I have a major case of RCS right now (Roller Coaster Syndrome). I'm really glad it didn't melt last night!

I am pretty sick right now...and tired. Uhg! At least we have books and movies and the computer... :P

I just love snow, and I really wish I could go play in it. No matter how old you are, you just gotta play in the snow. I don't think you stop playing because you grow up, but you grow up because you stop playing. See, I may grow old, but I'll never grow up.

Anyways, wow, I just said anyways instead of anywho. Ahhh!! No. I must say Anywho.
Anywho, today is such a gorgeous day. I just love the look of snow on tree's and everything. And snow makes the night look like day, it's so light. Last winter my mom and I went on a walk and it was perfectly light at 11:00 pm.

Well, I really want something sweet but I can't since I'm sick. I don't like being sick.

So, I am really hoping that Divergent will come soon. See, I checked it out at the library, but since they're making a movie out of it it's really popular right now. But at least I'll read 5 years. Just like I'll see Doctor Who in 5 years. Whoopie!

Oh! I just found a Loony Tunes: Coyote and Roadrunner. I just love Loony Tunes. Here's the link if any of you reading this like's them.
You can just copy and paste to your browser.

I'm really hungry for soup. So I'm gonna go get a sec. I want to write more.
Actually I'm really hungry, I'm gonna go get some food.
So that's all folks,


  1. Oh, I'm getting Divergent from the library, it just came in after a month or two of waiting. I hear it's good, and a friend of mine likes it. The movie trailer looks pretty cool, have you seen it? I love the part where the main character is looking at her reflection in the glass as she's under water. Then the reflection talks. Ahh, so epic!

    1. Yeah, I've seen the trailer. I want to see the movie pretty looks awesome.


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