Hey all, I found a really awesome YouTube thingamabobber. It's called Studio C. They are hilarious skits, and they don't swear. I'm glad that I found them now, while I am sick, so I can watch a lot of them!!
Don't forget, it's called Studio C.

It is a sunny day today, and unfortunately, I am bedridden and cannot go outside. Not fun.
I feel really bad right now. My head feels like an exploding watermelon. UHG!! 

My mom is making me drink this horrible juice! It looks like pondscum and tastes like bitter mustard. I don't think I can drink much more. Blech!

I got Sherlock Season One!! Yes!!

 Um, I am really tired and will continue this post later. Sorry, I'm just wanting to go to bed, curl up, and never come out....ever. So for now, goodbye....

Hi again, I'm back. 
Um, there really is nothing that I have done today...
So, I think this will be my shortest post yet, darn.