So, its the day after the super-bowl. Can you imagine how many people are waking up with sore throats, and pounding heads? Ooo, not a fun day at work...

So, it is a gorgous day! God must be celebrating right now...
The sky is really blue, the tree's are such a deep green. You know, it seems to me like God is a fan of the Seahawks.

Ok, bad news...I have a bad sore throat (not from cheering, even though I did do plenty if that!), and I'm really tired and dizzy. What could have brought this on? You guessed it...I'm coming down with a cold.
Yay. I get to be bedridden for 5 days, and in our family, if one gets it, we all get it eventually, so sorry in advance family. So far I have taken, like...5 Vitamin C and 2 Multi Vitamins. They don't taste good...
At least I'm getting sick now, when I have a ton of books.

Ok, better news. I'm thinking of posting the chapters of my story here on the blog. On a separate tab of course. What do you all think? Should I do it?

Wow, we had snowflakes hanging from our ceiling all winter long. And now we had to take them down...the ceiling looks so bare without them now. It looks weird.

Well, it's Mon. again. Why can't it just stay Sat. forever? Actually that would probably get really boring. No routine or anything like that. Ooo, scratch that. I don't want it to be Sat. forever, I have changed my mind.

I am so tired, it just hit me like a wall...and I really want soup right now.

Good news, I found Shiloh. He is my Dalmatian that I've had since I was four. Well, stuffed Dalmatian. But I found him last night and was so excited. I thought I'd lost him forever! And that would have been sad because I love him very much. It also didn't help that I had just watched, "When Somebody Loved Me" from Toy Story 2.

                                                                            It's so sad!! *Sniff Sniff* So Sad. So immediately I rushed upstairs to my room to grab Shiloh. But I couldn't find him!! So after an hour of searching, I found him under a pile of old blankets. Now I have him in my pocket, I just patted his head. And I just noticed that he has a little chew mark on his nose. OH MY GOSH!!! What is this? Did Finlay chew on him?? I think he did! Bad dog! It's ok Shiloh. The big, bad doggy can't get you anymore. You're safe now.

Anywho, I better go...


  1. That's such a cool idea to post your story on a separate tab! You should do it, I would love to read what you've edited and any things you have continued! :)

  2. Then that's settled! I shall do it...tomorrow.


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