Robin Hood

Hey, I am kinda sad right now...
See, I went back int the woods and there were these 2 men that were walking around...creepy. They saw me (I was about to run), and said they were buying that property. I asked, and we can still go back there. But it's sad that it was bought.

Anywho, it was such a sunny day today. So I went out for a while.

I have a friend who likes Math, I just don't see why. Math makes people cry, I guess she likes making people cry... :P

Wow, I am really tired. I kinda just want to go curl up in a ball with a book and stay there for the rest of the day...that would be nice. So I have officially re-read almost all my favorite books. Have I ever mentioned that I like reading? I think I have once or twice...

So we got a new car!! Our old one was...15 years old. And the engine was having problems. So ya, we needed a new car. Anywho, our new one is so awesome! The edges of the door light up like a limo!! It is so cool.

Wow, I really just want to write right now. I have made a ton of headway on editing the chapters! So that's pretty exciting.

Umm, what else...not a lot. Oh, I have a candy cane that I found and I am enjoying it right now. It feels like Christmas!!! :D
I love candy canes! And candy, and anything sweet. As well as salty, but it's hard because I also like being fit, and healthy...this is a true dilemma. Not really, can you see the people of Africa thinking of this as a dilemma? I seriously doubt it!

I feel really bad about having a short post again...I feel like it's the law of Blogger to have a long post. A post that requires an hour to read. But this is not the case with my posts. I am an outlaw blog!! Haha! I am like Robin Hood!

So, what to say, what to say. Um, food. I like food. And books, and breathing. That kinda covers all the bases. Oh, I also like chocolate and peppermint. Hmm, maybe I should be putting these in "About Me" instead of a post.

Well, I'm gonna go write,