Really Random

Since I've been sick, I haven't really been able to focus. So, I haven't really done any math over the last couple days. Uhg, I'm behind. Well, at least my math isn't that hard. Standard 6th grade stuff, beginning Algebra, multiplying and dividing fractions. So at least it isn't that hard.

It's actually snowing right now. I mean, it isn't the kind that sticks. But at least it is still SNOWING!! Yay!! It has this swirly pattern that it's falling in, like a snowstorm...

I feel better than I did yesterday...but I still don't feel good. Now I just need to take a ton of Vit C, even though the stuff we get looks about as big as a...brick. And it tastes like children's tears and broken dreams.
We used to get this really good stuff that was about as small as your thumbnail and was a chewable citrus tasting yummy one. But that is now gone.

 I heard a deleted song from Frozen. It has so much personality, so much...spunk and fire. It is really awesome.
I love all the songs from Frozen. They all have such a power behind them.
And I added a bunch of new songs to my blog.

Now I'm head-bopping along to the songs on my blog. Lalala, hmmhmmhmm, uhhuh!! YeeeaaHHH!!
"Somethin' that I want...somethin' that I tell myself I need"....yeah!!!

Ahem, did I say all that aloud? Yes, I think I did. Oops...

Well, now I unplugged my earbuds, and I'm proudly displaying some of my favorite songs to my mom and sister. "Into the Open Air" is now playing for the world to hear!!! I am doing all these weird facial expressions along with "Get Off of My Back". This is fun!

I'm really hungry, so I'm going to go warm up some soup. Oh! Never mind. Bethany made a chicken dish for everyone. It's really good! I'm going to go eat it! 'Cuz it's good.


  1. O_O I am listening to Something That I Want. I read that you were and just about freaked out! :D That's funny, because that song was picked at random!


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