Hi Ya'll!!!

So tomorrow I'll probably not be able to post, just 'cuz a friend is coming over and I don't know if I'll have time. But I'm really excited to see the friend.

I'm listening to "Into the Open Air". I really like this song. It means a lot to me. Anywho, enough about songs. Well, this still qualifies as song/music. But I want to learn the guitar...but I might not. I don't know, my sister is trying to learn and she might be able to teach me after she's done with mastering the beginning. I have so many songs I want to learn on the piano too, so for now I think I might stick with the piano.

Bethany just made a smoothie....Ooo, I want some! It's a chocolate protein shake, and Beth makes the BEST smoothies. Ahhh, they are so good!! But I just ate. ANd I'm full, so I don't need more food. Even though I really like eating!

I have been getting so much inspiration from the woods behind my house. See, I found a huge fallen tree and I walked along it until I came to the roots. It was formed into a sort of cavish looking thing. It was really cool! So from there I got this whole cave scene and stuff. Yes, I get inspiration from everywhere!
And speaking of inspiration, I came up with this kinda weird short blurp of a story. But I thought it was kinda cool, so you can check that out in my Abscido Fabella section.

Good news! I am completely over my cold! Yay! No more horrid nights, or any days feeling like a beached whale.

Oh wow! It's late and I have to start helping with dinner, sorry! But this is going to be another short post. I've just been so busy over the, that I've been trying to catch up on my math and stuff in the mornings, and computer time in the evening. Well, I better go.



  1. I love Into the Open Air. Really I love all the songs from Brave. I love all Celtic songs, well. Most all. :)

    Smoothies are good, I Iove them! :D Now you make me want a smoothie. Or just fruit in general. Ah, that's the best part of Summer, fruit.

  2. Yep, Celtic music is pretty great!


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