Rain and Movies

Hallo! This morning I woke up with the worst feeling ever. My throat was a piece of sandpaper. I'm sick...again. I can barely talk, so I am doing a lot of nodding and grunting. =)

I have a feeling that today's post is going to be short. And a lot of pitiful one liners...uhg.
But hey, at least I'm alive!
That's something I have been working on, being more thankful. There was a book that I read about a homeless boy who every day shouted out something he was grateful for.  It really stuck with me how the homeless boy decided, that instead of being horrid and grumpy because he didn't have as much, to be thankful anyway! So, I am trying to do the same thing.

Um, it's raining pretty hard. Take a look.

                                                                                     Ok, confession, I got that pic of the web. But it's still raining hard here.

So I have watched Peter Pan, 101 Dalmatians, and The AristoCats on that site I found. Now I'm watching The Black Cauldron...for the 650th time. I really like this movie. I am grasping for topics because I have just been sitting down all day...watching movies.

                  Oh goodness, enough with the pitiful grasping,