Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Last Day

This is my last day in a comfortable bed and my own room. This is my last day in normalcy. The last couple days have been a blur of packing, hugging, crying, and goodbyes. It'll be hard tomorrow morning to take one last look at the walls of my room, to step into that car that is ordered to take me so far from home. But this is where my heart will always be. This is where my spirit will stay. When I look out a window, I won't see what's on the other side of that glass. I'll see my sister and mother laughing in the kitchen and my brother working hard at making something in the garage. So I leave you with a sad farewell. This is my last post. This is it.

Ok, being a little dramatic, but I have fun being dramatic. Just to clarify, I will only be gone for 3 days, and this is not my last post. In fact, this is only the beginning of many posting years to come.

We're going to my Aunt's and Uncle's house for the weekend, and I am nervous as to what will happen when we are at their house. See, they have a 7 yr old named Brooke and a 1 yr old Ryker.  I am horrible with kids, so I'm thinking the conversations will proabaly go something like this.
Ryker: Gagaga, oobblu.
Me: That's cool, so um, how are you doing?
Me: See, I don't have a translator. I have no idea what you're saying. Could you slow down and repeat it?"
Me: You just said something different. Can you repeat what you said a second ago?
Me:...Ok, that's cool. I'll just go get mom. She knows what to do with you.

Yup, I have no idea how to handle babies. I am not good with kids.

Anywho. I have a lot to pack. I am so particular about what I bring and stuff. I have to have my favorite pillow, Ipod, tons of books, and other odds and ends. Like I said, a lot to pack.

"Elsa? Do you wanna build a snowman? Come on let go and play. I never see you any more, come out the door, it's like you've gone awAY!!! We used to be best buddies, and now we're not. I wish you would tell me WHY!! Do you wanna build a snowman? It doesn't haveta be a snowman... Elsa: Go away Anna! Anna: Ok, byeee...."

I want to talk about the part of the song where Anna says "Hang in there Joan."
1. Joan of Arc. She is one of my favorite people in history. She went into battle when she was 14. 14!!! That's crazy.
2. It's a painting. And Anna says "Hang in there." So it's funny.

Good news. I've got my math done for a couple of days. I completed my arithmetic ahead of the education schedule set in motion by my parental unit. It felt really good.
Anywho, see ya. I will have a long post about my time when I get back. So you can look forward to that!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy Days!!

Wuz up?

It is official, I am doing Speech. I'm not sure if I want to do Debate though. I just found out it costs money, so whatever I choose I have to be really committed to. I can't just be one foot in, one foot out kinda thing. I have to jump in head first, so I am going to go a couple more times before I make my decision about Debate. Though I really like Speech.

I'm sad. See, my Uncle had Colon Cancer and so it was really stressful and all that. Now everything is past and my Aunt and Uncle haven't been able to have any time together, alone, because they have kids.
So my mom volunteered to go up to their house to watch the kids. And we have to go with her because it's for 3 days and their house is in Oregon. So I will be absent for the weekend, darn. I was planning to have a crazy writing weekend, like, I would shut myself away in my room and I would have tea, soup and other essentials. I would NOT be disturbed and I WOULD get half of the book done!
Well, maybe not half, but close! Maybe not close to half...more like, a chapter. But none the less, I would get a lot of writing done.

Huh, Beth is making lunch, it looks like a chicken, olive, tomato concoction. I'm sure it will be scrumptious. And it smells really good, now I'm starving!

Oh! It looks like Saving Mr. Banks is in Crest Theater. For those of you who do not know what it is, I shall 'splain. It is a wonderful, Landmark Theater in Seattle that gets all the movies after they come out of regular theaters. And they are so much cheaper! So I hope I can go see that, wait a sec. Frozen will e coming to Crest in a week. OHMYGOSH!! I'll finally see it! Yes. Really excited now.
I will have to ask mum though, because I can't drive. That stinks.

Oh, speaking of driving. I don't want to start driving at 16. I mean, yes, that would be great. But at the same time, I don't want to have to go through the scary process of learning. I mean, I don't want to hit a car! But I also want to, (drive, not hit a car).

As you can see, the title has nothing to do with this post. The only thing happy days brings to mind. Is the Tv show. And I have never watched it.

Well, I havta go! Adios! Toodlepip, and so on, and so forth...

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Speech and Debate

Hi Ya'll!

So yesterday I went to a speech and debate. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, I will explain! So we arrived at 5:00. It was explained that we would be writing a speech about Defining and Defending the significance of Gods grace. So we took...10 minutes and wrote some stuff out. Then we stood up and gave what we had on that topic. Mine wasn't completed because this was just a quick idea of what we were going to do next week.
So now this week I have to complete a speech about Gods grace.
First I have to have an attention grabber, then I have to make a Thesis statement, then I have to define God's grace, then defend it. Add a personal application and a good closure. And throw in some verses that apply, maybe a quote or two from some famous person. And then I have to arrange it all in a smooth speech. Have it at least 3 minutes no more than 5 though.
So I am kinda nervous, but also really excited. So thats the speech part. Then comes debate. I don't know how to explain that one as well as I explained speech. But I'll try. So they have mini-debate rounds that Justin (the team leader of sorts) organizes. Bethany was part of one yesterday. She was defending books against visual media. And she and her debate partner won the round. It was pretty awesome.
I think that I'm going to start really doing it.

Enough speech and debate talk, lets move onto something more...blogish. So, I would just like to warn people. I am cranking down on writing my novel and will not be spending as much time on my blog or Pinterest or any of that kinda stuff. So my posts might be really short. So sorry in advance.

Um, so I am really excited, He's a Pirate is officially mastered. Yay!! I am now going to finish a piece that I started, but stopped because I felt it was too advanced at the time. Now I'm going to tackle it, and I will master that as well. Then I'm going to move onto learning Let it Go, then Into the Open Air, and so on and so forth.
I really like the piano.

Um, once again, sorry for short posts. But I really have to go and do some stuff. Stuff makes life busy, but stuff is good to get done.
Anywho, toodloo.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


Hi Ya'll!!!

So tomorrow I'll probably not be able to post, just 'cuz a friend is coming over and I don't know if I'll have time. But I'm really excited to see the friend.

I'm listening to "Into the Open Air". I really like this song. It means a lot to me. Anywho, enough about songs. Well, this still qualifies as song/music. But I want to learn the guitar...but I might not. I don't know, my sister is trying to learn and she might be able to teach me after she's done with mastering the beginning. I have so many songs I want to learn on the piano too, so for now I think I might stick with the piano.

Bethany just made a smoothie....Ooo, I want some! It's a chocolate protein shake, and Beth makes the BEST smoothies. Ahhh, they are so good!! But I just ate. ANd I'm full, so I don't need more food. Even though I really like eating!

I have been getting so much inspiration from the woods behind my house. See, I found a huge fallen tree and I walked along it until I came to the roots. It was formed into a sort of cavish looking thing. It was really cool! So from there I got this whole cave scene and stuff. Yes, I get inspiration from everywhere!
And speaking of inspiration, I came up with this kinda weird short blurp of a story. But I thought it was kinda cool, so you can check that out in my Abscido Fabella section.

Good news! I am completely over my cold! Yay! No more horrid nights, or any days feeling like a beached whale.

Oh wow! It's late and I have to start helping with dinner, sorry! But this is going to be another short post. I've just been so busy over the, that I've been trying to catch up on my math and stuff in the mornings, and computer time in the evening. Well, I better go.


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Really Random

Since I've been sick, I haven't really been able to focus. So, I haven't really done any math over the last couple days. Uhg, I'm behind. Well, at least my math isn't that hard. Standard 6th grade stuff, beginning Algebra, multiplying and dividing fractions. So at least it isn't that hard.

It's actually snowing right now. I mean, it isn't the kind that sticks. But at least it is still SNOWING!! Yay!! It has this swirly pattern that it's falling in, like a snowstorm...

I feel better than I did yesterday...but I still don't feel good. Now I just need to take a ton of Vit C, even though the stuff we get looks about as big as a...brick. And it tastes like children's tears and broken dreams.
We used to get this really good stuff that was about as small as your thumbnail and was a chewable citrus tasting yummy one. But that is now gone.

 I heard a deleted song from Frozen. It has so much personality, so much...spunk and fire. It is really awesome.
I love all the songs from Frozen. They all have such a power behind them.
And I added a bunch of new songs to my blog.

Now I'm head-bopping along to the songs on my blog. Lalala, hmmhmmhmm, uhhuh!! YeeeaaHHH!!
"Somethin' that I want...somethin' that I tell myself I need"....yeah!!!

Ahem, did I say all that aloud? Yes, I think I did. Oops...

Well, now I unplugged my earbuds, and I'm proudly displaying some of my favorite songs to my mom and sister. "Into the Open Air" is now playing for the world to hear!!! I am doing all these weird facial expressions along with "Get Off of My Back". This is fun!

I'm really hungry, so I'm going to go warm up some soup. Oh! Never mind. Bethany made a chicken dish for everyone. It's really good! I'm going to go eat it! 'Cuz it's good.

Friday, February 21, 2014


Spring is here. The snow is melting (not that we had snow here for more than two days), and the birds are starting to come back. Singing their spring song, sometimes I like to close my eyes and imagine what it'll be like when Spring comes...Bees will buzz, Kids'll blow dandelion fuzz, and I'll be doin' whatever I do in Spring!!
Ahem, yes.

I have this weird love for Hawaiian music, like "He Mele No Lilo" from Lilo and Stitch. As well as "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride" from Lilo and Stitch. I guess I wouldn't really call that one Hawaiian, but it does have a hawaiian feel to it. 

I just finished this book, "The Cay". It was really sad, but it was a good book. To anyone who likes it. The ending made me tear up, I may just be a book sobber. But I think it was really sad.
Ok, definition. 
Book Sobber: (1.)One who gets too attached to characters, (2.) One who cries about almost any death in books.

I've been listening to all the old Disney songs. I love them. There is a certain charm that some of the latest don't have. Don't get me wrong, I love the newest ones. But the old ones are just so...perfect. I love the old hand drawn ones as well. Like 101 Dalmatians. I forgot how awesome it was. I love it when Roger sings Cruella DeVille. It is so funny how he is trying to have her hear it. And how he stomps on the floor upstairs while pounding on the piano keys. It is pretty funny.  

Well, I have so fat listened to Vivaldi's Winter about...oh I don't know, 50 million times in a row? Sounds about right.
And I am sad right now. I just finished the Sherlock season One. And I am now back to waiting for Sherlock season Two. Uhg.

Update on Frozen: Not Seen

I love playing around with the colors and fonts, especially fonts that look like this, these are kinda weird, why do they even have a line through the letters? I have no idea...   

So I added a ton of new songs to the playlist, there's this one that I find pretty sad. It's called Here I Am, You kinda have to know the backstory of Spirit for it to be sad. There's a lot of songs from soundtracks. I really like the music from Brave. There's a lot of that on here.

Sorry, this is just me rambling...I do that a lot.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Hi, I just wanted to post this quick little thing saying how much I love this song. It is called "Vivaldi's Winter". It's "Let it Go", except without words and more...instrument-y. And they changed a few tones and added some parts. It sounds AMAZING!!! Of course I am a loopy right now. See, after I'm done with my cold I'll still like it. But I won't be loopy.

I feel really dizzy right now.

Warning:Contains content from context of Sherlock. If you have not seen the first episode and plan to do so, then please. Do not read this.
Ok, so I have watched the first episode of Sherlock. It is amazing!! Everything he detects makes sense, but at the same time you wouldn't normally think of it. Though, I suppose if you trained your brain to think like that, you could make those connections. It was brilliant!! There were some times that I was laughing. Like the whole "Welcome to London!" scene. That was hilarious. And also I was actually really proud of myself, I was able to tell who Mycroft was before the revealing. Just the way he talked, it sounded more like he was a brother watching out for Sherlock, not a bad guy. I am pretty proud of myself. =)

Anywho, I feel better than I did yesterday. I don't feel as if I'm about to die right now, so that's always good.
It's not a fun feeling when you are lying in bed and don't have anything to read or do and just have to lay there. Bored out of your mind.

So, the other day I was outside, and I noticed that I had made all these big plans for a treehouse when in fact the property had been sold. I don't know why I didn't think of it before. So, I talked to the people buying it, and they said that I can still go back there. I just can't build anything. So yep. There goes my dreams and hopes. No more tree house. Though I suppose I could ask if I could build just a small platform instead of a full tree house...hmm.

I have just watched the second Sherlock episode. Sarah is awesome. She hit a man over the head. I love new shows and discovering new things to obsess over. Now if I could only get the Doctor Who Season One soon. I am 64 out of 77. So...5 more years.

Yesterday we got OZ the Great and Powerful, and we are watching it right now because everyone has the flu. Well, except for Ben, and he'll probably get it soon though.
Anyway, back to OZ. I've heard a lot of good things about it, but when my mom and dad went to see it, they left because it was really slow and not that good. So far, I kinda like it. But then again I'm only like...20 minutes into it. So we'll see. Ooo, this woman just shot red fire out of her hand! Cool, maybe I will pay full attention! See, I am also writing this while I'm watching it. I am not a good multitask-er.

 I have to wrap this up pretty quickly, but I just want to say that the more views I get the more I get excited. I know it seems silly, but to think that people have actually seen my blog, is kinda cool. See, for the longest time I thought that I was just babbling to the internet, but I guess not.

Just one more quick thing, I really am sad that it's Feb. already. I just want to say, enjoy every day. Life is short, so I'm gonna go do something.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Hey all, I found a really awesome YouTube thingamabobber. It's called Studio C. They are hilarious skits, and they don't swear. I'm glad that I found them now, while I am sick, so I can watch a lot of them!!
Don't forget, it's called Studio C.

It is a sunny day today, and unfortunately, I am bedridden and cannot go outside. Not fun.
I feel really bad right now. My head feels like an exploding watermelon. UHG!! 

My mom is making me drink this horrible juice! It looks like pondscum and tastes like bitter mustard. I don't think I can drink much more. Blech!

I got Sherlock Season One!! Yes!!

 Um, I am really tired and will continue this post later. Sorry, I'm just wanting to go to bed, curl up, and never come out....ever. So for now, goodbye....

Hi again, I'm back. 
Um, there really is nothing that I have done today...
So, I think this will be my shortest post yet, darn. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rain and Movies

Hallo! This morning I woke up with the worst feeling ever. My throat was a piece of sandpaper. I'm sick...again. I can barely talk, so I am doing a lot of nodding and grunting. =)

I have a feeling that today's post is going to be short. And a lot of pitiful one liners...uhg.
But hey, at least I'm alive!
That's something I have been working on, being more thankful. There was a book that I read about a homeless boy who every day shouted out something he was grateful for.  It really stuck with me how the homeless boy decided, that instead of being horrid and grumpy because he didn't have as much, to be thankful anyway! So, I am trying to do the same thing.

Um, it's raining pretty hard. Take a look.

                                                                                     Ok, confession, I got that pic of the web. But it's still raining hard here.

So I have watched Peter Pan, 101 Dalmatians, and The AristoCats on that site I found. Now I'm watching The Black Cauldron...for the 650th time. I really like this movie. I am grasping for topics because I have just been sitting down all day...watching movies.

                  Oh goodness, enough with the pitiful grasping,

Monday, February 17, 2014

Consider the Commas

Well, the relatives have left (boo-hoo!), I am going to miss them. Though I am glad that they didn't stay for a week, it would have become tiring. Still, I wish they could have stayed a bit longer.

My mom is going through my posts and editing them, making sure that all the spelling and grammar is correct. When she was editing them with me, she found quite a few places that needed commas. Hence the title, Consider the Commas. I always have such trouble with proper grammar and all that stuff. But I suppose it does serve a purpose.

Oh! I found the most wonderful site! It has all the Disney movies you could want. And it's completely free and legal! Here's the link :
It is such a great site! It has pretty much all the Disney and Pixar movies!! Really excited to watch every single one. =) But it has them in parts, all in order mind you. But still, they're in parts.
Better than nothing I suppose.

It was so windy and rainy yesterday!! But the wind makes it all the better, see, I have this term to describe weather like that. Windy, rainy, or foggy (I love that kind of weather). I call it "glorious".

I am making dinner tonight and I have nothing to cook. I mean, there are things to cook, but I don't quite know what I should make. It has to do with chicken, we have some thawed already. Should I make...oh! I've got it! I'll make Grilled Lemon Chicken. Hmm, that should be good. Alrighty then, that's what I'll make.

I've decided to rewatch all the old Disney movies, like 101 Dalmatians, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan. I like those ones so much. They have a certain...classic feel to them.

So, I was thinking of adding a section where I post short stories.

I am watching Peter Pan right now. I love the old Disneys.

Anywho, I better not get into the one liner rut. So I can't very well stop this sentence right away, otherwise it'll be a one liner. Oh good, now it's two lines, I can move on.

I wish I didn't have to wait 'till March 9th for Once Upon a Time to come back...and I wish that I didn't have to wait 'till March 11th. Arg!! I can't wait! You know, Marvel is really good with cliffhangers. It's not fair! But it does make the movie better though, or in this case, TV show.

Hmm, my throat feels like sandpaper. I'm going to go get a drink and do some writing.

P.S. I have gotten views from Germany, South Africa, and Malaysia!! Pretty exciting.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Short Posts...

So, I finished the Grimms Fairy Tales. It was pretty awesome!

Today is the day folks...and the waiting is killing me!! It's 1:26, and they are coming at 2:30. My Aunt Cathy and Cousin Tristen, that is. Oh! And I just found found out my Grandma is coming too! Awesome!

Just to let you all know, I am probably not going to be able to post for the weekend. See, we hardly see my Aunt, Cousin and Grandma. And I will be spending every second I can with them. And I would like to say sorry for the short posts the past few days...
But you understand, right? I mean, I think you all know that life happens, and things pop up! Or nothing happens, and it's just a "meh" kind of day.

But the sun is still shining, the world is still spinning, and it's a great day to be alive. So, I don't have anything to complain about. Except short posts.

Oh, and it's Valentines day. Just thought I should mention that. We don't do a whole lot for Valentines day, just exchange cards and hugs. Yup, I am going to go.


Thursday, February 13, 2014


So, today was kind of a quiet day. Ben is making Shepherds Pie for dinner. It's gonna be great!

I have no books to life is a waste!!! I see nothing in store for me now! Oh wait...we are going to the library today. My life is saved!!

Ok, for those of you out there who do not know about my PJO (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) and HoO (Heroes of Olympus) obsession. I just love those books. I am obsessed with Fablehaven and PJO and HoO, and so many other books! Uhg, it kinda stinks, but it also is awesome. I can't believe I have to wait 'till November for The Blood of Olympus...

Oh! I am really excited for tomorrow!! My Aunt Cathy and Cousin Tristan are coming over for the weekend, and it will be AWESOME!! Can't wait...

So, I have an issue...I have the sequel to my novel (which I am not done with) all in my head, ready to be written, but I feel like I should wait 'till I'm done with the first one. (That made sense...right?) But I don't want to lose the thought process!! Arg! What do I doooo??

I am eating this really yummy Tomato Basil soup right now...and I am running out of thoughts.

Seriously though, all I want to do today is eat soup, chocolate, and stay in bed without any thoughts.

And now I am writing pitiful one sentences...

Well, this is becoming just sad.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Books, Writing, the Usual Topics

So, I have been able to do a ton of writing which feels really good.
I just want to say that I am horrible at math, and I feel about as knowledgeable as a slug right now!

Wait a I just complain to you guys all day? Oh my gosh! I think I do! I am so sorry.

Well, it's official, my sleep schedule has been put into motion. I have woken up around 8:00 for a week straight! Yay! So now every morning, I've been trying to write for 15 minutes extra. See, the time when I'm most productive is at night and early morning. Can you imagine how inconvenient that is? OH!! I would like to declare to the world that I have finished the 8th chapter of my novel. All together, I have 10 chapters.

See, I have this weird quirk where I act out the scenes of my book. So whenever I just start going on a rambling session (I have those, my rambling voice is a British accent. That's also the voice which in I think, it comes almost easier than a regular American accent. ) I just start to act out scenes and then all of a sudden it's like, "That's it! I'm so brilliant!" And then I hunch down and start to write hurriedly like my life depends on it. Sometimes it seems like it does, I don't know why, but writing is just so calming. And if I am getting frustrated or anything like that I just sit down and start to write and it's almost like everything just disappeared.

I talk about writing a lot. I guess it's because it's kinda my life. There is one thing that I dread, yet it would be amazing if my book was made into a movie. I think it would be really cool to have a movie...about my book! But if it was made into a movie, it would be torn apart and left in shreds. Like the characters wouldn't be how I imagined them probably because of focus groups and stuff like that. They wouldn't look right, so many things would be changed. So, would I let people take my book and change it, or do I take the chance that people will be really interested in the books as well and read them?

I am 73 out of 84 on Doctor Who, and on Sherlock I am 14 out of 78. So I caught it right before everybody checked it out...HA!!

My brother and I found an old tv channel and have been able to watch, "I Dream of Jeanie." "Bewitched" "Dennis the Menace" and a couple others. It's been fun watching them.

So a couple weeks ago, I got my brother hooked on this book series called "Fablehaven".
It is one of the best series' in the world! And he likes it too! YAY!!

Well, anywho, so the other night, it snowed, and I went outside, just looked up, and let the flakes fall down on my face. I forgot how quiet the world can be when there is a coating of snow on everything. I just love snow. I am such a kid sometimes, like when I find out it's snowing, I run out and do a snow angel when I'm still in my PJ's. Hehe, I got pretty wet and cold afterwards, but it was worth it!

So speaking of snow and shtuff like that, I still haven't seen Frozen. Just updating so you can share my misery. =)

Life is good. I am feeling really good right now! Like, right after I'me done with this post I'll go write like crazy again today. I can feel it coming on!! Luckily I have a plentiful supply of Lemon tea, 'cuz I think I'll be shut away like a hermit all day ("Bit of a Hermit." "A-a hermit with, uh, friends?" "Hermits United. We meet up every 10 years, swap stories about caves. It's good fun. For a Hermit."). 

Um, that was an excerpt from Doctor Who. Hehe, even though I haven't seen it I know a ton more than I should...
Like, I know so many spoilers!! It's kinda sad really. But at the same time it's like, "Haha! I know something that you don't!"

Wow, this font is really wispy and looks like it's about to blow away! Like sand in a desert wind. Mmm, I'm really in the mood to write right now.

So this post shall come to an end very soon, like!!
Toodlepip! =)

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Snow, snow.
How I love snow.
Snow, snow, how Evangeline loves snow.
Snow, snow, snOW!!!

I like snow. So the weatherperson last night said that all the snow would melt over night...AND IT DIDN'T!! Ha! So now the world is covered in two inches of perfect, pure snow. I am so excited, I have a major case of RCS right now (Roller Coaster Syndrome). I'm really glad it didn't melt last night!

I am pretty sick right now...and tired. Uhg! At least we have books and movies and the computer... :P

I just love snow, and I really wish I could go play in it. No matter how old you are, you just gotta play in the snow. I don't think you stop playing because you grow up, but you grow up because you stop playing. See, I may grow old, but I'll never grow up.

Anyways, wow, I just said anyways instead of anywho. Ahhh!! No. I must say Anywho.
Anywho, today is such a gorgeous day. I just love the look of snow on tree's and everything. And snow makes the night look like day, it's so light. Last winter my mom and I went on a walk and it was perfectly light at 11:00 pm.

Well, I really want something sweet but I can't since I'm sick. I don't like being sick.

So, I am really hoping that Divergent will come soon. See, I checked it out at the library, but since they're making a movie out of it it's really popular right now. But at least I'll read 5 years. Just like I'll see Doctor Who in 5 years. Whoopie!

Oh! I just found a Loony Tunes: Coyote and Roadrunner. I just love Loony Tunes. Here's the link if any of you reading this like's them.
You can just copy and paste to your browser.

I'm really hungry for soup. So I'm gonna go get a sec. I want to write more.
Actually I'm really hungry, I'm gonna go get some food.
So that's all folks,

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Harry Potter

Hey ya'll!! Just wanna say that I'm sorry for the previous post about the kitten. It was late, and I have no idea what was going on in my mind. Now that I got that out of the way, how are you? I'm doing good.

Everybody is really sick (besides me), and today is a lay-low kinda day. But I'm going to probably write a lot as well. Oh! We just got 5 Harry Potter movies. I've never seen them before, and I've heard a ton of good things about them. I also want to read the books. But enough about books, I always talk about books, don't I. Well, I imagine that could get tiring for all ya'll.

Anywho, my feet feel like ice right now. I better go get socks.

And I'm back...we just started the second Harry Potter. So far, I like them.

I made this smoothie that was really good. It was made out of pineapple, strawberry, and chocolate protein powder. It was really good. And I had chicken nuggets for lunch.
Well, anyways. I'm really tired, and I'm going to go lay down. So, I better cut this post reeally short. Sorry all. See ya tomorrow.

Friday, February 7, 2014


Oh my gosh! I need one of these!! It's so fluffy and cute, and it looks so soft. I need one.

Ok, you probably think I'm a crazy person for busting in here and starting to blabber on like that. Well, you'd be right. I am pretty crazy. Anyway, I will show you one of the cutest, coolest things in this world...beside books. This adorable kitten!!
                                                                               I think I need one...

Sorry for interrupting your everyday lives for just a kitten, but tell me...tell me now. Isn't that so awesome! And cute! And awesome! Oops, I said awesome twice...well, that's ok, because that cat right there folks, deserves it! I really want one. It is the Pendekar Bengal kitten. It is like a leopard...for homes, and apartments. It's just so amazing...

Ok, enough of the kitten craze (but it's just so fluffy and adorable, and look at those eyes...), ahem. I must control myself.
It's just a kitty E, ("What am I going to do? *sob* "What are you going to do? What kind of question is that? You are Elastigirl!*slap!* Pull yourself together! You will go, fight, WIN!! And call me when you're done darling, I love our little visits.") Oh. Sorry, that was a quote from The kind of start quoting it a lot after watching it 10 times straight...(I was bored.). Back to the kitty, wait! No! Not back to the kitty! What spell has this vile creature put me under?!

Once again I am going to try to move on from the cat.
So, I just finished the sequel to The Misadventures of Maude March. It was called Maude March On the Run. It was so good! I'm really happy she wrote that sequel. 

Also, I have been thinking about the phrase "Diamonds are a girls best friend.". It is not true, and is a terrible stereotype. I may be over thinking it...I tend to do that. But I think that when people say that "Diamonds are a girls best friend" it implies that all girls care about is precious stones and looking pretty. Yes, there may be that majority that that IS all they care about. But almost all the girls I know care about horses, and cats, and books, and the outdoors more than diamonds. Ok, now I know I'm over thinking this. But it just came to mind right now...I don't quite know why.

When I was younger, horses were overrated to me. But now I am kind of obsessed, and any chance I get I will ride one. Oh, speaking of horses and riding them. I am so psyched!! In April we are going to a dude ranch. I cannot wait. I kinda want to tell the whole world!! I am just really excited. Come on, can you blame me for being this excited? 

Anywho, I have been reading this really good book. It's the typical wizards and far off lands kinda book. I haven't read one of those in a while. It was a nice break. 

It seems like an abnormally dark night. Like the blackness cannot be penetrated. The sky also looks weird to me. Like nothing is there, you can hardly see it.

Oh! Good news. I have almost mastered "He's a Pirate". I got the entire song, but I am now just working on smoothness and flow. Ooo, speaking of Flo. Is it just me, or do those Progressive commercials (everyone has seen them, right?) with Flo seem better than other commercials? They just seem more commercial-y to me. Even though I do not like commercials. They interrupt.

Well, I think that's enough rambling for one day. :)
See ya later Alligator.
Not for a while Crocodile.
Actually, I'll see ya all tomorrow, 


Thursday, February 6, 2014


Hi. Yesterday my sister and I went on a little date together. For Christmas, I gave her lunch and shopping with me.
We went to lunch, then she and I went shopping...erg. That is the one time I've actually gone shopping of my own free will. See, my sister is just so fun and funny, and I love hanging out with her. But we are complete opposites. She is all girly, likes makeup, shopping, and all that stuff. I, on the other hand, do not. At all.
But it's something she loves, and so I decided to bite my lip and go with her. It turned out to be really fun. She knew that I was kind of being tortured, and we laughed about it, and it was

Well, I have read so many books these past couple days. It feels good. :D

I really wish that I could-OH! How silly of me to forget. I got (from the library) The Complete Works of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Most people out there think that Disney just...disneyfied the fairy tales a little. But NO! They completely changed them from gruesome tales of blood, murder, and betrayal to a happy ending. It is amazing how different they really are. I don't know, but I kinda prefer the original fairy tales then the Disney fairy tales. I mean, yes, the Disney ones are sweet and fun to watch, but the originals...well, I don't know. I just like them better.

My brother got his driving permit today. That's a little scary to think of my brother driving. But he's really excited so I guess it's alright. I just went driving with my brother. Man alive, it was freaky.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Robin Hood

Hey, I am kinda sad right now...
See, I went back int the woods and there were these 2 men that were walking around...creepy. They saw me (I was about to run), and said they were buying that property. I asked, and we can still go back there. But it's sad that it was bought.

Anywho, it was such a sunny day today. So I went out for a while.

I have a friend who likes Math, I just don't see why. Math makes people cry, I guess she likes making people cry... :P

Wow, I am really tired. I kinda just want to go curl up in a ball with a book and stay there for the rest of the day...that would be nice. So I have officially re-read almost all my favorite books. Have I ever mentioned that I like reading? I think I have once or twice...

So we got a new car!! Our old one was...15 years old. And the engine was having problems. So ya, we needed a new car. Anywho, our new one is so awesome! The edges of the door light up like a limo!! It is so cool.

Wow, I really just want to write right now. I have made a ton of headway on editing the chapters! So that's pretty exciting.

Umm, what else...not a lot. Oh, I have a candy cane that I found and I am enjoying it right now. It feels like Christmas!!! :D
I love candy canes! And candy, and anything sweet. As well as salty, but it's hard because I also like being fit, and healthy...this is a true dilemma. Not really, can you see the people of Africa thinking of this as a dilemma? I seriously doubt it!

I feel really bad about having a short post again...I feel like it's the law of Blogger to have a long post. A post that requires an hour to read. But this is not the case with my posts. I am an outlaw blog!! Haha! I am like Robin Hood!

So, what to say, what to say. Um, food. I like food. And books, and breathing. That kinda covers all the bases. Oh, I also like chocolate and peppermint. Hmm, maybe I should be putting these in "About Me" instead of a post.

Well, I'm gonna go write,

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


So I saw my first episode of Sherlock yesterday night. My dad fell asleep and I was just on the computer. Then, I heard a familiar voice. It was SHERLOCK!!! I was hooked from the first glimpse of the flickering became my life line for a blissful 90 minutes. I loved it.

Oh wow!! It's snowing right now, in the middle of the day. Oh, it just stopped. Well, that was kinda random.
It was teasing us all. Like, "Oh, I'm snowing!" then "Just kidding, haha! Look at how sad you all are!" Yep, that's what happened.
I really hope that it snows tonight. And that there is a huge blanket covering everything when we wake up.
Right now I'm listing to "Let It Go" from Frozen. So now I want it to snow all the more. If it did, I would go out and try to create and awesome ice palace. And I would live there forever, because "the cold never bothered me anyway".

Ok, you know how I said I was going to post my novel here. Well, I was thinking, some jerks might come along and say, "Wow! this is really good. I think I'll take this and call it my own!". I'm not saying that you will do this. But I would just rather be safe than sorry, I mean, I hope to publish this and I just really don't wanna risk it.

Anywho, I have to go make dinner. Yay! So, sorry this is so short.

Monday, February 3, 2014


So, its the day after the super-bowl. Can you imagine how many people are waking up with sore throats, and pounding heads? Ooo, not a fun day at work...

So, it is a gorgous day! God must be celebrating right now...
The sky is really blue, the tree's are such a deep green. You know, it seems to me like God is a fan of the Seahawks.

Ok, bad news...I have a bad sore throat (not from cheering, even though I did do plenty if that!), and I'm really tired and dizzy. What could have brought this on? You guessed it...I'm coming down with a cold.
Yay. I get to be bedridden for 5 days, and in our family, if one gets it, we all get it eventually, so sorry in advance family. So far I have taken, like...5 Vitamin C and 2 Multi Vitamins. They don't taste good...
At least I'm getting sick now, when I have a ton of books.

Ok, better news. I'm thinking of posting the chapters of my story here on the blog. On a separate tab of course. What do you all think? Should I do it?

Wow, we had snowflakes hanging from our ceiling all winter long. And now we had to take them down...the ceiling looks so bare without them now. It looks weird.

Well, it's Mon. again. Why can't it just stay Sat. forever? Actually that would probably get really boring. No routine or anything like that. Ooo, scratch that. I don't want it to be Sat. forever, I have changed my mind.

I am so tired, it just hit me like a wall...and I really want soup right now.

Good news, I found Shiloh. He is my Dalmatian that I've had since I was four. Well, stuffed Dalmatian. But I found him last night and was so excited. I thought I'd lost him forever! And that would have been sad because I love him very much. It also didn't help that I had just watched, "When Somebody Loved Me" from Toy Story 2.

                                                                            It's so sad!! *Sniff Sniff* So Sad. So immediately I rushed upstairs to my room to grab Shiloh. But I couldn't find him!! So after an hour of searching, I found him under a pile of old blankets. Now I have him in my pocket, I just patted his head. And I just noticed that he has a little chew mark on his nose. OH MY GOSH!!! What is this? Did Finlay chew on him?? I think he did! Bad dog! It's ok Shiloh. The big, bad doggy can't get you anymore. You're safe now.

Anywho, I better go...

Sunday, February 2, 2014

We Won...

Oh ya! That's right...uh-huh, that's the way we like it uh-huh uh-huh.
So, we won 43 to 8. We CRUSHED them!!

Anywho, just had to update you all. Like most of you aren't already watching it. :P
But who knows, there might be that handful that doesn't really care.

Once again, we CRUSHED them!!! Woo-whooo!!!

See ya tomorrow.


Ok, I'm not a huge football fan. But today, to celebrate the Seahawks going to the Superbowl. We got some treats, and we all sat down and watched the Superbowl together.
So, I will update...OH!!!!! We got a touchdown!! It was in the first 12 seconds after halftime. That was awesome.
So we are 29 to 0, in our favor. This is crazy, I can't believe that we are doing so well. Well, actually I can. The Seahawks are awesome!
Once again, my interest in football normally isn't that strong. But since it's the  Seahawks, and the superbowl, I am all in!!

Anywho, I'm going to be giving updates, but until I do. What do I talk about? Weeeell, I guess I could talk about what food we got.
Ok, so mom cut up some veggies. And then she got pretzels, um, she made little cheese sandwiches. She got beef jerky and potato, what else...oh! She also got this pumpkin spice coconut milk. And we all were able to have a small handful of chocolate chips. Pretty much all of these were a treat...except the veggies.
I hope we win...if we do then there will be a celebration post. I bet we will!!!
Until then...

5 Million Things

So...oh gosh. I just had 5 million things to talk about and write down. And now I got nothing.
I must remember! So, I'm going to go find a brick to throw at myself.

Umm, oh, that's right. I was going to complain.
So, one of my friends looked at what her Celtic animal was and she got a raven and a black horse. Well, I looked at what mine was...and I got a Boar, Butterfly, and a Goose. A goose, people!!!! Well, I guess that does fit. I am a silly goose!! Ooo, I could hear all of you groaning at that one.
And I guess I could be happy about the Bear. As long as I was a Black Bear. Then I could audition for Brave 2. Not that they're making one...but if they did then I could audition.

My tree is Ivy, so like, I won't go away. I'm a pest. You can't get rid of me...that fits.
My color is blue, which is my favorite color. I really do like blue...
My stone is Opal...hmm, its all shimmery and clearish. Um, I don't know how that would fit.

Anywho, I am a non-going away, blue and opal colored, large, black eyed goose. There we go.

So for the past few nights it's been rainy and windy. Don't get me wrong, I love the rain and wind, but when you are trying to sleep and the wind is pelting rain against your window, keeping you up, then I would like it to stop. But I bundled up in my sweatpants, huge sweatshirt and my fuzzy socks, and I drank homemade hot cocoa. What I do to make it is I put some cocoa, brown sugar, and powdered milk in my mug. Then pour in the hot water, stir, taste, and add more brown sugar/cocoa/milk as needed. It is so good. It isn't sickening sweet like some store bought hot chocolate. But it isn't really bitter, it's...*sigh*..perfect.

The other day I was talking to my mom and I said, "Wow, I still can't believe how fast time goes by..I mean, it's already February of 2013." Then I had to do a double take and realize that it wasn't was 2014. I kind of started freaking out, I mean, what would you do if you woke up and found out it's a year later than you thought it was?
Anywho, after my panic attack stopped, and I came to grips with 2014...I kind of became sadder.

Its 2014, and I'm not famous...aww man, I was really hoping to be famous by now.

So, guess what I'm doing right now...that's right! I am drinking lemon tea, with a dash of honey! M-m-m. So good.

I'm really happy its sunny, then I can get working on my tree house. I told you right? I think so...hmm, I don't know if I did. Well anyway, I found a spot for my treehouse. Yep, so I'll work on it some more today.

I checked the library, I am 80 of 87 on the wait list for Docter Who. And I am 23 out of 35 on the wait list for Sherlock. So excited!!

I am really hungry, my sister just made chili. And I need to write...and drink more tea.
So, until next time.

P.S. I have reached over 1000 views. I know for some of you it might not be a big deal and you reached it like *snaps fingers* that! But I am kind of excited. So I just wanted to say thanks for reading my blog peoples!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dragon Fruit

So, I bought a couple songs!! I bought "Prophecy", and "Guardian of the Woods". So, a couple years ago my grandparents gave me a $25 iTunes gift card. I am still using it up, and I have $19 left.

Oh, and I found a new place for my tree house. Yay!! It is this really cool, old tree that has an abandoned tree house and rope swing. So, I'm going to keep the rope swing and tear down the tree house to rebuild it.

Um, last night I stayed up 'till midnight listing to my music, over and over again.

So, I have made some progress on the eighth chapter of my novel. For a while, I was kind of stuck and had to work on other parts of my novel, but I finally got past that point...

Wow, those are some short sentences! I don't really know what to say right now. All I have done today is be on Pinterest, edit my blog a bit, add some stuff to my writing, and eat pretzels...oh, and practice the piano. I mean, it is only 1:38 and I can still get plenty of stuff done today, but I just feel like I should have already done more. Well, since I don't know what to write, I guess I'll tell you about me and what kind of food I like. I LOVE chicken noodle soup. I like all fruit, but my favorite is the dragon fruit. Here's a picture:
                                                                             So, that's what a Dragon fruit looks like. It tastes like...watermelon mixed with kiwi. Most people would say "EWWW". But it's not ew, its really good...and that is my favorite fruit. 
My favorite vegetable is the green bean. Unfortunately, I am allergic to it, but once in a while I am allowed to have it, like on Thanksgiving or Christmas. My least favorite veggies are eggplant, zucchini, mushroom, asparagus...that's all I can think of.

So, I found all my favorite books at the library...I got all of them. Now I have been reading like crazy, I love reading.
And I am really running out of things to talk about. So, until tomorrow,