I am really looking forward to summer, don't get me wrong, I love winter. But I am really excited for Summer. Like most kids, I want it to be warm and sunny. I mean, look at this picture, doesn't it just make you want to go roll in the grass and play with the wild foxes!                                                                            So pretty.

I have been thinking...(shocking, I know), that maybe I should combine two stories that I am writing. I think they would go well together...ya, I think I'll do that.

Just in case you all didn't know I am working on a couple novels right now.
The first one, and the most developed, is The Mirror.
The second, is The Stone Shadow. My mystery.
3rd is the Ravenhill's Academy for the Criminally Insane, Deranged, or Magically Gifted. That's the one I am thinking of joining with "The Eyes that See." That one is about a girl who finds out that she holds a strange power inside of her. She is a seer.
4th is a story called, "War."

As you can see, I have quite a few books to write. Oh, not to mention the sequel and prequel that I have thought up for The Mirror.
I also found a board on Pinterest that has a whole bunch of useful stuff that I can use. Like this list of words,

Those are some words that I have fallen in love with. They all are so...rich. If you know what I mean then you will agree with me, but if you don't then you will think that I am crazy! Which I am...

I love writing, I plan to have my first book published by the time I am 18...or younger. But that is probably just the crazy talkin'. I don't know.

So I have made a  HUGE  amount of progress on the song, "He's a Pirate" on the piano. So I am pretty excited for that! It has just been the process of playing it over and over and over and over...and over. To get it to stick.
Lets see, I know how to play Kate's Theme from Nancy Drew, The Silent Spy* (PC game).
Um, A Thousand Years by Christina Perry.
And part of Counting Stars by Onerepublic.
*(I have never actually played this game but have heard nothing but good things about it.)

My brother has this big surprise he wants me to go look at. So I better go,