Who is Jack?

I'm back Jack!
Who is Jack?? And why do people say that? It's like saying, "He's the spittin' image." What's that about? And shouldn't they call the show Survivor ONLY if some of them don't?
Ahh, the great mysteries of life...

I am really in the mood to go to the beach...
I just love the Oregon coast. I don't know why, but I like a stormy sea better than a calm one. We have a family reunion every year there and it is amazing. I love my family, and the sea. I have slowly become more and more obsessed with the sea.

I am really excited to get the Doctor Who...but I am 91 on the hold list. Can I wait that long?? I don't think that I can...I'm going to explode first...and that will NOT be a pretty sight.

2 months ago I submitted a poem into a contest, well, yesterday I found out that I am a semi-finalist and I am having my poem published. Kind of really excited right now. Oh, if I win I get a prize of $2000 dollars. I hope I win.

I love posting, and I really like reading other blogs. Some of my favorite blogs to read are http://alinanadine.blogspot.com/  and http://backfromthewoods.blogspot.com/. They are both so awesome.
I can't believe that I didn't start blogging sooner. Its a whole new world!!

So I have decided to build a tree house...this summer. I just really want a tree house, I mean, you see the tree houses that are just so awesome...I want one of those. I will probably have one that is just a platform and really lame. But hey, I can wish. My brother said that he'd help me this summer with a tree house so that will be good. Then I won't hammer off my thumb or something like that.

I would write longer but I have to go...sorry. I have been doing really short posts lately. I will have to make up for it.
But for now I have to go,


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