Walking All Day

Sooo, I saw Thor 2...IT WAS AWESOME!!! Aw man, it was just so cool!

Mmm, mom is making mashed cauliflower. It is slowly becoming my favorite dish. M-m-m...so good. It is a lot healthier too.  

So, I have decided to start planning for NaNoWrimo already. This is the first year that I will be doing it and I want to be prepared. Not rushing at the last minute. So I came up with the plot yesterday, and I am slowly working out the details...

Anywho, most of the day was me walking. So I went on a walk earlier in the day. Then I went on a SUPER long walk trying to wear out my dog, Finlay. Then after that my sister wanted to go on a walk with me. And THEN, after all that! I went into the woods and went all over AGAIN. So needless to say, I am pretty tired out from walking...hmm, and that would be...and then add that...so, 4 miles. But it seemed a whole lot more...so now I feel pretty pathetic because I thought it was going to turn out to be 10 miles.

I got a Caramel Frapp'  this morning because we were meeting with some friends at Starbucks. It was fun, we played some games. Went for a short walk, talked.
Yup, so then I went home and had a bananananananana. Hows that for a mouthful? Hahaha!! See what I did there? See, I ate a banana, which made my mouth full, but at the same time I made the word banana super long so it was...never mind. It's not funny when I have to explain it. But I still did, so its not funny anymore.

I'm kinda tired, and the sweatpants and fuzzy socks aren't helping...*yawn*...it's only 9:14 so I am pretty surprised that I am tired right now. Normally I look out at the sky and start whining to my sister, "The sky's awake, so I'm awake! So we have'ta play!"
I still haven't seen Frozen by the way...

I am really craving ice cream right now.

Well, I am really wanting to swim right now. Just plunge into the icy, clear liquid. Dive beneath the waves and watch the sun penetrate the surface.

Oh, I added more music to my blog, and I love all of it!! Thank you composers for making such beautiful music.

Well, I am kind of  into that stage of hyper sleepiness. Where you don't feel tired, but start acting loopy and laughing at everything. So, I better go.

See ya all tomorrow, in another new and sunny day.