The End

I am feeling weird today...not like crazy weird, but I am feeling out of the ordinary...for me. My head has been throbbing all day, and my neck is seriously sore from...something, I don't know why. I'm kind of tired and just...uhg.

Enough dismal stuff. Let's talk about something good. Well, I have started yet ANOTHER novel. Lets see, that makes....hmm, 5 I think. Yes, 5.
I just found out that one of my favorite authors doesn't live too far away from me. I really want to meet him. He lives in Shoreline, and his name is Jeffrey Overstreet. Amazing writer!

I have to make dinner tonight. I am making hamburgers. I bet my brother will be excited for dinner once he knows that that's what we are having...he really likes hamburgers. Then again, what person doesn't?
Hmm, I like food. Food is good. I'm surprised that I don't weigh a thousand pounds by now. I'm not complaining...just surprised.

Have I ever mentioned my love of reading? I think I have. But I just finished yet another book that was recomended by a friend. It was called, The Sign of the Beaver. It's a good book. I actually  think that I own it and just forgot, because the cover is super familiar. I don't know.

I found out that I like the forest best at dusk. There is still light, but it is dark enough to be exhilarating.

I didn't really have a lot to talk's been a little boring. So...hi. How are you doing? I'm doing just great...
That's all I got.
The End


  1. I know someone who's never eaten hamburger before!

  2. WHAT?? Who is this unhappy person?


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