Tomorrow's the big day!
I am going over to Olympia to see a friend that I have not seen in FOREVER!! Um, she recently moved and I have not yet seen her new house. 
So, I am really excited for that.

Oh!!! My dad's home!! He normally works late. But it is...(let me check)...2:47 and he is HOME!!! 

This morning I had an anxiety attack. I felt like a chihuahua, shaking and crying. I seriously could not stop crying. Even though there was nothing for me to be crying over. I feel so silly about it all now.

You guys have heard of Wreck-it-Ralph. Right? Well anywho, my brother hasn't seen it yet. 
Ok, instead of trying to explain without giving the backstory and sounding completely confusing. I am going to just tell you the backstory.
So, it's my sisters birthday, and she is at a friends house. I set up a HUGE mound of just pillows and blankets and sleeping bags. I make 2 really big, cushy beds, side by side, in front of the tv. Then I go to Walmart and get some Stuffed Oreo's (her favorite). And some Whoppers and Junior Mints. Then I get Wreck-it-Ralph from Redbox. When she get's home, (a bit before dinner time) she just goes around and doesn't notice the HUGE beds downstairs. AFTER dinner, my brother says, "So Bethany. What do you think of Ev's present to you?" In my mind I am screaming, "NO!!!!! NOT YET!!!" And so she looks around trying to see my present, then her eyes rest on the whole set up. Fast forward...2 hours. We have just popped in Wreck-it-Ralph and are watching it. We hear this sound behind us and tentatively look behind the couch. It is my brother, he is trying to watch the movie with us...without us knowing.
So we send him back upstairs with the promise to rewatch it the next morning. My mother did not know of the exchange between Ben, and us girls. So she returns Wreck-it-Ralph the next morning, and we had no idea that she was (returning it). So my brother never got to see Wreck-it-Ralph. Now, a year later. We are finally going to see it with him. It's a funny movie.

I must not forget, I must not forget. That might sound weird me saying that. My mother thinks that I will forget to do a task that she asked me to do if I finish this post first. So, I am reminding myself on this post. Pretty clever, huh? I want to do the emoticon of the smiley face with sunglasses. But I don't know how to get it on here 'cuz it doesn't give it as an option. Hm, I wish it did. Then I would have tons of smiley face guys with sunglasses. I love those ones, as well as the little green ones. Ooo, and the frog one is awesome too.

Mmm, this soup is really good. It is a Tomato Basil soup...from Costco. I like soup...a lot! My favorite is the classic Chicken Noodle Soup w/Rice.
Now I'm hungry again. Oh, my mom just said something something...chocolate. Now I want chocolate.

I have to get up really early tomorrow since I live in Lynnwood and we are driving to Olympia. I am getting up at...7:30. I think. That's pretty early for me. 

See ya all...Sat.*

(*I will be gone all day tomorrow and will not be home in time to post.)