I am really excited!! Why you ask? Well, nothing monumental happened to me today. But I just wanted to celebrate a 50th post!! See, a friend of mine blogs too. And today she reached her 50th post. So I just wanted to say:


You have passed a crucial point in the development of your bloghood. Kneel. I dub thee Lady Knight of the Blogspot realm. You may rise great pioneer. We thank you for um...reaching 50 posts. I have composed a song for this occasion,

Just keep posting,
just keep posting, posting, posting.
What do we do? We poooost.

And there we have it. The end of my celebratory post.
And may you see your 100th.
All the best wishes.


  1. Thank ye mistress for the king honor of the title Lady Knight of the Blogspt Real. I shall now go and wait till tomorrow so I can make my 51 post. ;)


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