Books and Tickets

Hey all,

I am so excited. My Aunt and Uncle got TICKETS!!! (To the Seahawks game on Sat.) It was so cool, they are hard core fans and were just so psyched when they got the tickets. Afterwards, they came over. (We don't see them a lot 'cuz they live in Astoria) We talked and had chips,salsa, and bean dip. It was such a blast!! They gave us Seahawks bracelets and showed us the autographs that they got. So cool!

Oh man, I really want to travel when I get older. I want to travel all over the world!! Especially to the less traveled places, I don't want to go to the tourist attractions...blech, no. I want to see how they live and what they do for fun! Just explore and get lost.

So I checked out the entire first season of Doctor Who from my library. Um, there are 93 other requests, so I doubt that I will be watching it soon. I have this one friend, (you know who you are) she always is saying how great Doctor Who is. One day she finally got to me. :D

A couple weeks ago I found this really cool, old looking bookshelf. So I got it. We just finished repainting it from an odd gross looking beige, to a nice, antique blue. I am slowly filling up the shelves with my favorite series EVER, a Calvin and Hobbes book (thank you!), and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Hmm, I just love my life. It is so great! I have a wonderful savior, a wonderful family, and GREAT friends. In the woods behind our house I have this spot, it is so gorgeous. There is this little creek and a HUGE fallen tree that is COVERED in moss. I like to lay down on the falled tree and just gaze up at the sky. It's so peaceful and quiet. Perfect for thinking and praying and just...watching the forest and the life teeming within. So, that explains the comment, "I just love my life."

I have just finished an AMAZING book. A friend recommended it to me. "The Misadventures of Maude March." It was such a cool story! I am about to read, "Sing Down the Moon." Um, "The Sign of the Beaver." And a couple others. I can't wait!
There is this one book, it is such an amazing true story. It's called, "The Family That Nobody Wanted." Amazing story. I think I have read it, like, 50 million times.

See ya all tomorrow,