A Rainy Day

Hey all! It's me!! Wait a second. How do I know it's me and not an impostor? I don't. I guess it's time for Operation  AlphaZebraCharlieFettachiniWaterbuffalo. Wow, that was interesting. I have no idea where that came from.

Today is a monumental day, my friends. Umm, because it's...ummm...I've got it! Oh, wait...no I don't. So I guess today is not a monumental day comrades. We have been falsely informed. But that's ok, we will move on.

So...I bought Let It Go from Frozen the other day. IT IS AMAZING!!!!! And I love it so much. It is mine and I shall call it Squishie. Ok, you guys HAD to get that! It's from Finding Nemo, when Dory (my favorite) finds a baby jellyfish. So she calls it Squishie, and it shall be hers.

It's rainy outside. And a bit dreary, but it's not cold. Which is really surprising, at least I don't find it cold. I was walking in the woods behind my house and it's muddy. So being the kid that I am...I took off my shoes and started jumping in it. I love the feel of mud, it is so...squelshy. That's the best word that isn't a word to explain it.

Anywho, toodlpip.