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Life Update: Oops

Woah. "What's this?" you say, "Could it be?" you wonder. That's right boys and girls, your eyes do not deceive you. A million years later, I am back from an impromptu and unannounced disappearance. I would love to say that I was kidnapped or got amnesia, but alas, I simply just...stopped.  I would promise to start posting again, but lets me honest, I'm not going to. Not because I don't love you all (I say "you all" like anyone is actually going to see this lol) but because I am just so gosh-darn busy. Busy with what? you ask. Great question, so unexpected. Life Update (*cracks knuckles* alright, let's see if I still got it. do I even know what a list is anymore???) started a collection of plants: I now have 3 air plants, 2 seedoms, 2 ferns, and assortment of 7 other mysterious leafy things (I think we can safely say that they're plants, but that's about all the identification skills I have) . got a job at Starb

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