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My Favorite Place In London and Favorite Book (+ the REAL highlight of London)

Well hello there, friend. I am still not used to the fact that I went to freaking Europe, so I'm going to continue to yell about it to the Internet (because everyone else has gotten tired of me after four months)
In England (in Europe!!!), on our last day in London, we went to Notting Hill, which was beautiful. I felt like I was on a movie set (which makes sense because so many movies have been filmed there). I was expecting the Portobello Road Market to be a small antique market or something, but then we turned the corner NOPE. 

The street overflowed with tents, people, shouting, and the sun boiling everything beneath it. We pushed our way through blocks and blocks of hot, crowded madness, expecting to find the end. Eventually we trekked our way to the very end where a giant square of food trucks and stands steamed up the narrow streets. 
We wove our way back up stream, passing around fries and ketchup packets with the utmost care. When we escaped the market and found…

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