Beautiful People| Favorite Dialogue I've Written + Tea and Shouting

Well hello there friends. It feels like forever since I have participated in a Beautiful People linkup.

Guess what we're doing today!!
(so hard to guess, I know)

Favorite genre to write in?
I haven't tried everything yet, though I am working on it, but so far fantasy has remained at the #1 spot (more specifically: magical realism)

What book (real actual published book) do you think your character would benefit from reading? 
Sophie Burke from Strange Sights would benefit from reading All the Crooked Saints by Maggie Stiefvater. It's a book about hope, and lying to yourself, and beauty in the desert (literally and metaphorically)

Favorite piece of dialogue you've written? 
um. none of it? Right now I'm in one of those "everything I write is trash" moods. I'm sure that'll change soon.
Because I like y'all so much, I won't just give you ONE piece of dialogue, but TWO! Wow, look at me, so benevolent to my subjects. 

For now, the dialogue that I dislike the least is: 
Sophie smiled, “Thanks for answering some of my questions. I should be getting home.”
Fay nodded cooly. “Have a good day, mystery girl.”
“I already told you my name was Sophie.”
Fay frowned, “I know. I was just hoping to have some sort of cool farewell, but since you ruined it...” He dramatically swept the curtain in front of him.
“I can still see you."

Basically Fay is an idiot, trying to be super cool and mysterious. In reality, he is a dork with no friends (BUT NOT BECAUSE HE'S HOMESCHOOLED, K?).

Sophie held the gun in trembling hands, tears pouring down her cheeks. “They’ve made me feel so afraid for so long, and I just want to be brave.”
Her aunt held out a hand, standing in front of [SUPER-SPOILER]. “Darling, there is so much more bravery in kindness. Anyone can face an enemy with courage, but not many are brave enough to forgive freely.”
Sophie blinked tears away. “He’s everything about the Unseen that I hate.”
“Then that will make your forgiveness so much more brave.”

Like I said, not super in love with what I've written, but for a first draft, it'll do.

Favorite character names?
There is this one character from the very self indulgent prequel to Behind the Glass that will probably never see the light of day. His name is the Great Wizard Robert Fenwick OR as I affectionately refer to him in the rest of the book: the Great Wizard Bob. I don't know why I have such a soft spot for a wizard named Bob, but what can I say...

What makes your character feel loved?
Oh many things. The bar is not set very high.

  • words of affection
  • being given a book (#relatable)
  • being included in things
but first and foremost, what makes her feel loved above and beyond anything else:
Someone making a cup of tea for her and knowing exactly how she likes it.
Is Sophie my twin? No. Am I just a biased writer with an unabashed love for tea? Yes, yes indeed. (tbh, Strange Sights is 60% tea. The other 40% is murder, cats, and shouting)

aka Sophie all the time.
Favorite character you've ever written? 
um. Oh look, there's an emergency happening, so I can't answer this question presently (that was not cowardly, Jerry, how dare you! Okay fine, maybe it was a little cowardly)
I have a soft spot for the characters of my first completed novel, Sprig and Tyler (from Behind the Glass, a delightful fantasy). It's been super cool to see how much they have grown and changed over the years (once I finally put away the cardboard that I kept cutting them out of)

Favorite tropes to write?
What a coincidence! I'm planning on writing a post about this soon-ish (Soon-ish: a word which here means "somewhere between two days and two years"). I can't give away all my answers, so I'll use this as opportunity to build hype for my future post.
(nailed it)

Which story has your heart and won't let go?
War Games (for the millionth time, I know War Games is the name of a popular 80s movie, and I thought of the title without knowing that) It is like the unicorn of my writing career: a great mythical beast that only the fairest of maidens can tame (or in this case, the most world-building savvy). I wrote the first draft ages ago, and then it was nothing like I wanted, so I lowkey scrapped the first draft and pretended it never happened.
I have such a vision for this novel, but a very small arsonal to be able to complete it, so basically it is my white whale (which would make me Captain Ahab. Heck yeah, I get to be a cantankerous, vengeful captain. 10/10).

Favorite Pinterest/aesthetic board for a book?
THANK YOU FOR ASKING!!! I sometimes wish it was socially acceptable to just sit people down and show them my favorite Pinterest boards. 
I recently discovered that Pinterest now allows you to have sub-boards, so I spent some time organizing things within my story boards (is that ridiculous to put on a resume as a special skill? probably). My two favorites are Lua's board (she is very tragic), and the board for Strange Sights. 

(insert Pinterest widget that I am not technologically savvy enough to actually put here. Use your imagination)

When people are done reading your book, what feeling do you want them to come away with?

But in reality, it'll probably be like this:

I promise I'm not bashing my book or anything. I do love them all dearly, but I know that they are all in need of a lot of work, still. And that's okay because it's just where they're at. 

Did you participate in Beautiful People? (if so, LINK PLEASE!!! I would love to read about all your characters and stories) Do you enjoy tea? What are things that make you feel loved? Do you have any tropes you love to read/write? 




    ~ Savannah | Scattered Scribblings

  2. Honestly I think it SHOULD be more acceptable to just whip out a pinterest board when people ask about our books?!? Like I get asked to write a blurb for my book and I'm all: "But what if you just looked at my pinterest board instead." WHY IS THI SNOT MORE ACCEPTED.😂

    Aaaanyway, I loved reading this and loved those bits of dialogue!! And I'm sure we all go through "everything I write is trash" stages, but keep going. *sends cake* YOU GOT THIS.

    1. Right? What is the point of words when the summary of the story can be told through IMAGES *jazz hands*.

      Thank you! You're very kind to say that. I know than one day I will look back at my writing and think "Hey, maybe it isn't all crap." but today is not that day. XD *collects all the cake and hides away in my cave of self-pity*

      (though of course I will keep going. No matter what. #writerforlife)

  3. The Great Wizard Robert Fenwick...also known as Bob. That's brilliant!
    I also love Fay's 'dramatic exit'. He made a good effort.

    1. Aw, thanks! I find it very funny.
      lol what a dorky character.

  4. I've never participated in this (not really bothered) but I did enjoy your dialogue. I admire how much you cherish your characters.

    1. Thanks! And I do cherish them very much. :) They're wonderful, when they're doing exactly what I want them to. lol

  5. Oh my goodness! Fay is officially my favorite character of ever. I love him and he is perfection and he is now my small son. XD I think I literally died at him whipping back the curtain. He is just too perfect, I can't even. *dies*

    And WHOA! This snippets are from a FIRST draft?? Dude. You are a glorious writer, my friend! HOW. I am all the impressed!

    I must definitely make sure to check out those Pinterest boards... I LOVE Pinterest! But GAH I have no clue how the bloggers put up the Pinterest widgets!!! I've been wanting to do that, too, but I DON'T KNOW HOW?!?!? XD

    1. Isn't he wonderful? What a dork. XD

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! To be honest, I did selected the shiniest snippets I could find, and not the angry all caps shouting when I didn't know what to write (#nanowrimo). lol

      Right? How do they do that? I'm certain that most of those tech savvy bloggers have sold their soul to a wizard in return for all the knowledge in the world.

  6. I love this!! If I ask for excerpts repeatedly will I eventually get the whole book?

    1. Or you could just be one of the beta readers when it's ready in 15 years!


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