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Well hello there. I am a simple girl. I like long walks on the beach, pretty stationary (with no intention of writing letters. I just like the idea...), and as much organizational supplies as one can fit in a room (again, I have no intention of organizing my life. I just like the idea). I'm pretty easy to impress, and more than happy to accept any gift because I'm just so gosh-darn grateful for anything (you could give me a mud-covered rock that you picked up five seconds ago and say it reminded you of me, and I would probably keep it forever).

But: There are a few cases where I am extremely particular.
  • Socks. 
  • Tea (I turn into a disgruntled diva if I don't have my tea just right. It is a science.)
  • My pillow (again, if I don't have it just right...)
But we're not here to discuss those things I'm particular about. We're here to discus my favorite two. 

Books and food.

Thanks to Florid Sword, I get to ramble about both at the same time through the wonders of fictional dinner parties.

Invite a character who can/likes to cook:
I don't know if he likes to cook, but I know he likes to eat (can anyone say #relatable??). I will be inviting my literary soulmate: Bilbo Baggins.

My love for Bilbo will never die; my love for hobbits will never die. It is still my sole purpose in life to become one (I mean, they eat six meals in one day. SIX MEALS. #goals)

I imagine that Bilbo would be a marvelous dinner guest, and he would prepare the most delightful foods (and in his honor we would have six courses. But only because of him...of course)

Invite a character that might cause a scene:

Well that's an easy one: My Problematic child, Sevro.

If y'all haven't read Red Rising, don't feel bad (but also go read it). He is basically a human trash bag that is filled with treasure. He would cause a scene, maybe murder someone, and then steal all the food. On second thought, maybe I shouldn't invite him (I don't want him taking all the food).

Invite a character who has money and can host this party:

Well if they're hosting the party, they better know how to throw a marvelous party because I will not have a dud on my record. Who am I if not a marvelous dinner party planner? 
I'll invite ol' life of the swingin' party himself: Jay Gatsby.

Not only would I have him host for his money (because we all know that's the most important part of a person), but I would honestly love to talk with him, to really talk. Dreamer Searching For Meaning and Fulfilment is a popular character that resonates with people, and surprise surprise, it resonates with me (though I fear becoming that person, than actually recognizing it in myself). 

Jay Gatsby as a man has so much to offer, but Gatsby as a party host is merely searching for things to stuff into the void, coming up empty despite the glitter and flash. I want to sit Jay down and really talk to him about life. 

Invite a character who is funny/amusing:
How could I ever pick? There are just so many amusing and delightful characters that I would find it impossible to choose.

Haha, okay, enough joking around. I will be inviting my child, my smol son, bad boy supreme, the Super-Size Mcshizzle: Leo Valdez.

I will always have a special spot in my heart for the Heroes of Olympus and an even more special spot in my heart for Leo (MY SON)

One Villain:

There's only one villain I would want at my fantastic shindig of a party, the only villain stylish and sophisticated enough. 

Count Olaf is one of my favorite villains ever. I imagine that he would be a marvelous party guest, delighting the crowd with his many fascinating stories about various heroic deeds. 

Invite a character who is super social/popular:

Finally, a chance to rant about the Raven Boys. 

I WOULD LIKE TO INVITE RICHARD GANSEY THE THIRD. *deep breath* I will be inviting him to my marvelous dinner party (and maybe he'll bring his squad???), and then become BFFs with him and move into Monmouth Manufacturing -- nothing drastic or unrealistic. 

Invite one couple--doesn't have to be romantic:
I would invite Fred and George, but I think they might turn the food into some kind of rat (and as much as I love them, I cannot have them messing with my food).

I will be inviting: Merry and Pippen. At the most, they would set off some fireworks that weren't planned, and I don't think I would mind that. 

Invite one Hero/Heroine:
A character that I relate to very strongly, one that I wish I could be best friends with (and we could get together and braid each other's hair and talk about Aslan and mermaids #lifegoals): Lucy Pevensie.
She could teach me how to stab people and then we could bake brownies!! That's all I want from a friend (sadly, no one knows how to properly stab people these days. It's a shame...)

Invite one character of your choice:

I love Tonks with all my heart, and she will be more than welcome at my dinner party. She can entertain all the guests with her shape-shifting. Who doesn't want to see someone's face morph into a ducks??? (as long as we're not eating duck)

Who would you invite to your party? Any food in particular you would serve? I would serve Top Ramen because it is my favorite food. Am I a college student that lives in a cardboard box??? Apparently. Who is your literary soulmate?



  1. Merry and Pippin- that's brilliant! I'd definitely invite them to a party, and Bilbo too! I'd also invite Frodo, and Sam, and Rosie, and all their hobbitlings....Y'know, I think I just want a hobbit party.

    1. That would be so fun to have a Hobbit party. <3 Hobbits know how to have a good times.

  2. I’m reading Gatsby right now for school! It’s definitely enjoyable, and certainly more so than the Red Badge of Courage, which I just finished.

    My literary soulmate....oh dear! I don’t know. Janner Igiby, perhaps? He’s a bit young, but make him older and I think he and I would get along beautifully. We’re sort of the same person, which is nice. ;)

    1. I'm glad that Gatsby is enjoyable (and I've never read the Red Badge of Courage, but I can imagine...).

      Oh yeah! I forget about Janner. He's so great (though yes, the age difference would probs need to be remedied XD).

  3. Pippin and Merry, Bilbo, Count Olaf, and Lucy would all be pretty cool/weird/amazing to have at a party.

  4. Dang, good choices, girl. Some of them I've never heard of, BUT STILL. I trust your judgment. ;-P

    My literary soulmate . . . I don't know, honestly. But in terms of Lord of the Rings, I am most like a mix of all four Fellowship hobbits, I think.

    1. I'm glad you approve. ;)

      Yeah? That's a lot of Hobbit. XD

  5. Wait can I invite you? You count as a literary character, right? This blog is literature??

    1. Well of course. This blog is literature of the finest sort. XD


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