Well hello there friends. Surprised to see me? Me too.

Honestly, I wasn't sure this post would happen because I have gotten used to a pampered lifestyle: no posting schedules, late-nights, or having to come up with semi-entertaining content (at least I hope it's entertaining. If not, feel free to throw a pillow at me and demand I step-up my game).

I have returned.

Life Update
I know what you all want to know, and yes: I am still amazing. 
  • I am still editing Behind the Glass. It is going great! I gave it to my grandfather who said, and I quote: SOMETHING AMAZING MAYBE, MAYBE NOT (I'm not actually going to tell you what he said because THAT'S FOR ANOTHER POST, YOU CURIOUS THING).
  • I also wrote another novel, super spontaneously, in like...a week. Just kidding. That's a complete lie. I'm still writing, and I forgot how hard writing something completely new is. Though, I really am having a grand ol' time (I might have a post on it coming soon. We'll see).
  • Earlier this year, I wrote about how I have no idea what I want my career to be, but I once again settled on travel-writing. I was reading a magazine (and feeling like a middle-aged soccer mom in a doctor's office), and there was one article in particular that made me stop and think "Yes, this is exactly what I want to do." So I am continuing to work towards my degree in Communications or English.
  • My reading career is slowing, which honestly has me, as the kids say these days, shook (look at me being all hip. No one will know that I am actually an eighty year old reptile. Wait--NO JERRY STOP TYPING WHAT I'M SAYING)

While I was "gone", I had no idea how to just NOT BLOG. What is that? So I kept writing down my thoughts on a document, waiting eagerly for the moment that I would be "back". What can I say: I'm a nerd. You all will be blessed with said document soon.

Also, I finally switched over to my own email account and got a Twitter account (so does this mean I'm an adult now?? jk). Look at me joining the 21st century. 

I am currently listening to the LaLa Land soundtrack while snuggled in a giant blanket with a cup of tea. Life is lovely, and I am very happy to be blogging again. Speaking of which: (wow what a good little segway. Good job, Me)

What's Up With An Odd Blog? 
(You may have questions. I may have answers. We'll see.)

An Odd Blog will be a rare thing that happens every blue moon when the stars are aligned. My posting will be like a shooting star: rare and fleeting (and hopefully beautiful. We'll see). When I figured out that things were just too hectic in my life to blog regularly, I was heartbroken. I love blogging with all my hearts! (wait, did I just say hearts? I mean: heart. Silly me. Just one heart. Not an alien).
I have to be a functioning human and make money?? Pshh, that sounds hard. 

I will post as often as I can, which may translate to: I will disappear on you for an undisclosed amount of time, and you may be left wondering where I am. Did I become a spy and move to Mexico? Did I join the circus? Am I just really busy? Who knows.

You also may or may not notice that things look a little different! (If you didn't notice, I urge you to have an eye exam.) Do feel free to tell me what you think. I am infinitely curious. I am pleased with the more clean look to the blog. Less "I threw this together in less than 5 minutes" and more "maybe I know what I'm doing".

What do you think of the new look? Any posts you want to see me do? Are you glad I'm sort of blogging again? (please, feel free to shower me with compliments and praise that inflates my ego)



  1. YOU'RE BACK! *glomps* *brushes self off* I've missed your blog!!!!

  2. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you're back, I missed you and your blog content! XD

    1. THANK YOU! I missed blogging so much, and I'm glad to be back. :D

  3. Oh my goodness, I missed reading your posts! And wow, your blog looks fantabulous!

    1. Thank you! I'm quite pleased with how this new look turned out. Glad you like it. :D

  4. Hello again! Missed you a lot, hope to see you around soon!

  5. OH MY GOSH YOU'RE BACK!! <3 JERRY'S BACK!! <3 MY HEART BE STILL! I legit missed your blog so much. Love your wit! So glad to see your posts again on my feed. :)

    P.S. The La La Land soundtrack is the bomb dot com. I was just listening to it earlier today!!

    1. YOU'RE SO KIND!! All of these lovely comments are just making my day.

      Isn't it the best? La La Land fans uNITE!

  6. YAY, WELCOME BACK!! I like your blog's new look a lot. I saw it the other day when I was making my rounds checking in on all my friend's blogs to see if anyone had posted anything this year that I missed. XD Can't wait for more posts by you, they're always entertaining. And I didn't realize you've been working towards a degree, I admire your determination. You're gonna get an awesome job one of these days, you're so qualified!

    1. GLAD TO BE BACK! Thanks! I'm a fan of the new look as well. :) Aw, you're so sweet.

  7. Welcome back! It's good to hear from you again!
    The blog looks excellent, by the way.

  8. Well, hi there! :-) Welcome back.

    I feel like Truman in The Truman Show "Good morning! Oh, and in case I don't see you again, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!"

    It's nice to hear from you again, and I look forward to whatever else you post in the future, and meanwhile... enjoy your life!

    1. Hello!

      XD Love that movie. And right back atcha.

      Aw, thank you! I'll sure try. ;)

  9. AGH I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!! *tackles you forever*

    But, wow... I can't even imagine life without the blog now??? It would be so oddly peaceful... no deadlines... no pressure... WOW.

    I am eager for more posts from you because you are amazing BUT I SHALL BE PATIENT AND KIND AND LET YOU GO AT YOUR OWN PACE LIKE THE LONGSUFFERING BEAN THAT I AM.

    Okay bye now!! BUT THANKS FOR RETURNING BRIEFLY. I love you!!!


      I know, right? I'm living the easy life. XD The world is my oyster (whatever that means, because I don't like oysters XD).

      WELL NOW I JUST WANT TO POST ALL THE THINGS FOR YOU. Hmm, I might go write a blog post because I'm in the mood now... XD

      BYE! You're so sweet. It was a pleasure to return. Love you too, boo!! :)

    2. You don't have to like oysters!!! Just grab that pearl inside and throw away the meat!!! #WeirdMetaphor

      WHY THANK YOU I WILL DEVOUR THEM ALL MOST PLEASANTLY!!! ;) My skills at persuasion are uncanny.



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