Beautiful People May 2017| Murder and Soup (which should be the name of a 90's buddy cop comedy)

One of my new year's resolutions this year was to continue to focus on one book until it is completely finished. That means: rewritten, edited, criticised, and tired of. Yes, I said "tired of" (and I know that's not proper grammar, but I already paid the ticket from the grammar police, so...whatcha gonna do).  
I am officially tired of Behind the Glass. If you've been with us here at An Odd Blog for awhile, you by now know that Behind the Glass has been my baby for 4 years. I have written 5 other novels, but my main focus has always been Behind the Glass
I've heard: "oh by the time you've finished your book, you're going to be sick of it, trust me." But I always thought those authors were exaggerating. How could someone ever grow tired of their own masterpiece? 
  • very easily.
  • After the first 5 drafts, it becomes very clear what those authors were saying.
  • And I still have quite a ways to go before I can put it away for good.
  • And then I have the sequel and prequel to rewrite/edit???
  • It has me trapped.
"If you're so tired of it, then why did you choose to blog about it, you cracked walnut." That is a very intelligent question. One that I didn't anticipate at all. I am counting on this month's Beautiful People to solve all of my problems and respark my love for this story (okay, I still love it. It was my first novel, so of course it has a special place in my heart. I would just be willing for it to disappear in a hole and never come back).

Overall, how good is their relationship with their parents? 
Weeeell, not too fab. It's sad because their parents really try, but you know, lies and secrets don't really make for the most stable family environment. It's kind of like making a cookie, but instead of chocolate chips, you put raisins in it; it's a confusing and frustrating time for everyone involved (also someone might get murdered)
How did their parents meet?

Sprig's mother (Anna) was fresh off a pirate ship and sat down for dinner at the royal family's table (that is one of my favorite sentences I have ever written. Also, can that happen to me in real life??). Lo and behold, the heir to the throne was dreamy, as they tend to be in most fiction. Fast-forward to 16 years later and Sprig ended up on that same pirate ship. It's a small world (*resists urge to break into song*)

How would they feel if they were told “you’re turning out like your parent(s)”? 
Let's just say that neither party would be thrilled. Sprig's mother has done some...questionable things (including straight up murder, so...) in her past. Clearly she does not want Sprig to follow suit.

What were your character’s parents doing when they were your character’s age?
Sprig's mother was teaching a bunch of runaway raggamuffins how to be proper pirates. She taught them how to do many useful things, such as (and yes, this is just a ploy to make another list).
  • Teaching them many useful pirate phrases, like "Avast, ye landlubbers!" and "Walk the plank!"
  • She taught them all how to sword-fight and climb up the rigging like human spider monkeys.
  • She stole them a cannon.
  • and she made them a proper pirate flag with crossbones and everything.
  • Basically everything she taught them, she learned from the Swiss Family Robinson pirates. 
  • bless.
Sprig's father was sitting in on boring "someone please rescue me...or shoot me" political meetings. Yippee.

Is there something they adamantly disagree on?

I doubt Sprig is too thrilled about being lied to for most of her childhood. When she found out her mother's crimes, I would also guess that she wasn't onboard with the whole murder thing. 

Image result for perry the platypus gifs they don't do much

What did the parent(s) find hardest about raising your character?
Keeping secrets, lying, making up an entire history for Sprig's father (they couldn't exactly have told Sprig the truth now, could they? "Have a great day at school, sweetie! Your father is actually an alien who lives on earth now because he came through a mirror. And he is the crown prince. Don't forget your lunchbox!"), and knowing that they were keeping Sprig from her extended family through glass and betrayal (woah, that sounded really dramatic)

What’s their most vivid memory with their parental figure(s)?
All the nights spent gathered around the kitchen table, Sprig's father reading aloud his stories (he's a writer, which is for sure why he's the best parent).

What was your character like as a baby/toddler?

She was like most toddlers. Curious, whiny, vicious and unforgiving with a memory like an elephant (a tiny, vengeful elephant), and adorable.

Why and how did the parents choose your character’s name?

Haha, there is no "parents" about this part. Sprig's mom chose her name in honor of an aunt who (whom? idk. WHAT IS GRAMMAR?) she adored. Sprig's dad wanted to name her "Clarence" after the scholar who invented soup in Alairia (I would have gone with the dad's choice, personally. What a conversation starter).

And that's it for this month's Beautiful People.

I do feel a bit more inspired to work on Behind the Glass, so my plan worked. I love it when it does that.

How did your parent(s) choose your name? Do you have any lil facts about your characters that you love? Do you like soup? (idk, I'm running out of questions) Uhh, have you ever murdered someone? That's all I got. 



  1. Your title, though. I read it and *dies laughing*
    Your book sounds so INTERESTING. I want to read it now. Like, a lot. I will be broke in five years or so when all my bloggy friends' books come out and I buy them all in support of their exploits? But I won't care? Because BOOKS and they will be awesome???
    I think my parents just liked my name... I like some soup. Not all. Lentil soup is the best <3 Especially my mom's.
    I only murder fictional characters... three or four times each usually while I try to figure out what exactly their means of death will be... what, me? No.... :/
    I love my characters in general... I'm especially loving my MC's sister in Watched. I couldn't write from her POV, but I still love her. With all my soul XD
    Thanks for this post!

    1. You're so sweet!! :)
      *nods* Lentil soup is very good indeed.
      Ah yes, the murder of characters requires much pondering.
      Ooo, nice. I also love that title. "Watched". Very intriguing. :)

  2. "Sprig's dad wanted to name her "Clarence" after the scholar who invented soup in Alairia." That's a worthy reason.
    My true name has nothing to do with food, but 'Blue' was inspired by blueberries. My father once met a man named Golden Banana, so food inspired names are plausible.

    1. That is a worthy reason. XD
      Aw, cute! Also, you're basically twins with the greatest berry ever, so go you. :)

  3. I do like soup! I've never murdered someone! And I 500% TOTALLY GET YOU with being sick of your own book. *sobs* It's so weird to love a book more than anything and also want to watch it be burned to the ground. Ahem.
    Also I totally enjoyed reading this!! :D :D (PIRATES!!! <3)

    1. Soup is fab! Congrats for not murdering someone!
      Right? Sticking with one project long enough to be tired of it is haaard. I say we all should just go on strike and see if the books edit themselves.
      Thanks! (Gotta be honest, my main motivation for writing this book was pirates. In fact, I would love to be a pirate, thnx.)


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