April Favorites 2017| KITTENS!!!, Deja Vu, and TTT + 2 Lies, 10 Truths ANSWERS

A week or two ago (I have no concept of time), I posted 2 lies and 10 truths. You guys had some pretty good guesses, and some of you actually guessed one of them, but I guess I'm just tricker than I thought.

10 Truths, 2 Lies
  1. I have a birthmark on my face.
  2. I have never broken a bone.
  3. I have held a tarantula.
  4. I once had an injury that almost blinded me.
  5. I was once mistaken for a boy.
  6. I stole impulsively as a child.
  7. I used to pet bees.
  8. I hit my head and passed out when I was home alone.
  9. I ate a jalapeno on a dare.
  10. I have published something.
  11. I have ziplined over a field of horses.
  12. I have been punched in the mouth. 
The lies were: 
Drumroll please

3. I have held a tarantula. 
9. I ate a jalapeno on a dare.

Are you surprised? Oddly enough, quite a few of you guessed that I was lying about ziplining over a field of horses. Now that I type it again, it does seem a little outrageous, BUT IT WAS AMAZING. Yes, I really used to pet bees, and I didn't get stung once (they were my frens).
Pro tip: It is not fun to be punched in the mouth (apparently it hurts??? who knew.)


Wait, what? Didn't I just do one of these? WHAT IS HAPPENING??

Quick Overview
  • IT'S FINALLY SPRING!! In my rainy little state (yes, you read that correctly. The whole state belongs to me.), spring has been taking a while to show up, but I can finally say with certainty that it is here.
  • On a walk through the woods behind my house, I found a lovely surprise. I ran back to the house to get my camera and took a few pics. It's a small cherry tree with white and pink blossoms (which I've never seen before! Is it some kind of hybrid?).                       

  • I got a little (Little: A word which here means "paralyzed with anxiety") overwhelmed by my To-Do list, and finally decided to organize my life. I have a new Daily List that is all prioritized. Now if I could only remember where I put it...
  • I learned quite a few lessons from the mess that I attempted to tackle this Camp NaNo. Turns out, it tackled me, and now I have a few bruises. That novel is mean. 
  • I went on a tour of a theater that was built in 1920-something (Think, Evangeline, when was it built? They covered this in the tour. Multiple times.)
  • I love days that are non-stop and going from one place to the next. I had one day like that this month, and it was the best. I went to the UW campus (a college campus that looks like Hogwarts, for those of you who don't know) and walked around, then drove to Pike Place Market and got lunch there, then went to a movie. It was a very fun day full of driving and laughter. 
  • I went to a legit Chinese tea shop and sat down for a tea tasting. It was the most authentic tea shop I've been in. 
  • I HELD KITTENS, GUYS. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT HAS HAPPENED THIS WHOLE MONTH. I HELD KITTENS. *deep breath* Family friends have a cat who just had a litter of kittens (as cats do. Also, why did I feel the need to specify that the cat had kittens? What else would the cat give birth to?), and in case you can't tell, I got to hold them. 
  • I have a new baby cousin (guess what his name is? Guess? THORIN!! As in "Dwarf from the Hobbit who broods") which is exciting for those who like babies. I personally have no idea what to do with them and think they are nice from afar. 
  • A little bird family made its home right outside my window. I've been watching them hopping around and gathering twigs and leaves. They're so cute!! I am emotionally invested in the wellbeing of these little birds. I even named them.
  • Me watching the little bird family. 
Image result for this adventure ends

Y'all, this book is awesome. I'm actually in a bit of a reading hangover. This is the kind of book that I strive to write. READ IT (or, you know, don't. It's your life. I won't tell you what to do.)

Things I Loved
  • Seriously, every character had a friendship dynamic that was interesting and unique. 
  • Capable women standing up for capable men (which pleases me very much). 
  • cake
  • As soon as I saw the words "coconut cake" I couldn't focus on anything else. 
  • Tragic families who got ISSUES.
  • A great father-daughter relationship which is fantastic. 
  • The romance wasn't the focus. That's possible in YA??? Imagine that. 

This has happened before.

Storytime: NaNoWriMo 2015. I am trying to find music to fit the theme of my novel so I can really get into it. I settle on Arabic and Egyptian songs. SURPRISE: I get really into it. After NaNoWriMo ended, I forget about my newfound love for such music. Fast-forward to Camp NaNo 2017: I'm trying to find music to fit the theme of the novel I am editing. GUESS WHAT? Same novel. GUESS WHAT? Same music. So yeah, long story short, I love middle-eastern style music and am currently trying to bellydance (just kidding, that would not be a pretty sight).

I went to Seattle and on my way to Pike's Place (aka the best place ever. Have you seen the food they have there??) came across this little Chinese tea shop that said "Free Tea Tasting". So of course I went in. Y'all, I am not kidding when I say that I could have stayed there forever. The woman sat us down, pulled out these tiny ceramic cups and a GORGEOUS pot, and served us a thousand different teas (yes, a thousand. No I'm not exaggerating one bit. Why would you ask that?). It was amazing. There was a pineapple green tea that tasted like I was in a pineapple grove, licking an actual pineapple (which I do not recommend because have you felt a pineapple? They hurt.).

blog post
Things That Will Make Me Want To Read A Book 
My first Top 10 Tuesday!! Also I got to talk about dragons, and I admitted to my shipping problem (no, not like UPS. More like OTP). It was a grand ol' time. Top 10 Tuesday is a lifesaver for when one has no idea what to blog about and is being crushed by an unrealistic Camp NaNo goal. 

Image result for lion movie poster

*ugly crying* I wasn't prepared for this movie. I don't even know what to say about it (which I know doesn't happen often). It's such a sweet story, but it's also kind of soul-crushing and depressing, but sweet. 

novel aka what I've been pouring my soul into
Camp NaNo was rough. I started out by editing War Games (a book I barely know anything about. Like, what is its favorite color? I sure don't know.), and I decided that it is going to require a major rewrite of EVERYTHING. I've been editing Behind the Glass (yay! 5th draft! It's all grown up.), but I've still been getting to know War Games: remembering the heart of the story, learning more about the world (because I was an idiot and ignored it the first time around), and getting inspired slowly but surely. I'm excited to replot and rewrite because, dang, I have a lot of ideas. Let's just hope that they aren't bad ideas. 

  1. I've been listening to this on repeat.
  2. I'm still loving my Bible. Seriously guys, I'm pretty sure this is the best money I've ever spent (and it was used to buy a book, surprise, surprise). I should post some pics one of these days.
  3. I've been taking more time to appreciate the things around me, such as: A beautiful, sunny morning, a little family of birds (I love those birds so much. I have a problem), wild-flowers, the cutest rabbit in the world. 
    This doesn't even do him justice. He's so much cuter. 
    It's been good for me because lately I've been less "get-everything-done-run-in-circles-because-PANIC" (me exaggerate? never. I always say exactly what happened. Always) and more "get-everything-done-oh-wait-there's-a-pretty-flower". I love appreciating God's creations (especially my rabbit. What a great creation).
Overall: It's been a good month. It went by crazy fast (an exact measurement), but it was productive and fun.

How has your month been? Did anything exciting happen? Such as baking something delicious, skydiving, going to the dentist...What was your favorite part of it? My favorite part has been that I got to hold kittens!!! Did I mention that already? Do you have any pets?



  1. I'm so glad your month was so fun! I honestly think that if we knew each other we would be best friends XD I love reading your blog.

    I LOVE KITTENS AND MY FAMILY HAS THREE CATS. THREE OF THEM. One of them tries to murder me in my sleep occasionally, one of them acts like I'm a scary monster who wants to murder her in her sleep sometimes, (hint: I'm not), and one of them climbs up and purrs in my microphone when I'm trying to do my classes. So... yeah.

    But, you know, it's all good! XD

    I hope May is great for you too!


    1. Aw, thanks! I agree. :D

      OMG CATS ARE THE BEST. Though they can be very suspicious if they are trying to kill you in your sleep. Tread carefully. They are ruthless.

  2. I was totally wrong about the lies, those things on the list are kind of unbelievable.

    that is a seriously very cute pink rabbit

    haven't really done much this april but I'm working on stuff - drawing, writing, reading, procrastinating...

    good luck on your writing.

    have a lovely day.

    1. I'm glad they were tricksy enough. XD

      Right?! I adore him.

      Well, procrastinating is a sport, so I would say that's pretty productive. ;)

  3. Wow, looks like a full month for you!

    D'awww, love spring and the baby animals, so cute!!!

    Pineapple green tea??? Sounds delicious! I love fruity flavored teas.


    1. Yep, it definately was. :)

      Tea for daaays!! XD

  4. Nothing really exciting happened to me, to be honest!

    Glad you got to try all the tea. And 5th draft? Congratulations!

    1. Tea is the best. :) Thanks! I'm pretty excited.

  5. YOU HAVE BIRDS BY YOUR WINDOW TOO?? *all the highfives* That's so cool, so do I! My little brother named them Heather and Merlin xD.

    ~ Savannah

    1. MAYBE THE BIRDS KNOW EACHOTHER!! Maybe they're bird frens. XD

      Those are fantastic names. :)

  6. So I was way off with your lies and truths then hahh SORRY FOR DOUBTING YOUR ZIPLINGING AND YOUR BEE PETTING. Although seriously. Bees? Bees are terrifying. 😂 Oh and yay for tea and for good movies and pretty spring flowers. I LOVE those photos!! And double-yay for kittens! I have a dog but he actually hates being cuddled. Or maybe he hates me. Who can know. I think he knows that my #1 is actually books but whatever. He is still a cute floof.

    1. I don't blame you. My life has totally been amazingly exciting all the time. XD YES BEES. What do you mean they're terrifying?? Lil Bumblebees are so fluffy!! Though I just googled bees in Australia and I would not pet bees if I lived there. XD WHERE IS THEIR FLUFF?
      Why must dogs fight our love? Do they not understand how adorable they are? I suppose they must think they are fearsome beasts.

  7. So you DO pet bees! Yay!

    Aw, a bird family right outside the window. That's always fun. What kind of bird?

    1. Yep. :) They're SO SOFT.

      I'm not sure what kind, but they're cute, and tiny, and brown. :)

  8. OH MY GOSH MY UNCLE USED TO CREEP MY SISTER AND I OUT BY PETTING BEES. O.O Not even joking. That fact made me giggle. xD

    Awhh, and I watched Lion this month, too! *sniff* So many tears and feels. AND THAT LITTLE BOY WAS SO FREAKING ADORABLE. My heart melted 22 billion times and I want to give him a huggg. I'm just astonished by the story and how it's true. Wow.

    Eyy you're not the only one who struggled through with NaNo! xD I'm proud of you for sticking with it. *nodnod* GO YOU.

    katie grace
    a writer's faith


      Right? So good. It is crazy to think that all of that really happened.

      Thanks! I'm proud of me too. XD

  9. DUDE THAT BUNNY THO. BEYOND ADORABLE. Also I kinda failed at the truths and lies...

    1. RIGHT?! He is too precious. :) And hey, I made sure to make it as tricksy as possible. :D


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