10 Truths, Two Lies + I REARRANGED MY BOOKSHELF (yes, again. I have no life)

This is kind of a random post, but it's in the middle of Camp NaNo, and I'm a tad braindead. I switched projects, so it is easier, though still not idea. "Ideal" would be lounging on a bed of pillows, eating chocolate, and writing all the first drafts I wanted, but the world is not perfect and the chocolate store blocked my calls.

Not a whole lot of crazy things have happened to me in my life, and I'm pretty sure y'all will be able to figure this out pretty quickly, but let's have a go at it, okay?

10 Truths, 2 Lies
  1. I have a birthmark on my face.
  2. I have never broken a bone.
  3. I have held a tarantula.
  4. I once had an injury that almost blinded me.
  5. I was once mistaken for a boy.
  6. I stole impulsively as a child.
  7. I used to pet bees.
  8. I hit my head and passed out when I was home alone.
  9. I ate a jalapeno on a dare.
  10. I have published something.
  11. I have ziplined over a field of horses.
  12. I have been punched in the mouth. 
Guess in the comments below. Also, fun fact: I used to lie impulsively. Storytime: I told my BFF at the time that I had a previous BFF that had died of cancer. It was really insensitive and mean of me because I actually cried (dang, I sold that story), and she completely believed me.

OH OH OH!! Hold up. I rearranged my bookshelf again and it was super fun. Let's take a look, shall we?
Sry for the pic quality. 
Random Things I Have On My Shelf
First Shelf: (Left to Right) I have two little blocks from when I was a toddler, and the weird stone dorito with an eye and a top hat is Bill from Gravity Falls. And then on the side (you can't really see it), is a Tyranny of Petticoats poster signed by Marissa Meyers (everyone freak out with me!!)

Second Shelf: (Left to Right) A dreamcatcher that I made on the way back from an awesome trip (so it has memories attached instead of dreams). That greenish blob at the base of the yellow section is a fake succulent plant that I named Plantie. #originality And then you see that hedgehog at the top of the stack of books?? well, guess who that is. IT'S JERRY!! Yes, this is my assistant. He is reliable for the most part. I should probably give him a raise (I hope he doesn't read this). The plant that is real is named Edmund (yes, after Edmund Pevensie. Yes, I'm a nerd.).

Third Shelf: (Left to Right) The square of paper that looks like heaven's light is shining through it is a square of paper that V. E. Schwab signed for me (as well as signing two library books. If the police read this, I am going to jail.). And then the triangle paper hat that I made was when I was at a Rick Riordan event for my birthday. The blue pot is full of paper stars because someone (not naming any names here, but it was me) got addicted to making them (Origami is supposed to be a relaxing past time, but how come I get so stressed when I squish one, which is 70% of the time??? If anything, the paper stars are giving me the need for anger management classes)

Fourth Shelf: Just books. Imagine that. What a time to be alive. 

Which two do you think are lies? What is an outrageous lie you've told? What's your favorite way to organize your shelf? Isn't Jerry adorable? I think he's pretty great, though sometimes he's a little prickly (hehe, get it? Cuz he's a hedgehog? Nvm).   Have you met any authors? 



  1. I love your bookcase! Don't worry, I rearrange my bookshelf every five minutes. (Not quite, but pretty often.)
    I'm going to guess #1 and #12.


    1. Thanks! And hey, rearranging bookshelves is just too much fun. :D

  2. I'm guessing #4 and #11?
    I hope #7 is true. I'm always trying to pet bumblebees, and it would be nice to know I'm not the only one.

    Yes, Jerry is very adorable. I want a Jerry for my shelf!

    1. Right? They look so fuzzy!! :)

      Jerry thinks he's adorable, too. XD

  3. Hmmmm this is actually really hard!!?? I'm going to guess that you weren't punched in the mouth and you didn't zip-line over a field of horses. ;) BUT I ACTUALLY HAVE NO IDEA.


    rock on,

  4. I think 3 and 11 are lies.

    The only author I have ever properly met face to face was Liam Farrel. To be honest, I never read his books (mainly because I was 12 and he wrote fairy tale retellings for really younger children). And I have seen Sophie McKenzie before. That's about it xD

    1. Nice! That's exciting that you got to meet him! Children's books are hard to write, too. XD

  5. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO BEGINNING GUESSING. *cries piteously for self's ignorance* I'm going to say #7 and #11 are lies??? When do we get answers. I need to know.😂

    Also I organise my shelf by colour!! I basically ONLY have books on my shelves except for my TBR shelf which I also have a dreamcatcher on (rainbooooow dreamcatcher ftw) and some bookstagram props and my camera.😂 OH WAIT. NEVERMIND. I actually have flowers on all my shelves. I forgot. I literally stare at my shelves all day, but I didn't even remember I put flowers on them. *flips hair and frolics off into the void* I'm super smart all the time.

    (I've never met an author. 😭)

    1. I will include the answers with my monthly favorites. Y'all will just have to wait and see. ;)

      YAY! Sorting by color is so lovely and peaceful. EXCEPT WHEN YOU GET A NEW BOOK AND YOU HAVE TO REARRANGE EVERYTHING.
      Ooo, dreamcatchers (especially rainbow ones) are perfect bookshelf accessories.

      (It's okay. Maybe all the authors are too in awe of you to meet you. You're just too fabulous.)

  6. jerry is super cute! I like to arrange my books by hardcovers and softcovers but mostly, I just arrange them by their heights because I really hate seeing a small paperback next to a large paperback - it just doesn't seem organized.

    I do love the idea of arranging by colors of the spine (like you seem to have here) but I don't have enough colors to do that.

    I would say #4, 6 not to be true but I really don't know since I've only been visiting your blog for a few weeks.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Thanks! I think so too. XD
      One day, I'll arrange by height. You're right, it does seem the most organized way (and it probably looks really nice, too).

      I hear you. For a while, I didn't have enough colors either.

      I will be posting the answers on my monthly wrap up. You can see if you were right or not. ;)

  7. YOUR BOOKSHELF IS LOVELY AND JERRY IS ADORABLE AND EEEP I WISH I HAD PLANTS!! AT one time I thought perhaps that when I was poor and in college or perhaps living in a small apartment all by myself that instead of having pets to ward off loneliness, I would have plants. Lots and lots of plants. BUT NOW I KNOW THAT I AM ACTUALLY ALLERGIC TO MOST PLANTS, OH DEAR. So that is no longer an option, unfortunately. *pouts*

    Also I always LOOOOOOOOVVE your posts and plan on saying aaaaaallll the things about your hilariousness and wit and funny gifs and lovely pictures and brilliant ideas and then I procrastinate commenting for about three hundred years and forget everything I wanted to say.... I AM SO SORRY ABOUT THIS AND THE FACT THAT MY COMMENTS ARE ALWAYS SO LATE AND HAPHAZARD AND CONFUSING!!! Forgive me!!

    1. THANK YOU. I STILL JUST SIT IN FRONT OF MY BOOKSHELF AND ADMIRE IT BECAUSE I LURV IT. Plants are great, but also very needy, and they die super easily. If you ever do get a plant, I would recommend succulents because YOU ONLY HAVE TO WATER THEM ONE OR TWICE EVERY COULD WEEKS. They restored my faith in plants. Oh no! Boo. Allergies are the worst.

      THANK YOU SO MUCH. YOU'RE SO SWEET!! And your comments are perfect!! PERFECT, I SAY.

    2. Ah, I understand why! It is lovely and gorgeous and a thing of beauty forever. Cool! Okay! Succulents! Sounds great!

      Aw, you're too kind. ;)


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