5 Reasons Why I Write| POWER (oh, and inspiring people or whatever)

I am a writer.
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This is not an unknown fact. I shout about it to the internet, my family, and strangers on the street. I love writing. Ever since I told my first story (We use the term "story" here very loosely. I was about 4, and I'm pretty sure it was 85% plagiarism), I have been in love with writing and stories. Can I get an amen from all my writer friends?? (come on, fam, don't leave me hanging)

The other day, someone (We use the term "someone" here loosely. It was someone I have never met, but I talk to over the internet. #safetyfirstkids) asked me something that made me think really hard (or as hard as I can think, which is probably comparable to your average semi-aquatic mammal). 

Someone-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named: Hey, you know how you're internally screaming all the time because you have too many writing projects going on?
Me: Um...
Someone-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named: And how you're so frustrated with editing/plotting/basically every area of writing a book? 
Me: Do you have a point to this other than reminding me of my pain? 
Someone-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named: Why do you do it? What makes you love writing so much that you go through all of that? 
Me: Well obviously, I have a non-fatal brain disease that just sucks away all common sense.

But seriously. Why do we do it? Why do we put ourselves through endless hours of work, tears, research about things that should probably land us in jail, and sometimes blood (depending on how prone to paper cuts you are...). 

I have spent some time thinking about the question, and I have come up with a few answers.

Because words have power.
And who doesn't love power? My long-term goal is definitely to harness any literary power I possess and conquer a small island to retire to (I know I should probably dream bigger and go for world domination, but that seems like it won't fit with my schedule. I only have Fridays open, and that doesn't leave time for conquering the whole world. Plus, a lot of the world is really hot or really cold. Pass.), but until then, I'm talking about a more subtle-power. 

It's amazing what the written word can do. It can reduce people to tears, it can change their mind about something, it can validate a whole generation, it can make the impossible seem real. The list goes on for miles. Words are a dangerous and powerful thing, and when used correctly, they can shape people. 
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Because I have stories to tell.
Storytime: When I was a tiny human and couldn't read, I would pick up a book and "read". I would look at the pictures and make a guess of what was going on. My favorite to "read" was Little House in the Big Wood. 
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This picture inspired hours of storytelling. That's how I occupied my days, making up tales of epic proportions and telling them over and over until I was happy with them. I have so many stories to write even now (25 to be exact).  Storytelling has always been a part of who I am, and I can't imagine myself without it.

Because I want to make others dream.
You know that moment when you're reading an amazing book and you picture yourself right beside the heroes, tagging along in all the shenanigans. Maybe you don't actually picture yourself there, but you wish that you could go on an adventure as grand as that with friends as hilarious (or psychotic, depending on what book you're reading).  

I want others to imagine what would have happened if something had changed; what would have happened if someone died (who am I kidding, everyone dies), what about if a meteor crashed into the main characters and now they have Spidey Senses. 
When readers do that, they care enough about the story to spend their precious brain cells imagining the story further.

Because we need better books to read.
I am a normal, rational teenager (oh stop laughing, Jerry). I don't think I am alone in the fact that almost all of YA fiction makes me want to put all the books in one big pile and set them on fire.
  • Plot twists are basically just a random fact thrown into the story, and a closeup of the audience gasping. 
  • Foreshadowing is more like a-page-beForeshadowing.
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YA foreshadowing 
  • Every dystopian novel seems to follow the same formula. I understand that the formula works and that's what people buy, but what about originality, people.
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Basically any bestselling dystopian novel. 
I want to write a book that I want to read. I want to write a book where the main character sees a semi-attractive boy and is not immediately convinced that they are soulmates (I understand that he has the cheekbones of a British man. Heck, he may even be British, BUT YOU DON'T KNOW HIM).
We need:
  • Books that challenge us.
  • Books that promote all that is good in the world. 
  • Books that don't promote feasting on fries at 3 am like the rebellious teen you think you are (honestly, you'll ruin your breakfast if you do that). 
  • Books that have a cast of characters that aren't all super attractive in a cute and quirky way (only 1% of the population looked adorable when they were a teen). 
  • Books that don't promote teen crime.
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Because if I didn't, I would die.
If I did not write, my mind would go on hyperdrive from all the ideas bouncing around all the time, and then it would get tired and crash, and boom, I'm dead. This is a fact. A group of scientists just confirmed it.

And there you have it: 5 reasons why I love writing. I can finally answer Someone-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named (or better yet, just send them this post because dang, I do not want to write this twice).

Why do you love (insert your profession or hobby here)?? What was one of the first books you ever read? And does anyone want to help me conquer a small island? It turns out I am not very threatening (I'm like...5'1") and I need someone to back me up.



  1. Goodness, I love this post! I've literally spent a large part of my Spring Break right now just engrossed in Pride & Prejudice and I'm finding myself falling in love with reading again. It's crazy to think about why we writers write. We literally sit down at a computer and type out things that never happened. #IMAGINATION :) It's the best hobby ever! Also, I totally agree that YA stories need to change. The dystopian novels are so tired. I want the books I write to be authentic and real, not formulaic.

    1. Yay for P&P!!! I honestly could read that all day (tbh, never read it, but whatever...).

      What we do is MAGIC!! We should get medals or something. XD I mean, if we write what we want to read then the world would be perfect (sort of. In a round about way).

  2. Let's conquer two small islands so that we can have one each and not bug each other too much when we're supposed to be writing.

    I love your reasons for writing. Mine are similar -- to tell the stories I want to read that no one else has written. To bring joy to others. To fix stories I could almost like if they didn't have all these problems that bug me, so I'll write a better version. To restore order and instill hope, as they say in Saving Mr. Banks.

    The first book I remember reading by myself was Spunky's Diary by Janette Oke. I still have it.

    Oh, and my first stories, the ones I typed up on my mom's old typewriter when I was like 6 and could type faster than I could write by hand, were basically retreads of bits of Little Women and The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew with the names changed. We have to start somewhere, eh?

    1. Awesome! Island buddy! I'll start packing. XD

      Ooo, yeah, those are really good reasons. To bring joy to others is probably another of mine as well. Aww, I love that quote!!

      WAIT A GOSH-DARN SECOND. Spunky's Diary was my favorite book for a while!! I've been trying to remember what it was called. I loved all of those animal books!

      Ah yes, plagiarism, the good ol' starting point for many young authors. XD I love the Five Little Peppers and How They Grew. Have you ever heard of The Nickel-plated Stove? Because I remember that book very vividly (I read it after Five Little Peppers), but I can't find it anywhere!!

    2. No way! I don't know that I've ever encountered someone else who had read Spunky's Diary. So cool! I read several of them, but that one I just loooooooved. We named our first dog Spunky after it.

      Nope, I've never heard of The Nickel-plated Stove. Google doesn't seem to have a trace of it either, though Amazon has one called "The Nickel-plated Beauty" by Patricia Beatty...

    3. Yeah! My great-aunt got me the whole set of those animal books Janette Oke wrote. I loved them all, but Spunky's Diary was my favorite. And that's so cute!! I'm sure it fit your dog very well. :)

      THAT'S what it is. Okay, well, thank you. XD You have just helped me rediscover a treasured book. Yeah, I read that one right after I read the Five Little Peppers. My mother and I actually read it aloud together. Good memories. :)

  3. While reading this I was like, "WOAH. That, my friend, is passion." You are truly dedicated to your craft. Keep going. Follow your dreams. You are an inspiration. I speak the truth.
    Why do I love homesteading? Cause it's great! *sobbing internally* But seriously, because I love the unexpected and unknown. And because I don't like change. So I can combine those two in going back to how the old-timers did it, and focus on the changing seasons instead of the changing world. I also think its the coolest thing ever to raise animals that give you food, and to grow things to eat them. I love food. Don't you just love food?
    Oh gosh, I started reading when I was like 3. I'm pretty sure I learned from Dr. Suess, maybe "Go Dog, Go!"? From there it was "The Tale of Jemima Puddleduck" and "The Little Red Hen"
    You've come to the right place >:) And made a very good point about how parts of the world are too hot or cold. I would gladly assist you in your conquest. I'm nearing 5' 9" and I'm sure my combined knowledge of chicken keeping and the fine arts could get us somewhere, if not sustain us on the island. Also, we should bring a large knife for coconut cutting. Coconuts are the bomb.

    1. Aww, thank you so much! You're so sweet. (Hipsters don't judge, you just say that's a'ight. You speak the truth.)
      You're so perfect for homesteading!!!! And ALL THE YES TO GROWING THINGS TO EAT THEM. Because that is the only reason to grow things. XD

      Those books are so cute!! I remember loving "The Little Red Hen". Such a funny book, too.

      Ehh, we could finally start our comune if we conquer a small island. And yes, your stature would be most helpful in our quest. Your help is much appreciated. ALL THE COCONUTS.

  4. SOMEONE ELSE WHO'S 5'1"!!!!!!!! *squeals and flails for about a year*
    My reasons are similar to yours. I write for the following five reasons:
    1. Because I've been doing it since I was so young I don't remember anything different.
    2. My best friends were writers when I was little and I wanted to be like them.
    3. The story in my head screams and beats me if I don't write it down. #AuthorAbuse
    4. There's very little else that I can think of doing with my life.
    5. I would die without it.
    And 6. (I know I said five. Shut up inner editor.) is because I do it to glorify God.
    Those are the Florid Sword's Reasons for Writing. Yay!!! *crickets*
    I'm gonna go...

    1. Ehhh! At least I'm not the only 5'1" person in the world. ;)
      Yeah, those are awesome reasons! 3 is #relatable. XD

  5. Great post. Loved what you said and all the gifs! Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks! I tend to use as many gifs as possible. XD

  6. I love your title, I literally laughed out loud when I read it!
    -Gray Marie

  7. OMG YOU'RE SO FUNNY!! This post is so accurate though, babe. I will totally be part of your island gang. <3


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