The Inspire Me Tag| In Which I Inspire the Nations + Gush About Books (You know, everyday stuff)

The lovely Savannah tagged me in The Inspire Me Tag. My heart does a little happy dance every time I'm tagged.

This is the Inspire Me Tag, which basically makes me feel like I have to inspire the nations. I should not be given this kind of responsibilityA while ago, I did a post on 5 Weird Ways I Get Inspired, but this just takes the inspiration to a whole new level.

1. Copy these rules onto your post.
2. Thank the person who tagged you (thank you, Savannah! You're the greatest.)
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4. Have fun and be honest and answer all the questions (and feel free to add some of your own!)

What is one are some of the most inspiring things to you?  
I'm going to go full out cliche here for just a moment. Bear with me.
rainy days. old books. candles. a warm cup of tea. fireworks. summer evenings. winter mornings. fall afternoons. wildflowers. misty days. coffee shops. blank notebooks. sunsets. poleroid cameras. 
Also this song (which is still my favorite song, by the way). And the most inspiring thing is when I'm home alone with nothing to do. Then I feel like I should take advantage of the empty house, so I journal and look at inspirational quotes until I HAVE ALL THE IDEAS.

Hiraeth (n) A Homesickness for a Home to Which You Cannot Return, a Home Which Maybe Never Was; The Nostalgia, The Yearning, The Grief for the Places of Your Past...:

Where do you look for inspiration? 
Music. Reading my favorite books. Searching the swirling vortex of doom. You know, average stuff. 

When and where does inspiration tend to hit you? 
Me and my inspiration have a rocky relationship. It tends to come in the least opportune moments. 
  • When I'm having a heartfelt conversation with someone.
  • When I've been assigned housework.
  • When I have a deadline for something.
  • When I'm doing school.
  • It's tough. 
What's the first thing you do when inspiration strikes? 
It depends on what kind of inspiration it is. There's watercolor inspiration, piano inspiration, writing inspiration, life inspiration, poetic inspiration, and editing inspiration. 

When any of them strike (which makes them sound like a venomous snake, and that is awesome), I usually journal about whatever is on my mind to clear my head, make a cup of tea, and dive in.
Who am I kidding, I'm not that organized or self-disciplined. 
I get distracted by Pinterest, set my music up (and watch a few random Youtube videos in the process) then dive in. 

What's the most inspiring book/song/website/etc. you've found? 
Image result for furthermore book

I have a slight obsession with this book. It's like a sunset, and warm cup of tea, and wildflowers, and fresh rivers, and so many sunsets all smushed together into one beautiful thing. 

Image result for auralia's colors

Furthermore (see above) and Auralia's Colors are the two most beautiful books I've ever read. Every once in a while, I'll just read the shining description and walk away completely inspired and wishing that I, too, could write like a god.

Another inspirational thing to me, even though I know everyone is probably saying this, is BURNING YOUTH. Guys, you don't even know (unless you already know Burning Youth, then you do know). It's kind of the coolest blog ever. Also their Instagram is the definition of hipster. 

What's one piece of advice you would give to people struggling for inspiration?

✩Dos and Don'ts: Finding Inspiration✩ 
  • Do: Make sure you're properly fed and watered. It's very difficult to be inspired when your mind says "creative" but your stomach says "sandwiches".
  • Don't: Stress about it. Spend a day doing whatever you want. Chill. Let go of all your stress. Watch a movie, paint squiggly lines, go for a walk, or even talk to a wall. Whatever helps you relax! I find that when I can't get inspired, it's usually because I'm worrying about something or focusing on one thing too hard. 


  • Do: Demand special treatment because you are creatively challenged at the moment. If your family (or even strangers) have a heart, then once you inform them that you and inspiration are playing a game of hide-and-go-seek (and inspiration is winning), they should share their condolences, abandoning their precious responsibilities to fetch you a fuzzy blanket and give you a pat on the head.
  • Trust me, this works.
  • for sure.
  • Don't: Expect the inspiration to make your work perfect! (Which is another thing I'm guilty of.) If you are relying on inspiration to take your skills and transform them into the stuff of legends, then you are going to be severely disappointed. Make sure that you are willing to be terrible, even if what you're doing is inspired. 
  • Do: Find inspiration in the little things, like spending an entire day holed away in a library, hissing at strangers as they walk past. You're encouraged to wear your pajamas and bring any food you want. The best way to find inspiration is to avoid all other responsibilities and live the rest of your days in that library. What about a shower, you say? Oh, you mean the can of Febreeze you'll take with you.
  • Don't: Sit around and wait for it. I know this contradicts with my previous point (I'm not confusing, you're confusing.), but I promise you, this is a foolproof plan to inspiration and you can't skip a single step. Sometimes the inspiration follows after you've already started doing whatever you want inspiration for. If you always wait for the sudden lightning bolt of genius, then you might be waiting for a long time (and they say that lightning never strikes twice. You might have already used up your allotted amount of lightning). 
Houston commercial photography

In review: Make sure you're fed and watered. Don't stress out about it. Let others know how you're feeling (and see if you can get something out of it). Don't have a lot of expectations for your work. Take some "Me-Time" (whatever that looks like for you). Don't always rely on inspiration to call first. 
Image result for i'm not going to wait to call gif
I know, it's scary to be the first to call.
I know what you all are thinking: "Wow, she's so smart!" and "How is she such a genius?" and "She should write a self-help book to cure the world's problems." and "Mommy, I want to be like her when I grow up.".
Houston commercial photography

But I'm here to tell you that sometimes inspiration isn't always in my grasp, and sometimes I need help, too (like when my assistant brings me coffee. Where would I be without that? Thank you, Jerry. You're the real MVP).

EDIT: A few days after posting this, I have just now realized that I tagged exactly no one. Please don't contact the tagging authorities.
I tag:
Cait @Paper Fury

Thank you again to Savannah! This was really fun. I love being tagged (hint, hint).



  1. Oh my word! Your new header, though! #perfection Seriously I don't know how you do it. :)

    ALSO JUST YES TO EVERYTHING IN THIS POST, FRIEND. Inspiration is the best! :)

    1. Aw, thank you! I'm lowkey obsessed with making headers. XD

  2. What language does Hiraeth come from? It's such beautifully heartsickening sad word :-)

    When I'm doing something I'm supposed to... same be like :P

    Actually I doubt the library thing works in my town. We have such a teensy-weensy little lib that the librarians would notice quickly that someone's being rude :D though the idea of it is still intrigueing...

    Generally, I usually have struggles to fight my many inspirations and filter the good ones while dumping the ridiculous ones, so I think I am going to write a list of that next.

    1. I'm not quite sure, but I think I remember it being Welsh or something. :)

      Ah yes, those pesky librarians who want you to be nice to people. XD Oh well, I suppose you could settle for gummy bears and smiling. Better yet, you could offer people gummy bears (I know if someone offered me a gummy bear, I would instantly be their BFF).

      SO TRUE. It can be crazy when a ton of ideas just flood your brain and then you're like, "Which of these are legit? Please raise your hand if you're actually a good idea." Unfortunately, none of them are very helpful, and they don't raise their hand, forcing you to sort through them. ;)

  3. Yesss I love this tag. It makes me so happy to see everyone flailing about inspiration and writing. xD

    EEK ISN'T BURNING YOUTH GREAT??! That blog just makes me so happy and I always leave it inspired and ready to conquer. :D <3

    Loved this!

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. YAAS. Inspiration is something that everyone could use (except when you have 3894 ideas). XD

      IT REALLY IS. I don't know how I didn't know about it from Day 1.

      Thanks! :D

  4. Eeep, thanks for the tag!! :D I do love your tips here and like I totally agree that you shouldn't just SIT there waiting for inspiration. That kind of scares it off. One has to trick it into coming. :') I like to tell myself I'm not writing or anything for a week and -- BOOM -- hello all the inspiration of ever. #ReversePsychologyFTW😂 I also find pinterest insanely helpful....oh and music. And reading. ;)

    1. Thanks! And yes, we must be sneaky and tricksy about these matters. Ah yes, Pinterest, the black hole of inspiration. XD Marvelously handy for when I lack inspiration, but the only problem is when it doesn't stop giving me inspiration... ;)


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