Dear 2016| THE WORST YEAR EVER?? I Don't Think So

Dear 2016,

Can you believe we're here? 2017. I feel like I was just writing the Dear 2015 post at the beginning of this year, but now 2016 is gone, and it's a new year, a new letter.

Everyone says that 2016 has been the worst year in a long time; politics, death, Instagram changing up it's look, Blogger changing up it's look. To those people who rant about the sadness and horrors of 2016,
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Are you done?
This year has taught me a lot about thankfulness. Yes, there was bad stuff, but there was also amazing, happy, wonderful things.

2016 has gone by in a whirl, but at the same time, I've learned so much that it feels like a whole lifetime of lessons and experiences. I've also stopped caring about what others think of me, so that's cool, but that also translates to me walking to the store in my blue onesie, humming show tunes.

I feel like this year was just drenched in stories, and music, and laughter. I've been stressed for basically all of it, but it's a good kind of stressed; the kind of stressed that feels like electricity in your blood and pushes you to do more than you ever thought you could.

☆In 2016☆ 
  • I checked something off of my bucket list. 
  • I watched the Lizzie Bennet Diaries for the first time. IT WAS SO GOOD.
  • I discovered that, yes, Hamilton is as good as everyone said it was. 
  • I went on an absolutely insane hike with my mother and sister. We were in a desert-y canyon on a blazing hot day for five miles. And then we walked by a rattlesnake (not thinking that it was, in fact, a rattlesnake). Then we ran out of water. Then we had two rattlesnakes on either side of the trail rattling at us as we ran by. It was kind of intense...
  • I came up with approximately 3894 more novel ideas.
  • I went to my first Opening Night at a theater TO SEE CIVIL WAR
  • I went through three journals! And all of them are probably filled with nonsense that I will burn.
  • My family took a great vacay to Canada for my sister's birthday. 
  • I dyed by hair blue for the first time ever. Then two more times after that.
  • My family went on a camping trip that included bungee jumping, alpine slides, and intense fiberglass burns. 
  • I GOT A LAPTOP!!! After years of living with a clunky, desktop computer, I finally got a laptop and immediately named it Sammy. 
  • I went blueberry picking, and I achieved a status that is highly sought after: while wearing a summer dress and picking blueberries on a hot day, I became a hipster.
  • Somewhere in the summer, I had a day that I have dubbed my Golden Day
  • I got my first inter-tubing injury after a summer adventure gone wrong. 
  • I went to my first concert.
  • I became lowkey addicted to Goodreads
  • I spent an incredible week playing hide-and-go-seek in the dark, riding four-wheelers, and listening to creepy podcasts with some of my favorite people in the world.
  • I had basically the best birthday ever this year. 
  • I participated in NaNo this year, AND WON LIKE THE BAWSE I AM.
  • I went Black Friday shopping for the first time ever, and it was both excruciatingly horrible and really fun.
  • It snowed for the first time in years, and yes, it was magical. I feel like a six-year-old who has never seen snow before whenever I twirl in the powder, giggling. Whatever, it's fun. 
  • This was the best Christmas yet for our family. Toffee (my adorable little bunny) joined us in the festivities, frolicking around the wrapping paper and lounging under our Christmas tree. 
I read a lot of amazing books in 2016, and I added a lot to my bookshelf. I channeled my inner writer genius and had sudden bursts of inspiration for future novels I want to write. That leaves me at...17 or 18 that I have in the works.
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Looking back at 2016, even though most of it feels like a giant blur of craziness, I am struck by how much I have to be grateful for. I see a lot of people dealing with anxiety, not knowing where to go in life, and other rough things that life throws at them, and even though I have had my fair share of anxiety, insecurities, and assorted personal issues, I have had the best support that I could ever ask for. My family, friends, and Savior have all been so essential to my growth this year. 

In other news, I drank roughly 1,500 cups of tea (and that's possibly underestimating because I don't want to be dramatic or anything) and about 3 glasses of water...

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I read 200 books and wrote 95 blog posts.

I'm excited for all the trips and laughter and DEVOURING EVEN MORE BOOKS *ahem* that 2017 has to offer.

How was your 2016? Are there any things you're especially looking forward to in 2017 (like all the amazing books that are being published, or any trips you're taking, or the sacrifice of a pig that will ensure you good luck for the year?)



  1. Happy New Year! :) It sounds like your 2016 was rad :D Playing hide and seek in the dark and reading #allthethings sounds like a ton of fun!! 2016 was a rad year for me, too, despite what everyone says about the political world, etc. - it was great! Another year of God-breathed life is always something to celebrate.

    Also, you rock for this:
    "I've also stopped caring what others think of me, so that's cool, but that also translates to me walking to the store in my blue onesie, humming show tunes."

    Have a great 2017! :)

    1. Happy New Year!! It was a great year for me, and I'm so glad to hear that it was awesome for you, too.

      *bows* Thank you, thank you very much. XD

  2. This post was such a refreshing dip back into last year and a strong reminder for me of all the little-super-big-awesome awesome moments that make our lives full of adventure and happiness. Hope you have an amazing 2017!

  3. "I've also stopped caring what others think of me, so that's cool, but that also translates to me walking to the store in my blue onesie, humming show tunes." You, my good sir, are an automatic cheerer and pick-me-upper. I thank you and I tip my hat to you <3

    Hurrah for laptops! I'm hoping to get a laptop soon :)

    You read 200 books?! SERIOUSLY?!?!

    . . . I give up.

    1. *tips hat right back atcha* Thank you kindly.

      Yay! I'm so excited about my laptop, and I HOPE YOURS IS THE BEST ONE EVER. :D

  4. I got a laptop and got addicted to Goodreads too so that's cool!

    I'm just looking forward to new books and music and bullet journalling. <3

    1. Hey!!! #twins

      That's awesome. I've been wanting to try bullet journaling, but have no idea where to start. XD

    2. I know somebody who does bullet journaling! She blogged about it here, with links to how-to websites and stuff.

  5. Happy New Year! My 2016 was pretty awesome, what with getting published, going to the Star Trek convention with my best friend, and so on.

    In 2017, I'm looking forward to completely two writing projects and starting my next novel, the movie Logan, and rereading The Lord of the Rings :-) Happy New Year!

    1. Wow, it sounds like your year was very eventful! That's awesome. :)

      And YAAAAAS, I am very excited for Logan. I should definately reread LOTR, as well. *adds it to my towering pile of books to read*

      Happy New Year! :D

  6. WOW YOU DID HAVE SUCH AN AMAZING YEAR!! (Except for that cayon hike?!? That is actually terrifying.😂 I nearly stood on a king brown this year which is VERY NOT GOOD since it's one of the top most poisonous snakes in the world. And it was just on a local walk and not even really bushy?!? So idek. 'Straya mate. Nice to still be alive. I am also glad you survived your hike.)

    And I do think 2016 was quite horrible for all the people who were maybe it's just because news coverage is better as time goes on? But it seems like so much more people died in terrorist attacks and shootings and things and that's just terrifying. *sad face* BUT I still think it's good to be more positive and also be thankful for the good things that have happened in 2016!! I actually had the best year personally that I've had in a long time.😂 and HI FIVE for us both reading 200 books. WE ARE AMAZING CLEARLY. ;)

    I'm looking forward to like 9348293 books coming out and omg I need them all. I ALSO NEED TO START A GOLD MINE OR SOMETHING HELP.😂

    1. I DID!! Though terrifying at the time, the hike is now a great story to tell at parties and such. XD The time we almost died... Good times. AND CAIT, YOU MUST WATCH WHERE YOU STAND IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE. Though you are Australian, so it would take much more than a silly little snake to harm you (I have not actually tested this theory seeing as I am not Australian. Please do not seek out poisonous snakes to test this. Especially TOP MOST POISONOUS SNAKES.)

      I definately agree. There were many horrible things that happened, and I don't in any way mean to lessen the gravity of those losses, but I've also been surrounded by a lot of people whining about how terrible their 2016 was because of silly reasons. I have lost all chill.

      I'm glad to hear this was a great year for you! You gained a ton of followers and became Blogging Queen, so it makes sense... And WE SHOULD START A CLUB. Only people who have read 200 books are allowed in. *poshly sniffs at all the peasants*

      THERE ARE SO MANY GOOD BOOKS COMING OUT!! And your 2017 Releases post helped in no way. XD I have added basically all of them to my list. SEND HELP.

  7. Agreed! Glad somebody else into buying into all this "2016 was the worst year to ever be and we are puddles of dismal despair because the world is dark and we hate it" stuff. Too dramatic.

    Your year... SOUNDS AWESOME??? Like hikes and SNAKES and Hamilton and BOOOOOKSSSS and stuff. Go you! :)

    1. Yeah! A lot of bad things happened, but I choose to focus on the positive. Despite all that happened, my year was really great.

      Thank you! Though the hike (which I have dubbed the Rattlesnake Death Hike XD) was scary, but fun, but scary. ;)


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