Unpopular Opinions - Frosting, Star Wars, and Bread

I have a lot of opinions, some of them are unpopular. I wrote them down. Here we go.

#1 The frosting isn't the best part.
It's just not.

#2 I don't like Ella's wedding dress all that much.
I mean, it is pretty, but it's not my favorite. I feel like it kind of washes her out a little. It is pretty, it's just not the style of dress that I would want to wear.

What do you think?
#3 I think the mint oreos are the best, who cares about the berry ones?
Most people that I've talked to think that the berry oreos are magic, but I think they taste kind of artificial. Mint oreos all the way, man. 

#4 I think putting food inside other food is really weird.
I just got my American card taken away. I don't know what it is about the USA, but I'm pretty sure that most fast-food places are making crazy hybrids that everyone is loving. A quesadilla burger does not sound appetizing to me.

#5 I don't hate the Star Wars prequels.
As a Star Wars fan, I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to think that the prequels are an abomination, but I don't think they are. I kind of like them! I definately don't think they're as good as the originals, but the prequels aren't all bad!

#6 Frozen isn't as good as people make it up to be.
Why is Frozen so obsessed over? It's a good movie, it's a really good movie, but it's just as good as other Disney movies. I like Frozen, but it's not the revolutionary movie that people make it up to be.

#7 Harry Potter isn't my favorite series. It isn't even my second favorite.
I'M SORRY. I love this story with all my heart, but it's not perfect. My favorites are as follows.
1. Percy Jackson and the Olympians
2. Heroes of Olympus
3. Fablehaven
4. The Unwanteds
5. Sisters Grimm
6. Harry Potter.
It's 6th on the list, and I feel like that's sacrilege.

#8 I think that bread is kind of gross.
Most bread kind of tastes like glue, and I should know, I used to eat glue. My only exception is sourdough bread. That stuff is magical.

#9 It's not cool to be tired.
I've been hearing a lot of teens talking about how they got so little sleep, and they're only surviving on a couple hours of sleep and a million cups of coffee! It's like a competition, people comparing their sleep, each one trying to seem like they had less sleep than the next person. I don't know about you, but I would be doing the opposite.

#10 I love writing in cursive.
It's just so flowy and fun! I'm at the point where it feels kind of weird to not write in cursive. I know that kids these days think they're not going to use cursive, but it is something that I think everyone should learn.



  1. Yes, the actual cake is the best part. I like a little frosting, but too much is was too sugary and makes me sick. :P
    As far as Oreos, I don't even like the plain ones...XD
    I also agree with #6 (although my nine-year-old self would probably get angry at my 12-year-old self for saying such a thing) and #9. :D

    I love Ella's wedding dress, though. So flowery! So colorful! (For a wedding dress, anyway). ;)

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. My goodness, you don't like Oreos? Do you also not like puppies and happiness? JUST KIDDING. I used to not like normal Oreos either. XD

  2. I HAVEN'T COMMENTED IN FOREVER. But this post caught my eye because yay, unpopular opinions rock! :D

    Hm...I kind of agree on #1. I love icing, but it can get super sweet. I think the cake and icing combo is perfect as long as there isn't TOO much icing. ^_^

    I ADORE ELLA'S WEDDING DRESS. Probably because it's something I would actually wear? I dunno, I honestly love Ella's entire wardrobe. XD

    *blinks* How have I never had either of those Oreos before? The only flavored ones I've had are peanut butter, which were delicious. *drools*

    #4 THANK YOU. I'll like certain foods SEPARATE from each other but not together in one dish. WHY MUST YOU COMBINE EVERYTHING, PEOPLE? Just...leave that food alone.

    (I don't hate the prequels either, but I also don't really enjoy them that much. They're just really "meh," in my opinion.)

    *hugs Frozen* Sorry, I'm one of those people. #notreallysorry And honestly, I keep seeing things on Pinterest where people make fun of "Frozen is the first Disney movie about loving sisters" or "Frozen is the first Disney movie to say you don't need a guy"...but I've NEVER in my life actually heard someone say those things! Like people never say that Frozen is the "first" movie to do that. I guess some people are just looking for reasons to pick on Frozen. :/ (I'm not talking about you, just people on Pinterest.)

    BREAD. I LIVE FOR BREAD. (Also, cursive is gorgeous. Just sayin.')

    This was a fun post! I actually think it's awesome that we don't agree on everything. ^_^ (What fun would that be?)


      And I am all for others wearing and liking whatever they want, I'm just not a fan of it. XD Though the rest of her wardrobe is DEFINITELY to die for.

      *shows up at your door with piles of mint Oreos* Your training has begun.

      RIGHT?! The food doesn't even have a say in it! I say food equality. Maybe the food doesn't like touching other food. We need to think about these things. ;)

      I do really like Frozen!! I just don't think it's the best Disney movie ever (which many people I've talked with think it is). It really did a lot of things right, and it was so fun to see an even more realistic Princess. And Olaf? Can he be my sidekick? But I would rather watch Beauty and the Beast or the Princess and the Frog over Frozen...

      Yeah! It's not fun to agree with EVERYTHING a person says. I like seeing what others opinions are and discussing it.

  3. I completely agree with you about Frozen! I'm so tired about hearing how it broke the mold for everything Disney...it got really aggravating, really quick. Also about the Star Wars prequels, I've always been a big fan of them too, yeah, they weren't as campy as the original trilogy, but they were still well done and told the story correctly.

  4. These are actually awesome opinions.😂 EXCEPT FOR FROZEN I LOVE FROZEN. It's definitely not the first Disney movie about sisters though, so idek who started that rumour but they need to sit down and watch more movies.😂

    And I don't actually KNOW who that Ella person is but I agree she looks kind of washed out. :/
    And I've never had an oreo. :( AM I NOT LIVING??? I AM PROBABLY NOT LIVING.

    Definitely in agreement about putting food inside other food. Like, no. I don't even like mixing any food together, tbh. Like people who smother their chips in sauce instead of casually dipping are not to be trusted. Ahem.

    And it's definitely not cool to be tired. ;_; *cries with insomnia* I would give ANYTHING to sleep more than 3hrs at once.

    1. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE THESE DAYS?? If you have not had an Oreo, you have never known true happiness or joy or deliciousness. I, for one, would be more than happy to compile a power-point presentation on why everyone should eat Oreos.

      Right? We don't want to drown the food!! That is cruel.

  5. EEP this was such a fun post, Evangeline! I loved it!

    I have never tasted a berry oreo O.O. I feel like I should just to decide whether they're weird or not ... *devours the mint oreos*

    1. Aw, thanks!

      A fellow mint Oreo enthusiast? WELCOME.

  6. I agree that the frosting isn't the best part. Also, I'm diabetic so...

    Putting food inside other food? Isn't that what everyone does? Like putting ingredients into a sandwich? (Ignore me, I'm just being a smart alec xD).

    I never watched Frozen but I doubt it's that good. Then again, I don't really care about Disney movies xD

    Harry Potter ain't my favourite, either. Now the best written, probably but not my favourite.

    Now, I'm scared of going to America to taste the bread because if the bread tastes like glue... that's some pretty bad quality bread! xDD

    I think cursive writing is nice but they shouldn't make everyone do it because most people don't use it afterwards o.O

    1. XD Technically you are correct, but you know what I mean. ;) I can tolerate food being put inside other food in the case of sandwiches. XD

      Well, to be fair, I have eaten gluten-free for over 6 months, so now bread tastes very strange. That might be the main problem.


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