An Appreciation Post For: My One-True Love aka My Laptop

Hello everyone, I would just like to say,


As some of you may have noticed in my July Favorites post, I mentioned that I received my very own laptop! Well I'm here to scream at you about it like the obsessed freak I am tell you about it.

Meet Sammy/Sam/Bro. My baby.

This is what he looks like, and he is wonderful. Yes, he is a he, and yes I named my laptop like a freak. What's new? For some reason, I adore naming EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN.

Fun Fact: I was the first one to say, "You know that glowing hate orb in the sky? Well, it's like my son. Or sun, if you will." You're welcome. 

I'm sure that there are some things that I will have to get used to, like how the touch screen is very sensitive, and how not all my programs are on here yet, but I am having a blast personalizing everything. 

For almost 7 years (as of one week ago), I had been using a really old desktop computer that was moved around the house, but always ended up in a corner, facing the wall. As grateful as I am that I was able to have a computer basically all to myself, it still wasn't great feeling cut-off from the rest of my family/world/any human like. But now I can go to the park with my laptop and be like, "Sup? I'm just here to write." Granted, in a more realistic scenario, I wouldn't be talking to anyone, just hiding behind a shrub and typing furiously. 


Sammy is lightweight, portable, and can be held on my lap. All good traits for a laptop to have. I've taken to sitting on my couch in my fleece, cat pajamas (just for clarification, the pajamas have cats on them. I am not wearing tiny pajamas intended for our feline friends) and writing/blogging into the wee hours of the morning, sipping on tea and feeling wonderful because I have a laptop! 

This has been: An appreciation post. 



  1. Dude, that's so awesome! I think we may have the same laptop....? And yes, having a computer like Sammy is so much better than a desktop computer because you can TAKE HIM ANYWHERE. Like Starbucks. Which is the bomb. :)

    1. Yeah? #twinning
      Yep, Starbucks is a pretty great place to write and hang out. Also, THE LIBRARY is nice too. And anywhere, because I can take him everywhere!! Sweet, sweet freedom. XD

  2. This perfectly sums up my feelings for my laptop. His name is Boris. I name everything Boris, almost. I have a fish named Boris, my phone is named Boris, my old ipod is named Boris, and so on.

    1. Is there a certain reason for the name Boris? or is do you just like it? And naming everything one name makes it all easy to remember. XD

  3. ooh congrats! I'm thinking of getting a laptop for myself as well!

    1. Thanks! And YES you should. Join the Laptop club. We meet once a month and have t-shirts and everything. ;)

    2. Laptop club? Cool. *dons laptop t-shirt* Laptops rock :D. I have yet to name mine. But I shall XD.

  4. Ahhhh oh my goodness! I think I have that exact same laptop! Is it a Dell Inspiron 15-3552? (I think that's what mine's called. I looked it up in settings in the about section.) I got mine really recently (In June) after being stuck on a computer with a veryyyy clunky keyboard that was also shared by the nine people in my family. It is so nice to have your own computer, is it not? ALSO: I love your name for him! I made mine a girl and named her Natasha! <3 I FEEL THIS POST SO MUCH. STRAIGHT TO MUH HEART.


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