Underrated Characters: Hawkeye

"Thor, the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Widow: the main Avengers. Am I forgetting one? Oh yeah, what's-his-name. Robin Hood. The guy with the arrows. Black Widow's friend."

That was literally a conversation I had with someone, basically word for word. My friend was left struggling for "Robin Hood's" name until I supplied it. He is the forgotten Avenger.

People argue that Hawkeye shouldn't be part of the Avengers because all he does is shoot a bow and arrow. People also argue that he is the best Avenger. People argue that Hawkeye doesn't matter. People argue that Godzilla was a historical movie. I figured that I would add my voice to the noise and arguments. I'm important, too!

I believe that Hawkeye brings so much more to the table than people realized.

For one, he is able to compare stories with the best of them. Thor is an alien, Iron Man has emotional and boundary issues, the Hulk is...the Hulk, Captain America can never truly feel at home in this strange America (and he's dealing with other major things), and Black Widow has such a history that I don't even know where to begin, but Hawkeye? He ran away from an orphanage after both his parents died, and HE JOINED THE CIRCUS! #goals
Despite all of that, Hawkeye has a family, a life, a grounded set of morals that have been tested but not shaped by war and trauma.

I'm also 90% sure he's in a boyband. 
In the comics, we see Hawkeye first introduced as a criminal, aiding in stealing from Iron Man. But then we see that Hawkeye is a darling cupcake who saves Jarvis and his mother from muggers.

Hawkeye is kind of like the cool baby sitter who watches the kids, but is also their friend. In Age of Ultron, he clearly felt very responsible for them all. Even his wife could see that they desperately needed him. 

His relationship with Scarlet Witch/Wanda is positively adorable. He comes off as a father figure, protective and cautious for her wellbeing.  He really does have insane skill, and I believe that without him, the Avengers would be very different. They wouldn't fall apart, but they wouldn't be as good. I doubt that without Black Widow or Thor the Avengers would fall apart, but they wouldn't be as good, because they both bring something imperative to the team. And I believe that goes for Hawkeye as well. 

This post was less "coherent and well formed argument about Hawkeye's importance to the team" and more of a "I JUST REALLY LOVE HIM, OKAY?"




    Seriously though, Hawkeye is a lovely darling and I love what you're saying. I would say more but I'd just be repeating what you've already said. XD

    1. Exactly. He needs to be appreciated. He is a stand-up citizen.

  2. I REALLY need to watch the Avenger movies.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree! You really should. :)

  3. Great post! :D Hawkeye is my favorite. Anyone who doesn't appreciate him is really missing out. He's the glue that holds the Avengers together!


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