The Get-To-Know-Me Tag

I've come across a tag that looks fun, so clearly I'm going to do it like the blogging outlaw I am.

vital stats
Name: Evangeline Yackel. Some are under the impression that I am Laura Yackel, but I just use my mother's account because I am too lazy to change it to my own by now. 
Nicknames: Ev, Gert, Banjo, Vanvan, and Hobbit Friend.
Birthday: October 19th.
Place of Birth: Good ol' Washington.
Star Sign: Um *googles my sign* Libra?
Occupation: Writer. Granted, I am not being paid for this, but it's still my occupation right now. 

Hair color: I am a natural blonde, but not like a pretty golden-blonde. It's more of a dishwater blonde. I plan on dying my hair brunette, blue (again), and then red.
Hair length: It's just past my shoulder, and I hope to cut it soon.
Eye color: Blue! 
Best feature: winning wit and personal charm? 
Braces: Nope.
Piercings: Nada. I've never understood the appeal of having one's ears pierced, but hey, each to their own.
Tattoo: Maybe one day, but today is not that day.
Righty or Lefty: Righty! 


Best friend: The first best friend that I can remember was Emma. We were nicknamed the "trouble twins". Though I do have vague memories of a kid named Ocean when I was toddler.
Award: Nothing that I can think of.
Sport: I've never actually played an official sport, but I've played many a backyard baseball game.
Real holiday: Halloween. Since I'm an October baby, Halloween is the closest. Though the first holiday I remember is Christmas.

*I am the most indecisive person ever, so I will give a couple options that come to mind first.
Film: Why would you ask this? Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil WarMighty Joe Young, Secondhand Lions, and Disney. Everything Disney.
TV Show: UHH *panics* Agent Carter, Arrow, Sherlock, Doctor WhoWhen Calls the Heart, Merlin, OUAT, and BBC Robin Hood.
Color: Blue forever.
Song: So many. The Waiting by Jamie Grace. Saturn by Sleeping At Last. Actually, like, every Sleeping At Last song. How is all their music so beautiful and perfect? Fight Song by Rachel Platten. Standing By by Pentatonix. Oceans by Hillsong United. The entire Smoke+Mirrors by Imagine Dragons.
Restaurant: I don't think it's technically a restaurant, but there is this place called Gyro Delight that has the best food. Seriously. Or Panda Express. I don't go to a lot of restaurants. 
Shop: Barnes&Noble or Powell's Bookstore in Portland (it's a bookstore with four floors that has a map. A MAP!)
Books: Not cool, bro. I can't  decide! All the books on my bookshelf.
Shoes: Combat boots. Mainly because I hate tying laces, (I'm just really lazy like that) so zip-up combat boots are a gift from heaven.  

Feeling: Happy, productive, kind of tired.
Single or taken: Taken. Sorry to anyone who wants to date me, but I am most definitely taken by the fictional guys I'm with.   
Eating: Always. Oh, you meant what am I eating right now? Banana ice cream that is not actually ice cream. It's pretty much just frozen bananas put through a food processor. It's not nearly as sad as it sounds, I promise. I get to add chocolate chips and everything! 
Thinking about: All the editing I need to do.
Watching: When Calls the Heart.
Wearing: My pajama pants, a tank top, and a GIANT grey sweater that is my happy place.

*Do you mean the giant swirling vortex of doom?
Want children: Unsure. We'll see what God has in store for me.
Want to be married: Yeah! What girl doesn't? What girl hasn't thought about how she'll meet her husband? ...because I have most definitely never done that. Ever. *whistles nervously* 
Careers in mind: *takes deep breath* Writer, teacher, journalist, actor, and missionary. Wish me luck.
Where you want to live: Everywhere. If I could, I would travel the world, rarely settling down in one place. But realistically, Washington. #1. This state has everything, desert, rainforest, beach, it's perfect. #2. All my friends and family are here. #3. I could never leave my wonderful rainy state.
Though I do want to travel as much as possible.

do you believe in
God: Absolutely, without a doubt.
Miracles:Once again: absolutely. 
Love at first sight: Hm, no. I wish I could because the idea of it is quite lovely, but I don't believe that someone can truly fall in love in one glance. I believe in attraction-at-first-sight, but not love. 
Ghosts: I believe in the supernatural world around us i.e. demons, angels, but not like, haunt your attic, unfinished business ghosts.
Aliens: No, and I have biblical proof/logic that backs me up. 
Soul mates: Of course, I believe that God designs two people to be soul mates, and that from the moment we open our eyes, God already has our entire life planned out, along with who we marry and what we do with our life. Whether or not we listen to Him and follow that plan is a different story. 
Heaven: Yep.
Hell: Well, the two kinda go hand-in-hand.
Kissing on the first date: I do not believe in kissing until you are married.  That is such a special, sacred thing that shouldn't be shared with anyone else other than your soulmate.
Yourself: I don't believe in myself. I believe in God's ability to make my life something great. I believe in God's will for me. Me on my own will fail. I will never reach my full potential or do all that I want to do on my own.
Final Exams According To "Parks And Recreation"



  1. Oooo, I like this tag! Mostly simple questions, and yet very informative and I think that's awesome! I may or may not become a tag pirate myself...

    I'm curious what your Biblical proof against aliens is. I've always speculated that maybe there was plant life, or maybe weird animals on other planets. Until I though about how man was put on earth to care for the land and animals. And if there was intelligent life, such as humans, on another planet, then would Adam and Eve have punished them too? Or did the same type of event happen at the same time? Like, part of me feels it would be silly to think only our planet sustains life or anything interesting (because as cool as it is when we went to the mood, it's kinda boring if you know what I mean). But if there was life, wouldn't it need a caretaker? Or would it? After all, when you think of earth, everything has such a perfect lifecycle, that most (if not everything) would stay in balance and move on happily through life without us silly humans doing crazy things. I dunno man. It's something I've put a lot of thought into and reached absolutely no conclusions.

    1. Go right ahead, join me in my outlaw-dom. ;)

      First of all, the search for life has been going for over 40 years, and there has been no unnatural sounds or signs except for here on earth.
      The Bible doesn't say specifically that there aren't other lives out there, but there would be some serious Biblical issues if there were. In Romans it says, "For we know that all creation groaneth in pain together." The Bible says that all creation was cursed because of what Adam and Eve did, but if ALL creation was cursed, then wouldn't the life on other planets be cursed as well? That doesn't sound like a just and loving God. The only other possibility is that all other life sinned at the exact same moment, which seems pretty far fetched. And what about Jesus? The Bible says that He came to Earth to save us from our sin. Did He go to the other planets, dying for each one? In Hebrews it says, "We are sanctified by the blood of God, once and for all." The Bible says that God only died once, so how would all of those other planets with other life have been saved?
      We've also never found anything like Earth that can sustain life. The Bible says that God created Earth specifically for us, like no other. It would make it a lot less personal if He had created more planets that could sustain life.

      Ooo, that was fun to dust off the ol' brain. :)

  2. Omg I feel SUPER BAD for calling you Laura!! I had no idea, sorry. *hides*

    Aaaand banana ice cream is wonderful. ;) My parentals used to make this version with macadamia nuts in there too as well as chocolate chips. DIVINE OMG.

    Haha...but to the "what girl doesn't" for your marriage question...*raises hand* Me? bahah. I want to marry my bookshelf basically. AHem. AND AW NO ALIENS. SAD TIMES. ;D Just kidding. I'd like to think there are other galaxies and lives out there! (Vuuuulcans) ALSO OMG YAY FOR AGENT CARTER!! She's basically my favourite super hero, because she's totally super. She is. XD😂

    1. XD No problemo. It's not like I go around saying that name is NOT Laura. It was the logical assumption. :)

      Ooo, I should try adding macadamia nuts sometime.

      Who knows, we don't know for sure, do we? It would be cool, though. Maybe I've been decided since a young age about life on other planets or galaxies. :)
      YAAS AGENT CARTER. Like, she is the only superhero that matters. XD

  3. Great answers : ) Tagged you for The Simple Questions Tag!

  4. I like Jamie Grace's music as well. Also, I'm not a fan of piercings. hm... xDD (what is this comment?)

    1. It's wonderful. And this comment exists... XD

  5. Eee, nice to 'meet' you, (not) Laura! :D

    But wow, that tag got 'deep' quick XD

    1. *bows* A pleasure. :)

      Yeah, it did, didn't it?

  6. I love it when people do this tag! It's so fun to get to know them better *nods* (also that gif is great).


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