Winter: My Thoughts

This post will be divided into two parts. One part will be general fangirling and discussion (will contain spoilers from bk 1-3), and then the second half will be my thoughts on Winter (for those who have not yet read Winter, you can just skip that part). 

I would like to start out by saying this series is one of the best books to have happened to me this year. It's fluffy and happy, while keeping the stakes high and threat looming at all times. Everything about these books is just so SHIPPABLE. The characters are darling, and even more darling together. I just have so many feelings about this series. I have yet to read Stars Above, but I will soonI am number 28 on the hold list. Why must the library torture me so? Clearly everyone else doesn't want it as badly as I do, so they should deliver it into my clutches.
Some things I love about the series: 
I get quite impatient with stories that claim to be "a fresh take on the classic fairy tales", but end up being the very same fairytale. There is nothing fresh about only changing the name and era, but the Lunar Chronicles does not disappoint! It takes it's responsibility as a new fairytale quite seriously. In fact, I can't call it a fairytale because it is so different! It does take some cues from the story, but it also is it's own strong, independent series who don't need no fairytale. And the characters themselves are no exception.

Cinder - Darling, you are perfect.
Cinder is a tough mechanic who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty and do what it takes. She is also ready to don a ballgown and look stunning as she steals the heart of the dashing prince/emperor. I love that she is a cyborg Cinderella, because who wouldn't love that? Her character development is subtle, but still manages to be so believably drastic. She is awesome.

Scarlet - Dearest, never change.
Scarlet is fierce. She is a bold, perfect little redhead who is loyal to a fault. She goes after her grandmother with every ounce of strength she has, willing to die for her family. When Wolf shows up, she is hesitant to trust him, then she does, then she doesn't, then she does again (it's a rollercoaster). She wears a red hoodie and carries a gun. She is sweet and deadly, sarcastic and sincere. She is very quick witted and resourceful, and she doesn't give up easily. Scarlet, you rock.

Cress - Precious cinnamon roll, you are adorable.
Cress is wonderful. She is a sweet, innocent hacker who is quite starstruck by a certain rapscallion. I feel like she encompasses most of us who are reading this series: Stalks attractive men on the internet, never rarely leaves her home, and is more than happy to be stranded in the desert with said rapscallion. I've heard talk of Cress being annoying because of her "infatuation" with Thorne, and I will admit, at times I was wondering when she would let go of her fantasy, but then I thought about it, and I realized that he was basically what gave her a distraction from her restricted life. She had barely any interaction with people, so it would be no shock for her to latch onto an idea of someone. She starts out quite naive, though she is learning how to find her bravery and "inner warrior".

                                                       Winter Thoughts                                                    

Basically the entire book.
I loved this book. There was so much happening, but it didn't feel over crowded. About 7/8 of the way through the novel, I was wondering how everything was going to be resolved because things looked quite bleak for our heroes. A+ storytelling. I am quite satisfied with the conclusion, and it wrapped things up nicely, though it was left open to some degree. It wasn't like, "And then they got into their minivan and had 2.5 children and a white picket fence until they were 89." Ta-da!! Story complete.
I am so glad that it wasn't like that, because to be honest, that's one thing that really disappointed me about the Hunger Games. I'm glad to know that Katniss is happy and is living well, but it wrapped everything up in a bow and gave it to us too easily (in my opinion). But Winter did no such thing, which I am very grateful for.
My best books of 2015

Winter was quite an emotional rollercoaster. I went from horrified, to squealing at all the adorable characters, to gasping as Cress was FREAKING STABBED. After the end of that chapter, I had to go help with dinner, and then it was time to eat dinner, and then we had a bonfire, and THEN I was finally able to finish Winter. I was kind of slowly dying throughout the entire dinner.

Usually when books have more than one romantic plot-line, I can't stand it (exception: The Heroes of Olympus. That series is golden), but with the entire Lunar Chronicles, I was fangirling and being a typical silly teenage girl. I felt like Cress when she first met Thorne.

I would just like to mention all of the character development that was spectacular! I mean, Cress alone...

And then Cinder, and Scarlet, AND WOLF. Wolf, precious. He is so intimidating on the outside, but I feel like if he saw a butterfly, he would just sort of...wander after it.

Winter is adorable and must be protected at all costs. I wish that I could just wrap her in bubble wrap so she can never get hurt again, but at least her guard is there for her. Speaking of Jacin: grumpy people who care so much about one person are my favorite thing ever.

This book was amazing, and I want to buy the series, which means that it was truly wonderful. Only the most magical of books make their way to my shelf. Though I am perplexed, what do I do now?

Winter was fabulous. Go read it. 



  1. I completely agree - this was such an amazing end to the series and I am so glad you liked it as much as I did! :) Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous review! <3


  3. I LOVED THESE BOOKS!!!!! *flails and fangirls for forty years*


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