Birthday Vacay! - 2016

The vacation for my sister's birthday was super fun. We went to Victoria BC (in Canada. Where else would Victoria BC be?) in honor of her 17th birthday, which I am still convinced wasn't real. She just turned 15! How did this happen?

We got to the hotel, got settled, and drove around Victoria for dinner. We found a sign for a bookstore, and I begged and pleaded asked nicely if we could go in. Of course, with my luck, we couldn't find it, but we ended up finding the place we would eat at for dinner. We then bought coconut ice cream and blueberries. Once everyone was all ready for bed and tired, that's when I made tea and read until I could barely keep my eyes open.

As soon as I woke up, I made more tea and read. Yes, I know you're supposed to not read on a vacation, but I couldn't help it! Firefight was so good!!
We walked around Chinatown and investigated quite a few small bookstores and shops.

I'm in the purple. 

After walking around and buying a few books because I have no self-control, we found ourselves by a really super healthy restaurant. I expected to not be impressed by birdseed, but then I found that I enjoyed birdseed when it was in a soup/veggie bowl that was positively delicious. I'm healthy now!Quick Note: I do believe that is the first picture of myself that I have ever posted on here! Granted, it's just my back, but still, monumental occasion.

This was a veggie bowl that we had.
There was a delightful chocolate place that I graced with my chocolate knowledge. We bought our chocolate goodies and continued to walk around, enjoying the sights and MORE BOOKSTORES! 
That's right, I found even more bookstores and tried to buy all the books because I have no self control. 
And it had two escalators! Up and down, which I rode more than once. 
Because I am a child. 
Who love escalators. 
A lot. 

We found a place called DavidsTea that was positively enchanting! It's kind of like Teavana, but better. Sorry Teavana. We were able to get some tea and sit in the cushy comfy couchy area they provided. In fact, I have been recently informed by a reliable source also known as my mother that DavidsTea just opened a shop in the mall near my home. Celebration! Jovial merriment! 
We went back to the hotel, swam in the pool, and then went to bed. It was a good day.

We were on a time crunch, trying to eat breakfast and get ready as fast as we could because we had a reservation and, dangit, we were going to be on time! What was this oh so important, like changing reservation for? For ziplining! 
I've been ziplining before, in Arkansas, but it was just one mile long zipline that was so fun! But before that, I was Little Evangeline in Victoria BC, standing on a ziplining platform and shaking with fear. Little Me chickened out. Now, years later, I returned with a vengeance. It was so fun! It was all hardcore ziplining, and on one of the ziplines, it felt like flying. 
After ziplining, we went back to the hotel and had a pretty lazy evening. Luckily, my mother and I were able to gather everyone up to take a walk around the park nearby. We took the walk around around sunset, and it was just lovely. 

We went back to the super healthy restaurant from before and had a breakfast of granola, almond milk, tea, and a green smoothie. 
We watched a couple movies on the drive back. The weather was beautiful and warm, and it was the perfect end to a vacation. 



  1. THIS SOUNDS AMAZING!! AHHHH. Particularly the ziplining. Omg it's kind of my dream to zip line eventually. XD (And Firefight IS so so good I can totally understand needing to read it while being on holidays.) And also it's funny because there's a state called Victoria in Australia! ;D

    1. It's so fun!!! Though it kind of felt unreal the first couple zip lines. Firefight was amazing, and I was so sad when it was over, but I am patiently-ish waiting for Calamity. XD
      Really? I had no idea, but I guess we learn something new every day, don't we?

  2. "In honor of her 17th birthday, which I am still convinced wasn't real. She just turned 15! How did this happen?"

    Oh my word, you're so right about this...Whenever my little sister has a birthday, I'm just like, "How?" It never makes sense. Literally just yesterday I was questioning if my sister truly was is this possible?

    Day 1 sounds like so much fun! I love those vacation days that are so busy and fun but then at night you're so sleepy you can hardly stay awake. I don't know why I love that, but there's something so wonderful about it. It's the mark of a truly wonderful vacation.

    Also, all the bookstores sound awesome, as does that veggie bowl of glory. Looks yummy! It sounds like you all had a rad vacation!

    1. Right? Is that just like a universal sister thing?

      It was so much fun. :) Vacations that are busy and crazy are kind of my favorite. The bookstores were so fun, and it was a wonderful vacation. :)

  3. Wait, vacations aren't for reading? I thought that was a huge part of why we took vacations!

    Glad you had fun :-) All vacations should involve bookstores. Mine generally do.

    1. Of course they are! Why else would they make books so easy to take along?

      Thanks! I agree. ;)

  4. Okay, so you're not British xD Anyway, I'm glad you had a lovely time!


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