In Which I Rant About All My Writing Thoughts

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single writer in possession of a good idea must be in want of a novel.



Instead, I'm stuck editing one book while all the ideas I've pushed on the back burner tumble forward. I have novels of every kind just waiting to be written, but I promised myself that I would edit at least two books before I wrote another. I have to at least get a second draft for people to read. 

Recently, I've also been thinking about when my novel gets to the beta reader stage, and to put it plainly...I'm terrified. 

My novel has so far to go with me not knowing exactly how to get it there. I've barely scratched the surface of editing, and I'm scared/excited to see how much I'm really going to have to change. Right now I'm at the rewriting stage. Almost every scene is having to be shifted and re-written. That's easy enough, I can figure that out no problem, but what I'm really nervous about is when I come across something that I'm going to have to cut or a character that has to go. 

17 novel ideas + tons of inspiration - time = Madness

Scrivener has been a life-saver in the editing process and the organization of novel ideas. Usually, I jot down my ideas on scraps of paper in a notebook that can get lost easily and are never as completed or coherent.

But with Scrivener, everything is in its place, and I feel like I can wait on these ideas without the inspiration slipping away. 

 With more and more to do for my novel, my days are getting more and more jumbled as I'm trying to fit everything in, but it's important for me to not get stressed as I can so easily do. When I get stressed, I shut down and then nothing gets done which makes me more stressed. 

I couldn't be happier with how things are going. My writing has improved drastically, and I feel confident that my novel, with a lot of work, can possibly be good.



  1. First of all, when I checked for a new post and saw that there was one I was like "AW YEAH THIS IS THE BEST DAY". Secondly, you're novel is going to be fantastic and don't you forget it. (unless it's terrible, but most likely it won't be cause you're good with words. If it happens to be less than good, you can count on me to come in in a suit and tie impersonating Tim Gun: "I love what you're doing here but you're going to have to scrap the entire thing. Great work though dear, keep it up.") 3. Girl, you format that novel! you edit those drafts! you are a magical unicorn fairy princess who possesses the wonderful quality of storytelling and basically all I want is to read your novel so chop chop. XD

    1. BLESS YOUR HEART Thank you, and if it's awful, I will hold you to the offer of pulling a Tim Gunn. XD

  2. AHHH I LOVE THIS. And I so relate about Scrivener! Actually, ever since I got scrivener I've just been coming up with SCORES of ideas. XD It's getting a bit overwhelming....but it's so easy to keep them organised and plotted until I can get around to writing them!! (Which, considering I've come up with 6 new books this year alone...*cries* I'm never going to catch up.)
    EDITING IS SUPER TOUGH, BUT KEEP IT UP! YOU'VE GOT THIS! (I'm editing right now and my brain is fryyyyying. But the finished product is always entirely worth it. <3)

    1. Scrivener is basically the best thing ever. And yes, it also makes it easier to come up with ideas. XD
      My goodness, 6 books?! Wow.

  3. Man, I've SO gotta try Scrivener!!


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