April Favorites 2016

Once again, the month has flown by. 

Quick Life Update: It was a crazy month weather-wise. Where I live, during Spring, it is very rainy, but this month felt like summer! It was crazy warm, and I even wore shorts. In April! I was an extra in a film some friends were doing, and I met quite a lot of new people. I initiated conversations, and felt a lot less awkward in general. I dyed part of my hair blue, and I am still completely excited about it. I fought off an alien virus* and got caught up on some shows I haven't seen in a while. I did the Infinity Dreams Tag, and finally watched Green Gables Fables**. I completed Camp NaNo, and more importantly, I finished editing (the first draft) my novel! I'll probably write a post on that soon, because let's be honest, that's like...the highlight of my month. I almost got bitten by a rattlesnake and ran out of water in the desert.***

* Also known as Strep Throat. It was awful, but I survived with the help of tea, books, and lots of journaling. 
** That Youtube series killed me. I am dead.
*** This is not a dramatization. I literally ran out of water on a five mile hike in the desert. And saw five rattlesnakes, one of which I walked within a foot of. And another which was rattling in the bushes, but we couldn't see it. 


This book, man. It was awesome. I actually do have a review/my thoughts post coming soon, so I won't go too in depth here. This book has a very unique feel, and the relationships and bromances are quite strong.
I don't know how I haven't heard of Echosmith before, but this month, I discovered their music. I have been listening to them non-stop.
In the Raven Boys, Blue Sargent is the main-ish character. She is a treasure. Her sense of humor and wit is very quick, but also quite real. She is extraordinary among the extraordinary, quite literally. Blue is the type of character that I would want to write about. 

I know that this technically isn't a drink, but it goes in drinks, so it's close enough. This was imperative in helping me overcome my mild case of strep throat. I drink tea like crazy, but I dislike taking vitamins, so putting this in my tea was perfect. 

My family has been on a huge healthy craze that started with my mother. I've almost completely gone off of gluten (not by choice), and I rarely have processed sugar (*hides the apple fritter*). Because we have been all healthy, I haven't had Chinese food in what feels like A MILLION YEARS. My mother made a healthy version of Chow Mein, and it tasted just like the real thing! That is definately my favorite food this month.
TV Show

I've already seen the Ninth Season, but I rewatched it, because who doesn't like having their heart ripped out and stomped on? I cry every time I watch the last couple of episodes. Doctor Who has only been getting better, and I think that Season 9 is one of my favorites. 


This movie is hilarious. I was dying of laughter the entire time. I never was able to really like the first one because it seemed too crude, but surprisingly, the sequel is significantly better. There was never a moment or scene that wasn't comedic, and now I have some of my favorite movie quotes.  



  1. It really has flown by. I looked up and thought to myself "it's May" of course I didn't believe myself, cause the weather is like June but it feels like March. These are all great favorites. I always like seeing what other people enjoy :) oh Banjo, Chinese food is the bomb.com. I must have some of this wonderful chow mein you speak of.

    1. True dat! And yes, you need to have some one of these days!!


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