The Infinity Dreams Award 2016

Hey hey beautiful readers, how are you? *reaches through the screen to give you a hug* I promise I'm not being creepy. I'm just really grateful to those who read my blog! The handful that read random things about me, my life, and what I like or don't like, mostly don't know me. That means that you maybe find what I'm saying entertaining? I don't know why ya'll decided to jump on board the Odd Blog express, but thank you. 

On a different note, I was tagged!! No matter how many times people tag me, whenever I see my name among the list of the tagged, I get super excited. It's always so fun being tagged for stuff

It's so purty.
1. Thank the Blogger who tagged you - Thank you Morgan!!
2. Tell us 11 facts about yourself
3. Answer the 11 questions given to you
4. Tag 11 bloggers and give them 11 new questions to answer

Okay, 11 facts. 

- I am an INFP.
- I have been collecting keys since I was 9. 
- I'm going to dip-dye my hair blue (and I'm really excited).
- I am a generally timid person, but I force myself to be a "daredevil" (bungee jumping, rock climbing, zip lining, hanging over a GIANT cliff face, roller coasters, etc.) 
- I prefer odd numbers to even numbers.
- I have acted in a few short films.
- Outside of the US, I've only been to Canada.
- I would rather go to Arkansas that Disneyland (there is a good reason, I promise. Disneyland is pretty great.)
- I have been to Disneyland twice, and both times there was a reason that I couldn't go on the Indiana Jones ride. First time: I was too short. Second time: It was closed for renovations. 
- I am lowkey afraid of the dark.
- I actually really love rapping. 

Question time:
What is your biggest fear? Are we talking like...spiders? Or deep deep fears? If so, being alone. It's kind of a dumb fear to have because I know I will never truly be alone (hi God), but I have it nonetheless. 

A TV show you hate? I don't think there is a TV show I absolutely hate, but the one I like the least is probably...erm, iZombie (I'm sorry Lilly). It's probably just the commercials making it look really weird, but then again, maybe not.

What is your dreams for the future? My dream for the future is to find a way to travel the world while writing about what I see. I want to get married at some point, but I'm not sure if I want a family. I want my books to be published.
I've always felt the pull of acting. I feel like that might also be something that comes into play.
Teaching. I've thought a lot about it, and I really want to teach. I would teach a creative writing class to college students probably. 

A song that resonates with you most? Walk on the Water - Britt Nicole

Which time era would you choose to live in? That's hard to say... But probably the 19th century. Mainly because I would want to be the rebel girl who refused to wear all the corsets and petticoats, who instead ran around solving crimes. Do you blame me?

Least favorite house chore? Definitely the dishes.

Favorite game? Monopoly Deal, Corn, or Five Second Rule. 

A movie you could watch over and over? Every Disney/Pixar cartoon ever, and Mighty Joe Young.

Funniest thing you have ever done? Oh goodness, what to pick? My sister and I have had so many hilarious hijinks! One of the funniest things that I have done is hide in a shower in Ikea and wait until someone walked by. 

How old were you when you got your first phone? I was 14, and the phone is only able to call/text someone. That's all I need, in case of emergencies or something.

Favorite or least favorite disney film? Favorite: Probably Treasure Planet
Least Favorite: (they're all so good!) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or Alice in Wonderland, mainly because the main character in both is so annoying. The high-pitched, whiny voice doesn't help either.

I tag Olivia@Meanwhile in Rivendell and Mary@Sunshine and Scribblings. Yep, 2 people out of the 11 that I was supposed to tag. Oh well. #rebel.

If you could have personally witnessed anything, what would it have been?
Do you like musicals? And if so, which ones?
What genre of books do you like to read the most?
What is the weirdest book you have ever read?
Are you a daredevil or do you play it safe?
What can always cheer you up?
What's your favorite movie?
What's your favorite word?
What has been your favorite birthday celebration?
Did you go through any "phases"?
What's the strangest thing someone has said to you?

I am drinking my third mug of coffee, and my eyes are burning, but I have to finish this post before I fall asleep. It's currently 1:21 am. 
Goodbye for now, peeps. 



  1. Omg Walk on the Water is one of my favorite songs! And that's a bummer that you've never been on the Indiana Jones ride. I've only been on it once, and I didn't see anything as I was holding on and plugging my ears. XD

    1. It's so good!! And right? I've heard how fun and scary it is, and I wish I could have gone.

  2. EEEEP thanks so much for tagging me! It makes me wildly ecstatic every time I see my name in someone's post. *grins* Hopefully I'll get this tag done soon!

    Ohhh, the Indiana Jones ride is great! We just went to Disneyland a couple years ago, and I absolutely loved it! I went on it when I was 6 the first time, but it terrified me. Life lesson: do not take your six-year-old child on a ride with snakes, scorpions, jerky movements, and loud noises. XD

    Your answer to the time period question = perfection. XDDD

    LOL, you hid in the Ikea shower? That is hilarious. You may have given me an idea... ;)

    I loved all your answers to this tag! And the new questions you concocted look like a blast. Sorry I've fallen so behind on commenting lately. Life gets in the way of things sometimes. :/

    1. Yeah! No pressure. I totally understand about life getting in the way of things. It seems that recently I've only become busier. XD

      Goodness! That sounds like quite the memory. Seeing as I was terrified of Splash Mountain, if I had gone the first time (I was 6 as well), I would have died from fright.

  3. Awesome answers! And eeeeeee, thanks for tagging me! Those questions are awesome :D

    *returns virtual hug with even more force* I WUVS YOU (okay, that did sound weird), and I follow your blog because it's absolutely awesome. I know I'm waaaaayyy behind on timely commenting, but I always notice when you post and get excited about reading it whenever :)

    "Walk on the Water" is such a great song!!

    Dumb-phone owners unite! ;D

    1. Of course! And AWWW! You're so sweet. Thank you!!

      It is an awesome song.

      Yes! We shall create a club with t-shirts and everything. ;)

  4. I am wonderful! *hugs back through screen awkwardly cause my laptop is at a weird angle*
    (what does INFP mean?)
    So like can a pleeeeaaassseee see your key collection?? :D I have a strange fascination with keys, though I don't collect them myself.
    I'm late to this post so your hair is already blue and ITS AWESOME. I wish I could pull off dyed hair. I have no idea what color I'd do... maybe navy blue.
    It's funny cause when I first met you, you didn't seem like the kind of person that would be a daredevil at all but now I can totally see it. I WANNA GO ZIPLINING SO BAD.
    I suppose I prefer even numbers to odd numbers, except when it comes to children. I mean, I'd love to have any number of kids, but the idea of 7 or 9 or 11 kids has always appealed to me.
    I've only been to Canada too! Great country, that one.
    I wanna come to Arkansas too!!! pretty sure I'd love it waaaay more than Disneyland even though I've never been to either.
    That's really frustrating. I've heard the Indiana Jones ride is awesome.
    So I'm kinda reeeaally afraid of the dark unless I am with other people. But that's why God made stars and filled the darkness with light.
    All other songs seem slightly less fun now that I've listened to Hamilton. Rapping is the best.
    This comment is already super long so I wont make it too much longer. haha. Let me just say, doing the dishes is my favorite chore so feel free to hire me any time ;)

    1. *grins wildly at seeing long comments because I love long comments*
      INFP is one of the Myers-Briggs personality types and it stands for Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving. It means that I am a introverted idealist who most often makes decisions and deal with the world based on how I'm feeling.
      Of course. You can just come over randomly and be like, "YO BANJO, where you at?" And I'll show you my key collection (that isn't terribly extensive XD).
      Yeah, people never think of me as doing crazy stuff. XD All the better to keep 'em on their toes.
      ONE DAY YOU MUST GO TO ARKANSAS. Then you could go ziplining and rock climbing and hang out with the horses and eat lots of cookies.
      We're basically twins. XD
      I will take you up on that "feel free to hire me any time." In fact, the dishes need to be done right now... ;)

  5. OOOOOOH ok. gotcha. I wonder what I'd be....
    I can't wait to see it!!
    I just love cookies and horses and all those things...
    Your dishes need to be done and here I am with nothing(a ton) to do! If only I had a means of transportation...


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