Dear 2015

Dear 2015,

You were awesome. I thought 2014 was a good year, but then you came along, and you were great. Every year I get happier and happier with who I am, every year I come a little bit closer to finding where I fit, and every year I get a little bit more sure of myself. There were definitely some times when I just wanted you to end, and I wanted a fresh year to start over, but then I would get over those silly moments and realize how lucky I was to be right where I was. I do have some regrets about you, but I honestly wouldn't change them because I learned a lot. I grew even closer to my sister, to my brother, and to my dog. He adores me now, so that's a plus. Thanks 2015. :)

I watched Gilmore Girls, BBC Robin Hood, Heroes, and Leverage (not done with Leverage yet) for the first time. Found some new great catchphrases.


Some big things happened. I wrote four novels, began watercoloring, and started seriously playing the piano. We went on an amazing camping trip that had some of the best scenery I have ever had the pleasure of beholding witnessed, and I went to my first masquerade. My sister and I finally remodeled our room, changing it from a cramped room with a bunkbed and plain walls to a spacious room with a queen-sized bed and ice blue paint.

You brought a lot of change, you brought new close friends, and you brought a lot of things that I hope to remember forever.

Thanks 2015. And here's to 2016, may it be even better (if that's possible).



  1. Happy New Year! Wow, 2015 sounds like it was awesome!

    GURL. You wrote FOUR novels?!?!?! WHO ARE YOU. And watercoloring--watercoloring is difficult, man...

    Gilmore Girls, RH, and Leverage FOREVER!!!!! :D (Haven't watched Heroes yet.)

    1. It was. :)

      Yeah, I don't quite know how I did it either. XD

  2. Um. Four novels. Um. Wow. I'll just go bury myself in my garden now in shame for only completely two short stories in 2015.

    Seriously, though, that is awesome!!! Keep going full steam ahead while you have the time ;-)

    1. The problem is, now I have to edit four novels... Yikes.


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