What I'm Thankful For - Christmas Edition

Well, I know that Christmas isn't about giving thanks like Thanksgiving is supposed to be, but I thought I would still do a 'What I'm Thankful For' post because every day is a good 'Be Grateful' day, but also because I missed that Thanksgiving train. So now I'm making my own Christmas one.

#1. I am thankful for family. 
My family is the best I could ever have. I mean, I'm still convinced my mom is Superwoman. I live in the type of family that food is recognized as a plausible reason to go somewhere. "Do you want to come?" "Is there food?" 
Just kidding...
#2. I am thankful for freedom in my faith.
I've always grown up in a Christian home, but I've not always had a relationship with God. I accepted it because it was my parent's faith, so it was supposed to be mine, but two years ago I found my faith for myself. I am thankful that I don't have to hide my bible, hide my love for the Lord, and hide under a cover if I'm praying, afraid that someone is going to find me and take me away for being a Christian. I'm thankful for freedom. *eagle screeches in the distance* 

#3. I am thankful for my sister. 
This is separate because my sister is my best friend, and if I had a different best friend, I'd list that best friend instead, but she's who I'm stuck with (in the best possible way). Our friendship is weird, hilarious, and amazing.

She's been working, so I don't see her whenever I want to. I miss her during the day, but as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Whoever said that, clearly didn't have a sister who doubled as a life coach. I am very thankful for her.

Anywho, I better go, decorating the house and such.



  1. This post is awesome, Laura! :D

    And have I mentioned your new blog look? Because I REALLY like it. It makes me all happy and fuzzy inside.


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