Doctor Who Frustration

I haven't seen any of Season 9 of Doctor Who, and I miss it so terribly much. I went from marathoning all of the (newer) seasons and then watching Season 8 on Netflix, to watching none...just like that. I had forgotten that normal people have to wait a week in between watching episodes. Unfortunately, we do not have the proper channel to watch Doctor Who, so I am completely in the dark. I really miss the Doctor...

Since it is December, and I want everything to be Christmas related, I should make this Christmas related somehow...

Aww, look at them...they're so happy.
I've been making myself sad by thinking about Rose and Ten. They were so happy, and everything was
I miss my bowtie Doctor. 
Eleven is my favorite Doctor (right now). I have a nasty habit of changing my mind sporadically. Right now, he is my favorite. I loved how he was goofy, and completely ridiculous, but there was something darker lurking just beneath that happiness. Not to mention the Amy and Rory era was so great.

I couldn't find any Christmassy Nine gifs, otherwise I would have included all of them. Nine was such a great Doctor. He was just so snarky and...for lack of a better word, fantastic, but then he had to go away...and then so did Ten...and then Eleven. I don't like saying goodbye to Doctors that I want to stay forever and ever. 
I'm just going to bombard you with Doctor Who gifs, cool? Cool.

They're both wearing Fezzes!

In conclusion, I'm missing Doctor Who, and I'm missing the Doctor. Season 9 needs to come out on DVD so I can check it out and watch it.  


  1. I haven't actually seen Doctor Who (though I have been coached in the River Song/11 timeline thingy), but I have a feeling that 10 will be my favorite.

    1. It is quite a fantastic show, really weird, but fantastic. 10 is also my favorite. As well as Nine. And Eleven. It's hard to decide. :)

  2. That last gif is one of my absolute favorites of Eleven.

    I honestly can never decide a favorite. One second I'm like, Ten hands down! But then again I absolutely love Nine. He just... gosh Nine you were amazing. Then of course Eleven. I could rant for hours about how I love his false pretense of being happy and carefree when in fact, he's so dark underneath. Then there's Twelve. I'm not sure about him, but this season I've seen more of his character and well... he's interesting for sure.

    And for the record that gif of Ten with the flowers and sunglasses makes me sad, because that's when the Ood told him his story was coming to an end and... ug his death rates under some of the worst character deaths I can't even.

    1. I JUST LOVE ALL THE DOCTORS, OKAY? They are all so great and I can never truly pick because the moment I do, then I remember a great moment from another Doctor. Seriously though, when Ten died, I just... It wasn't okay. :(


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