NaNoWriMo Update/Tea Appreciation

My rations (aka tea) are running low, but my spirits are high. Sort of. I'm kind of stressed that I'm not going to make it. Honestly, what happened to me last year is happening to me this year. I'm rushing things in order to keep my momentum. Luckily my family is kind enough to listen to my rantings about it and pretend to look interested. I realized that I'm not leaving enough room for the re-action part of a scene.

I also found out that Word Wars* are really helpful.

Update: This was written a couple days ago, and I have since then finished. Yay me. 
Word Wars: The act of battling against other NaNoWriMo-ers to write the most in a designated amount of time.
"During the Word War, I wrote 1,000 words." or "That was an intense Word War." <---Actual thing that someone said.                                                                                         

Now you know what a Word War is. We're just learning things all over the place today, aren't we?

I've also started getting into water coloring. Disclaimer: I am no good at said water coloring as I can draw as well as a penguin trying to fly.
It's really relaxing, and a lot of fun to play around with. Taking breaks from NaNoWriMo and going to Starbucks to watercolor is such a treat for me, plus, those salted caramel mochas are lovely.

I've drinken drinked drank so much tea this month it's not even funny.

Question: Why would someone ruin their tea? That's a crime, but it is a purty picture. 
See? You should drink tea. Everyone should. Tea for everyone!!!! This kind of spiraled from a NaNoWriMo Update to a Tea Appreciation post. 

That is a fantastic pun. 

Anywho, I better end this before it spirals down into another topic, like bagels. 
Mmm, bagels. 


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